Bmw 750 li car pleased

And today we will talk about such a car from Germany, which can not but surprise, this car looks quite representative, but it contains sports notes. Also, the powerful engine makes very pleasant sounds, making pleasant sounds and allowing the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.8 seconds.

As you already understood, it will be about the BMW 750 Li xDrive. When I got behind the wheel of this device, I felt a very pleasant feeling of freedom and spaciousness. The seats are soft and comfortable, the interior is pleasing to the eye.

BMW 750 Li

Then I really wanted to start the engine and did it by pressing the Start button, the engine started working, it was not audible until I pressed the gas pedal, then I buckled on. Next to me sat the manager and told me about this car, about its capabilities.

I especially remember when she said that once he sat behind the wheel of a BMW, it would be difficult then to ride on something else. At the end of this test drive, I agreed with this thought, because this car I was very pleased.

BMW 750 Li

The car was on the sidewalk near the car dealership, there was a bit of snow on the hood, but it did not bother me. So, the engine warmed up, I and the car were already ready to ride. For a start, it was necessary to pass back, the park-tronik helped me with this - when you give back, you can see even the trajectory of movement, the exact distance to any object.

After I passed back, I switched the handle on the gearbox to drive mode and it was safe to go and nothing to think about. Slowly, I descended from the edge, drove onto the road, and slowly but surely began to pick up speed.

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BMW 750 Li

The engine worked very nicely because it is a 4.4-liter engine, bi-turbo, with a power of 450 hp. This means that 2 turbines are doing their job, thanks to which the car accelerates much faster.

The brakes work very well on it, at first it was not even customary, because it is very easy to press the pedal and the car immediately brakes, but over time I got used to such brakes and already pressed the pedal very easily.

BMW 750 Li

At first there was no place to accelerate, it was just Pechersky district, there were narrow streets, but I could feel the car. It was nice to go and see how other drivers are very careful to stick around me, somehow behave modestly, this is very touching.

BMW 750 Li

During the ride, the car behaves very well, it rides gently, you hardly feel the pits and bumps. Heated seats pleasantly warms, climate control allows you to ride in the car naked in the winter, which is very cool.

Behind the wheel of a BMW 750 Li, you feel that you are in a different world, extraneous noises are not perceived due to sound insulation. As for me, the engineers did a great job on this car, making it very comfortable and perfect, it was just made for people to enjoy driving this car. About the same pleasure I still felt when I was driving a tuned six of my friend. When he upgraded it - great work.

BMW 750 Li

I especially liked such a chip that when you stop at a traffic light during a climb, that is, on a hill, you do not need to keep your foot on the brake pedal, the system will take care of this, which will automatically hold the brake pedal as soon as the car stops. Of course, if you wish, you can disable this option, but I did not do this, because it is very convenient.

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Then, I drove to the avenue, where I had already managed to accelerate normally, so to speak, to check the promised 100 km per hour in 4.8 seconds. So it is, BMW 750 Li xDrive accelerates very quickly, as soon as I pressed the pedal to the floor, the manager and I were already drowning in the seats, and the car roared unreally.

bmw 750 long

This roar is obtained by the previously mentioned bi-turbo engine. In this case, under the hood was a 4.4 bi-turbo, V8, 450 horsepower. So it is very nice to be driving and press the gas pedal to the floor on such a car with such an engine.

I didn’t have to hold the gas pedal for a long time, I started to catch up with other cars and slowly began to slow down, and then I had to turn off the road, as I was approaching the auto show.

When I called on the sidewalk, then all the passers-by fled, see how dumb to walk down the street when the BMW 750 Li drives on you.

bmw 750

This equipment, namely the engine capacity of 4.4 liters, V8, 450 hp, with all-wheel drive (xDrive) will cost about 100,000 euros. Of course, if you choose a complete set of simpler, for example, with a 3-liter engine, then the price for such a car will be less, and if you pick up special bumpers and generally do the tuning, the price will be higher, but the joy from the car will be more. For comparison, the price of a Mercedes Gelendvagen starts from 85,000 euros, so we can say that, in general, Mercedes is slightly more expensive than a BMW.

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Fuel consumption in this car is also pleased - in the combined mode - 15 liters per 100 km, or so. Unlike the Range Rover Sport, the BMW 7-ka consumes much less fuel. So you can safely buy a car and ride it with pleasure :)