Top car battery chargers


Every car owner must take care of the uninterrupted operation of the battery, an essential component of electrical equipment, without which engine start is not possible. The failure of the battery as a result of the discharge is a rather frequent phenomenon, especially in the winter period, therefore the question of acquiring the means restoring the functionality of the battery is particularly relevant for cold regions.

Rating of car battery chargers

TOP 10 chargers for car batteries.

The battery does not produce electricity, it only accumulates it, and then gives it away. The battery is charged by the electric generator of the car, but it is not fully charged when this happens, so after some time the battery loses its charge, requiring the connection of external devices. When the temperature is above zero, the engine can start from a half-charged battery, but in winter the chances of starting are significantly reduced if the battery charge is incomplete. Experienced motorists know how important it is to always have on hand a saving means from the sudden discharge of the battery.

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Types of battery chargers

Among the range of car battery chargers can be found instances with additional options. In addition to the main function, they can perform many others, but the cost in this case will be much higher, so before buying you need to decide which of the additions will actually be used and whether it is worth the overpayment.

Devices for battery charging are divided into three main types:

  • chargers are used exclusively for charging the battery;
  • launchers are used to start the motor;
  • charge-start combine in themselves these two functions.

Battery Example for Battery

To start the engine using the device, it is necessary to connect to the power supply network; therefore, if the device will be used only to restore the battery capacity, it is not rational to overpay for the function ensuring the engine start. There are also portable chargers and starters equipped with its own battery. Applying a modern device of this type, you can start the car, stalled away from power sources.

Charging-starting devices for batteries are:

  1. Impulse The advantages of the devices of this variety are compactness and low weight, as well as the presence of protective mechanisms. They are more convenient to use, higher in cost than transformer chargers, but later the acquisition justifies itself. The principle of operation of pulsed devices is based on the creation of high-frequency currents, for which large dimensions without the need.
  2. Transformer devices are much more voluminous and constantly carry such a device with them is inconvenient, they are usually used for stationary battery maintenance. The device is to reduce the voltage by standard conversion. Transformer chargers are considered reliable, easily repaired, but have a lot of weight.

When choosing the best car battery charger, you should carefully study the characteristics of the devices, weighing all the advantages and disadvantages. In addition, you need to pay attention to the type and parameters of the battery, this information is contained in the passport of the vehicle.

Main characteristics of chargers

The main task of each external charger is to restore the capacity of the vehicle's battery, in the process of which the alternating current from the 220-volt network is converted into a constant 12-volt. To find out which charger is best suited for a particular battery, consider the most common types of batteries:

  1. WET - these are lead-acid batteries with the use of liquid electrolyte, installed on most vehicles, they fit any memory.
  2. AGM - batteries with fiberglass material.
  3. GEL - battery with gel electrolyte.

WET Battery Example

To charge the battery type AGM or GEL, are used specially designed devices or universal, having the function of mode switching in order to ensure interaction with these types of batteries. By way of setting the chargers can be manual, semi-automatic or automatic. When buying, it is better to give preference to the latter, then the charging process is fully controlled by the software part of the device, and if necessary, it is independently disconnected.

Modes of operation

Modern models of memory allow you to choose the function of charging batteries with gel or absorbed electrolyte. It is very important to ensure that the appropriate mode of operation is set, because, unlike WET batteries, even a slight increase in voltage can lead to battery failure.

When choosing a device, ask about the availability of the option "Boost", implying fast charging with increased current. Thanks to her, the opportunity to start the engine will appear only a few minutes after the start of the process of restoring the battery capacity. In an emergency, this feature can help a driver out a lot. Desulfation with the help of the charger reanimates the battery according to the principle of multiple charging, therefore the presence of this function allows you to significantly extend the battery life.

The best automatic chargers not only cope with the process without your participation, following a predetermined algorithm when charging the battery and eliminating the likelihood of overvoltage, but also recognize the capacity and level of battery discharge, self-tuning to the desired mode of operation. Some devices can simultaneously charge several batteries in series or parallel connection, but such a function is hardly useful to an ordinary motorist.

Voltage issued by the charger

The output voltage is one of the key parameters of the device, it must match the voltage of the on-board network. The most commonly used batteries are 12 volts, so most devices are designed specifically for them, but there are also chargers that give out 24 volts, adapted to work with two batteries of 12 volts (as a rule, they are equipped with trucks or minibuses). The minimum voltage corresponding to 6 volts, is inherent in the battery motorcycles.

Charging current

The rated current is 10% of the battery capacity, so you can determine which battery charger is best for your battery by looking at the car documentation. Thus, for a battery with a capacity of 60 A / h, the charge current must be equal to 6 A. The exception is the option of accelerated recovery of the battery, but it should not be abused, since such measures can lead to rapid battery wear. Automated devices themselves choose the current supply mode, but the best solution would be to purchase a device with an adjustable charge.

Battery Charger

Types of protection and security

When choosing which charger to buy for a car battery, special attention should be paid to protective functions. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% Their presence of protection against overloads, voltage surges, incorrect connection of terminals, overcharging, will ensure the stability of work and long service life of the device.

Popular models charge

Top 10 top charger models are presented in a different price segment. When choosing a suitable device, it is important to have an idea of ​​the tasks that need to be performed with it, therefore, if the multifunctionality of the charger is unnecessary, then it is impractical to pay for it. Where a big role is played by the quality and reliability of the device, as well as the originality of the products.

Top 10 Battery Chargers

The rating provided is based on feedback from car owners. The best car battery chargers for 2018 today are arranged in this order:


Universal charging with a wide range of functions, including battery diagnostics and desulphation. The device provides operation at low temperatures down to -20 ° C and can be used for batteries of 12 V of various types. The device automatically performs eight-stage charging with a charging current of 7 Amps, has an IP65 protection class (from moisture and dust), and is safe for vehicle electronics. The average cost of CTEK MXS 7.0 is 15,000 rubles.



Specialized memory, designed for sea and river vehicles, is used for batteries of 12 V of all types with a capacity from 50 Ah to 500 Ah. Provides prevention, recovery, monitoring of battery status, works quietly, has a night mode, which also reduces noise. The device is an eight-stage charging with a current of up to 25 Amps. CTEK M300 does not produce galvanic currents, so the device is not dangerous for the metal parts of the vehicle, there is a protection class IP 44 (use outdoors). The device is not cheap, its average price will be about 35,000 rubles.



The device, created with the use of advanced technologies capable of functioning in conditions of extreme cold, is suitable for all types of batteries at 12 V with a capacity of up to 110 Ah. CTEK MXS 5.0 POLAR can be used for snowmobiles, ATVs, SUVs, cars. A recovery function is available that returns battery performance. The main advantage of the device is a wide range of operating temperatures from -30 ° C to + 50 ° C. An automated eight-stage charging system with a current of up to 5 Amp, the process of which the user can follow on the display. CTEK MXS 5.0 POLAR is equipped with a well-insulated cable to ensure quality work in the cold, has an IP 65 protection level against moisture and dust, the average cost of the device is about 10,000 rubles.


Bosch C7

The memory from the German manufacturer offers six modes of operation, automatically recognizes the type of battery, provides charging at low temperatures. The device is suitable for 12 V and 24 V batteries of WET / GEL types with a capacity of up to 230 Ah (for 12 V) and 120 Ah (for 24 V), charges up to 7 Amps, has protection against short circuit, humidity and dust. You can purchase the device at a price of up to 6000 rubles.

Bosch C7


The device is compact in size with decent functionality, easy to use, provides a charging current of 5 Amps for all types of 12 V batteries from 20 Ah to 160 Ah. The charger can be used at temperatures from -20 ° C to + 50 ° C, has an IP 65 protection class, desulfation is included in the options set. Among the shortcomings - slow charging speed. The cost of adaptation will be up to 10,000 rubles.



The multipurpose device from the CTEK company allows using such options as diagnostics, preventive maintenance, and battery restoration. The charger carries out eight-stage charging of 12 V lead-acid batteries with a maximum capacity of up to 110 Ah at a current of up to 5 Amps. The temperature mode of operation is from -20 ° C to + 50 ° C, a unique display allows to follow the process. The model is slightly inferior in characteristics to its counterparts, but it is distinguished by high quality, reliability and a pleasant price. You can purchase a copy at a low cost of around 8,000 rubles.


Ring Automotive RECB206

The best option in an inexpensive price segment. Automatic charger for working with battery voltage of 6 and 12 volts with a maximum capacity of 70 Ah with a charge current of 6 Amps. The device is convenient in operation, differs in reliability. The user is given the opportunity to control the level of charge. To acquire this model, you will need no more than 3000 rubles.

Ring Automotive RECB206


Professional high-capacity memory that works with any 12 or 24 V batteries used in passenger and cargo vehicles. The maximum capacity of batteries 12 V - up to 500 Ah, 24 V - 250 Ah, the charge is carried out with a current of up to 25 Amps. The device has a degree of protection IP 20 (use only indoors). The unit can be purchased by investing an average of about 9,000 rubles.


Auto electrics T-1050

The budget version of the domestic production of memory is a device that is not complicated by options for charging 12 V batteries of different types with a capacity of up to 90 Ah, charges with current up to 5 Amps, protection class IP 20. Charging speed is not fast, and it does not seem to be charging possible. In this case, the disadvantages are compensated by a pleasant price of up to 2,400 rubles.

Auto electrics T-1050


The pre-launch memory from a domestic manufacturer, also distinguished by its structural simplicity, is quite powerful, provides a charge of 12 or 24 V batteries with a capacity of up to 160 Ah at a current of up to 15 Amps, charges quickly, has protection against overheating. The average price is 2500 rubles.

In fact, these are only a few of those that are worthy of attention, there are still many high-quality products on the car market that meet the basic requirements for memory. Focusing on the main characteristics of the devices and their compliance with the parameters of the battery, you can choose the right charger for the battery of your car, thereby meeting with all possible weapons unforeseen circumstances.