Do i need a checkup for osago

Carrying out technical inspection of the car in the appropriate order gives permission to transport to move on public roads. The supporting document in this case is the diagnostic card.

With this card, you can already come to the insurance company. A policy of compulsory insurance is quickly issued there, after which you can safely travel to the road. But many car owners, trying to save money, are interested in whether it is possible to make insurance without a vehicle inspection. Consider this in our article.


  • 1 Is OSAGO legal without a diagnostic card?
  • 2 The need for MOT with a policy
  • 3 Is it possible to drive without technical inspection if there is insurance

Is OSAGO legal without a diagnostic card?

Proposals for registration of the insurance policy without passing the maintenance appear quite regularly. This is done even by legislative agents of companies. In this case, the driver is offered this document with original seals. Of course, the question arises whether to issue a checkup ticket for CTP.

You need to know that in case of getting into the accident with such a policy, no one insurance will compensate for the damage.

is it possible to drive without technical inspection if there is insurance

Car diagnostic card

In fact, the car owner voluntarily donates money to the insurance company for compulsory insurance and a policy, without receiving the service. At the same time, and to restore all the cars that got into an accident through his fault, he will be at his own expense.

There is one of the points in the law that allows you to absolutely legally get insurance without maintenance. In this case, the policy is issued for 20 days, and the car must follow to the place of its diagnosis for maintenance.

The need for MOT with a policy

When ascertaining whether inspection is necessary for an OSAGO, you should be aware that a valid diagnostic card is required to enter into an insurance contract. However, its term is not decrypted. After all, the period of the policy and maintenance may differ, which is not prohibited by law.

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Do I need a checkup for compulsory motor TPL

In the event of an insured event, the company may refuse to compensate for the loss or make regressive demands on the guilty driver, since the card’s validity period ended earlier and could not be extended on time. Legally, regression can be set only for those who undergo maintenance no more than 12 months.

Is it possible to drive without technical inspection if there is insurance

Legislation gives the right to Do not pass inspection by cars released from the conveyor within 3 years. All three years of insurance can be issued without THAT. At the same time, the insurance company will make payments even without a diagnostic card.

Even if the car changes its owner, the three-year term is counted from the date of issue, and not from the date of resale. Although such rules do not apply in all countries, therefore, before traveling independently on your own car, you need to consult about this.

Also, it is not necessary to pass inspection, when the car was bought with the hands, and the validity of the diagnostic card did not expire with the old owner. You can wait for the completion of this period, and then visit the service station for the next MOT.

Is it possible to make insurance without technical inspection in Russia

Driving without insurance is dangerous.

If the vehicle purchased from the hands of the validity of the diagnostic card, then the law is given 10 days for registration and passage of MOT and receive the insurance policy. For a possible accident during this period, due to the driver’s fault, compensation will be made from his own funds. Therefore, in his interest is the speedy documentary re-registration of the car.

You need to know that the car is checked in service centers starting from the 3rd year of its release, then 5 years after the release, then 7 years after the release, and then annually.

The maintenance procedure does not include trailers that are owned by individuals. The mass of such a trailer should not be more than 3.5 tons.

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