New mercedes-benz glb - mercedes-benz hlb 2018: appearance,

Since the beginning of its foundation, the Mercedes-Benz brand has become a household name for high-quality, comfortable and reliable cars. Sports cars and trucks, the legendary "six hundredth" and Gelendvageny - each new model added Mercedes-Benz glory. For 90 years, designers and engineers of the Daimler concern have developed and implemented more than a hundred different models.

I do not intend to Mercedes-Benz to abandon the introduction of new ideas and technologies in the future. In 2018, it is planned to present to the general public (to fans of products of the German concern and to beginners who have not yet had time to decide on their preferred car brand) new GLB class SUV. The model is the successor to the now widely accepted class GLC, which, in turn, is based on an earlier version of the GLK.

Dieter Zetsche, head of the Detroit-based division of Mercedes-Benz, spoke about his intention to surprise the audience with a new SUV in January of this year. According to him, the creation of a new variety of cars has a threefold goal:

  • Ensure environmental protection. Models of class HLB 2018 will be distinguished by reduced fuel consumption and minimum (as far as possible for the class of off-road vehicles) volumes of harmful substances released into the environment.
  • To guarantee the user maximum comfort and safety. This is not only about the GLB drivers, but also about the passengers: anatomical chairs and ergonomic armrests will not let you get tired even during a long road, and other pleasant things will brighten the trip even more.
  • Revive the dynamics of sales of Mercedes-Benz. We are not talking about stagnation: the products of the concern are still popular on all continents. However, the market economy forces us to increase the pace of sales of products - and the GLB model 2018 will undoubtedly justify the aspirations of the management of Mercedes-Benz.

The development of an SUV is conducted in secrecy, so many details are still unknown. This even applies to appearance: the tests are conducted on the traditional “mule” (in the photo), however, according to the designers, the final appearance of the car will be extremely similar to the prestigious Gelendvagen - but more than twice cheaper.

The first option, of course, will cost more.

The price for HLB 2018 from the manufacturer (excluding dealer margins) is $ 55,000–64,000. The exact value depends on the equipment chosen by the customer and the price policy of the particular dealer and (for non-dollar countries) on the current local currency exchange rate.