Ravon matiz went to the facelift and technical upgrade

Ravon Matiz отправился на фейслифтинг и технический апгрейд

The most affordable car in the Russian domestic car market - Ravon Matiz - sent for modernization, which will include both a modification of the design of this subcompact and technical re-equipment. About the new generation Ravon Matiz there is no talk yet, the Ravon management will manage restyling, but this is a matter of the near future, of course, if there is no more rational alternative. Although, given that the models from new line of Ravon A lot has been learned from Chevrolet cars, it’s still premature to hope for any own development. Ravon Matiz отправился на фейслифтинг и технический апгрейд New Uzbek car brand Ravon will strengthen its position in the Russian car market and beyond. And who will stop him if he does not stick to his car hell price tags? Still driving experience Uz-Daewoo in general, our motorist did not have any particular complaints. Also from renaming Uz-Daewoo to Ravon the quality is definitely not worse. In the early spring of 2016 we will start selling Ravon Nexia R3, but updated Matiz will appear at dealers and that earlier, promise in the winter of the next year, that is in three months. Now models Matiz 2015 you can buy from us without discount discounts for 314-414 kilorubles.

After upgrade Ravon Matiz Outwardly, it does not fundamentally change: the designers outside the body while aiming only at the daytime running lights and rear-view mirrors. But inside they will install completely new seats for the driver and passengers. Of course, they do not build a catapult there, but in terms of setting up the position of the driver's seat on all axes, they will take care of and provide for the installation of an IsoFix child seat. A single airbag for the driver will appear. Anti-lock system and immobilizer diversify the technical component restyled ravon matiz. Ravon Matiz отправился на фейслифтинг и технический апгрейд Current version Ravon Matiz It has a 51-strong 0.8-liter gasoline engine under the hood. There is a mechanical five-point. The maximum speed to which this “pie” can accelerate is 144 km per hour. Up to a hundred, it’s roaming in only 17 seconds. In the city, he eats about seven and a half liters of fuel. Major changes after restyling in the motor component definitely will not.

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Recall that in the fall of 2016 a sedan will arrive to us Ravon Gentra, тот, что после рестайлинга. Именно эту модель демонстрировали недавно во время официальной презентации нового автобренда.  Сколько будет стоить рестайлинговая Равон Джентра, не сообщается, but нынешняя модель продается за 440-620 тысяч рублей.