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Perhaps, in our time it is difficult to find someone who does not want to buy a new car. At the same time with its purchase, the owner will receive the desired independence and a surge of positive emotions. But soon the moments of joy will be replaced by experiences, as a result there will be a lot of questions. Some of them will be directly related to the need for insurance.

Our article will tell you about what CASCO is and what points you should pay attention to when concluding it. Almost every citizen knows about compulsory insurance, the subtleties of its registration are clear.

Voluntary auto insurance vehicle owners often ignore, considering it a procedure unnecessary. However, this type of service in extreme situations helps to save significant amounts on car repairs.


  • 1 Basic concepts of voluntary insurance
  • 2 Calculate the cost of hull insurance
  • 3 How to save on insurance CASCO

Basic concepts of voluntary insurance

Reasonable question is how does CASCO stand? Not everyone knows that the word “CASCO” is not at all an abbreviation of any organization, but an international legal term meaning vehicle insurance. Foreign companies have long been practicing this procedure for liners and aircraft.

In Russia, only car owners can purchase a CASCO policy.

how much is hull for a car

CASCO insurance

This type of insurance is always in the interests of motorists when they commit erroneous actions. Even if you become the culprit of the incident, having such a document, you still need to get a financial compensation.

You need to know that any proven actions committed with malicious intent will not be paid by the insurance company.

You should also know that to insure, you can only complete the car. The remaining nodes can be secured by issuing them in the policy with additional equipment.

CASCO is considered a voluntary type of insurance, but there are still exceptions.

Buying a car loan, to avoid this procedure will not work, since it is included in the list of mandatory conditions for processing a loan.

Before you make a CASCO policy, you should think about what risks you want to protect yourself. From this will depend on what type of insurance you need: partial or complete. For the first, you will be reimbursed for expenses associated with minor losses, for the second - any types of damage, even hijacking.

How much is a car hull for a year?

Signing a policy

A complete list of vehicles to be insured can be found at the employees of the insurance agency.

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As a rule, compensation is paid in the following cases:

  • traffic accident;
  • theft and car theft;
  • car damage caused by theft;
  • deliberate hooliganism;
  • natural Disasters;
  • falling heavy objects and the like.

Insurance payments will be denied if the damage to the car occurred intentionally or through the fault of a drunk driver.

The determining factors in the full calculation of the CASCO cost are:

  • year of manufacture;
  • model horsepower;
  • age and driving experience;
  • the number of people who will be entrusted with the management of this machine;
  • trouble-free ride over the past year and so on.
how many rubles is hull for a car

CASCO payment

The tariff grid is usually set in companies independently according to individual criteria. You can find a profitable option, considering the approximate amount of the policy in each of them. Often on the official websites of companies installed online calculators.

Calculate the cost of hull insurance

Every car owner thinks about how much hull on a car? As practice shows, the cost of the CASCO policy ranges from 5 to 10 percent of the total cost of the car.

From owners of budget-class cars who want to arrange insurance, require additional satellite signaling and immobilizer.

Otherwise, increase the cost of the policy. It is justified by the increased risk of theft of such cars.

how much is hull for domestic cars

Insurance policy

Car owners should be aware of the existence of intermediary companies offering services in finding the most profitable offers of insurance companies for you.

Financial compensation is negotiated in advance and must be written in the contract.

Before you go to issue CASCO, you need to prepare the necessary documents. Their current list can be obtained from an insurance agent.

In most insurance companies it will be enough to take the following documents:

  • passport;
  • statement;
  • certificate of registration of the vehicle;
  • reference accounts.

The following documents may be additional:

  1. old CASCO policy;
  2. your driver's license and the rights of those people who will be entered in the policy;
  3. inspection machine;
  4. lease contract;
  5. documents on the alarm.
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How to save on insurance CASCO

When you make a policy of voluntary insurance, you can choose the most favorable financial conditions without spending extra money. It is possible to save a little if:

  • make out partial CASCO insurance;
  • the number of persons who must be entered in the policy, to minimize;
  • when buying a used car;
  • with the help of an insurance agent, make a preliminary calculation of CASCO in order to select the most profitable option
  • assessment of vehicles made with the help of an independent appraiser.
What is CASCO insurance?

Savings on Hull

In the event of an insured event, but for some reason rejected by the insurance company, you can apply at the place of residence to the judicial authorities with a claim. Often the court makes a decision not in favor of insurance companies.