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Kia дает шанс махнуть не глядя старый авто на новый

Kia Motors Rus has extended for February the action of the action, focused on car enthusiasts who are going to buy Kia Rio, Kia cee'd и Kia Sportage. The promotion is called "Buy now and win". Its terms imply mandatory purchase by the participant until the end of the term of the promotion of any of the cars of the model range. Rio, Sid or Sport. Everyone who buys will automatically become participants in the lottery, and the winners in it will be able to exchange this purchased car for a new one for two years without a surcharge, which is called, without looking. There will be three winners - one for each model named above.

This action is held on the eve of the World Cup. Those lucky enough to win will receive special certificates. Having submitted these documents from October to December 2018 in the dealerships of the brand, they will be able to change the old car to a new one under the Trade-in program, but without any additional payments, the key to the key. Today, Kia managers are not limited to this action. There are several discounts, which as a result of summation can save the buyer up to one hundred and fifty thousand rubles. Kia дает шанс махнуть не глядя старый авто на новый Buy a sedan 2016 Kia Rio possible for the price of 585 to 855 thousand wooden. "Five-door" will cost from 615 to 855 thousand. Under the hood, this model can install a 1.4-liter 107-strong or 1.6-liter 123-strong gasoline engines. They are compatible with mechanical transmission and automatic. Produce Kia Rio for the needs of our car market localized, at the St. Petersburg plant Hyundai.

Purchase today Kia cee'd can be on price tags from 740 to 1 220 kilorubles. The Sidov motor range includes gasoline engines of the same volume as that of the Rio, but depending on the firmware, they can demonstrate other power characteristics: the maximum power is 100, 130 and 135 "horses." In addition to mechanical and automatic transmissions, they are also combined with a robotic AMT. Last fall, the Sides began to be produced locally at the Kaliningrad Avtotor. Kia дает шанс махнуть не глядя старый авто на новый About Kia Sportage today will have to pay from 1,130 to 1,710 thousand rubles. Both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions are available for purchase. Under the hood at Kia Sportage can work and gasoline and diesel engines. Petrol and diesel have the same volume - they are both two-liter, but their power is significantly different. The first pulls a hundred and fifty, and the second 184 "horses." Both can work with a "pen", and with a gun. Collect Sportazh on the same Kaliningrad Autotor.

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By the way new kia sportage start selling literally in a month or two. About the configuration and specifications while the Koreans are silent, we only know that the power units are the same as those of the last year’s model.