How to get insurance after an accident

For participants of an accident, an urgent issue is obtaining insurance compensation. In order for the insurance company to fulfill all of its obligations, it is necessary to adhere to the procedure for actions that are regulated by the OSAGO contract and the traffic rules. We will talk about how to behave in a similar situation and how to get insurance after an accident in the proposed article.


  • 1 Procedure in case of an accident
  • 2 The paperwork procedure
  • 3 Obtaining insurance compensation after an accident
  • 4 How to get CASCO insurance

Procedure in case of an accident

how to get insurance OSAGO

Immediately after the accident, it is necessary to inspect the scene of the accident, make sure that there are no casualties and install an emergency stop sign.

The first thing after the occurrence of a transport incident should be:

  1. Stop the vehicle and turn on the emergency lights. Next, you need to install an emergency stop sign on the road. It is strictly forbidden to move any objects and move the car, even if it interferes with road users.
  2. Inspect the scene and make sure that there are no victims. If any, call an ambulance immediately.
  3. Call the police and report the incident. It is also very important to record the numbers of cars and contacts of all witnesses to the accident.

If the accident entailed only harming the property of citizens and each participant in the incident has a valid CTP policy, then they may not call the police and draw up a description and scheme of the accident on their own if the injured are absent. Then you should go to the nearest DPS office, where the staff will issue the incident. It is important to know that all documents received from law enforcement agencies will need to be presented to your insurer (copies and originals).

when you can not call the police in the place of accident

According to the law, drivers may not call police officers to the scene of an accident if there are no injuries, and the amount of damage is insignificant

It should be understood that in such a situation drivers should not have disagreements about the circumstances of the accident, and the damage should be less than 50,000 rubles. This amount is regulated by law. Payment over it is carried out only at registration of the incident directly by the police. All participants of the accident must provide each other with general information and contacts of the insurance company, which protects their civil liability, as well as the number of the insurance contract. In addition, drivers notify their insurers about the accident.

The paperwork procedure

In a situation where the drivers did not find a common opinion about the details of the incident, they wish to register the documents with the participation of police representatives or damage to the property amounts to more than 50,000 rubles, then traffic police should be called. Features of registration of the incident depend on the situation.

As a result of an accident, the health of citizens was not harmed:

  • a chart of the incident is being drawn up;
  • each participant in the incident writes an explanation;
  • the representative of the DPS gives drivers a certificate of the occurrence of an accident.
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As a result of the incident, the health of citizens was harmed (the exception is grave damage). Then law enforcement officers perform the following actions:

  • draw up an accident plan and protocol for inspecting the scene;
  • in relation to the guilty party, a decision is made to initiate administrative proceedings;
  • accident participants are written explanations;
  • drivers and injured persons are issued certificates of an accident (form 154).
how to get CASCO insurance

If the drivers did not find a common opinion about the circumstances of the accident, it is necessary to call the police representatives to the scene.

If the participants in the incident are not subject to administrative responsibility, the police representative decides not to initiate proceedings. In a situation where administrative responsibility is not subject to doubt, then immediately issued a decision to prosecute. If it is rather difficult to determine the composition of the offense and the circumstances of the accident, the case of an offense is initiated. After that, on its basis, an appropriate investigation is carried out. In the case when there are unforeseen circumstances and the traffic police officer cannot compile and issue a document on the accident, he is obliged to perform this procedure through the police station or directly at the traffic police station within the first 24 hours after the occurrence of the accident.

All papers that require a personal signature must be carefully examined. Each participant in the incident has the legal right to disagree with the circumstances outlined by the law enforcement officer. It is important to remember that the insurance benefit depends on even the most insignificant details.

It is necessary to pay attention to such moments:

  • condition of the roadway;
  • traces of inhibition;
  • weather;
  • serviceability of road equipment, as well as its presence or absence;
  • features of the road in the area (for example, flat or not).

At the end of the registration of the incident, the participants fill in the accident notice.

Receipt of insurance compensation after an accident

influence of the condition of the roadway on accidents

When filling out documents it is important to indicate all external factors, such as weather conditions or the state of the roadway.

The next step is to contact the representatives of the insurance company. As soon as possible after the occurrence of an accident, all participants must notify their insurer about the accident. Further, within 5 calendar days (if the accident has been completed without police participation) or 15 days (in all other cases), it is required to arrive at the insurance company with a notice of the accident. If the opportunity to personally bring the document is not available, then it can be sent by mail or by fax. The victim must also submit an application for payments. If the property of the injured party is damaged, he is obliged to provide it to the insurer for the examination and inspection procedures. Due to this procedure, the size of the harm will be established. Employees of the insurance company conduct an inspection for no longer than 5 days from the moment the corresponding application is filed by the victims. For the quality of the examination may need to study the vehicle, which caused damage. In such a situation, you must contact the other participants in the accident.

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Before you receive a payment on OSAGO, the insurer should present such a package of documents:

  • certificate of accident (if the documents are drawn up by a police officer);
  • notice of accidents;
  • copy of the protocol of an administrative offense.
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All participants in the incident are required to provide each other with information about their insurance company as well as the policy number.

If damage has been caused to the property of the injured party, then the following shall be provided additionally:

  • the conclusion of the expert committee on the extent of the damage;
  • documents confirming the legal right to own property;
  • A receipt stating the amount of payment for expert services;
  • other documents that prove the circumstance of damage to property.

In addition, the insurer undertakes to pay damages if the victim has been able to prove the fact of causing harm to his health. Each requirement must have documentary evidence.

Consider a situation where the outcome of the accident becomes the death of the victim (the breadwinner). Then the insurance company imposes:

  • death certificate;
  • a statement indicating all family members of the deceased;
  • a certificate from a school or other educational institution that confirms the fact that the children of the deceased were taught there;
  • certificates of disability of the family members of the deceased;
  • a receipt stating the amount spent on the funeral;
  • birth certificates of children.

How to get CASCO insurance

Car assessment by insurance company experts

To make a decision on the payment of insurance company experts must inspect the car

The procedure as a result of damage from an accident on the hull is similar to the previously mentioned algorithm. To recover the cost of repairing a car, an insurance company needs to properly arrange all necessary documents with traffic police representatives. Some insurers in the CASCO policy provide an opportunity to use the services of an emergency commissioner. It is best to take advantage of this option, since he will surely issue the papers correctly, and will personally communicate with the police. Before signing, you should carefully study the protocols, references and other documents. Counts are filled out completely and clearly. The certificates issued by the traffic police should not contain the phrase “slight damage was done” or “damage occurred under unexplained circumstances”. This will entail a refusal to provide insurance payment.

Do not forget to fill out the accident notification issued by the insurer. If the second participant in the accident refuses to do this, you must fill out your half and sign. You can also take photos of the affected cars and draw a plan of the accident site. Additionally, you need to pay attention to the braking distance, damage to the vehicle and road markings. After issuing all documents, police officers will invite you to a special parsing group. Visiting this group is a mandatory procedure, since the contract contains a clause that the policyholder must do everything to reduce the insurer's expenses. Further, the entire set of certificates and other documents received is provided to the insurance company:

  • statement of the fact of occurrence of the insured event (written form);
  • original CASCO contract;
  • certificate of accident (according to form 2) indicating the perpetrator and participants in the accident;
  • power of attorney for the car, if the vehicle was managed by the person to whom the insurance contract applies.

Do not panic if you become a direct participant in a traffic accident. The correct decision after the occurrence of an accident will be a prompt call to ambulance and police officers. After that you can call your insurer.