The best tires from china for cars


Only you decide which tires are best to use for your car. Someone can afford to spend a large amount of money and buy a set of quality tires from a leading manufacturer.

Другие стараются найти оптимальное решение в недорогом сегменте. В таких случаях смотрят на отечественные и китайские шины. In China, there are many shinniki, but only a few of them deserve attention and respect.

Tires from china

Читать далее о лучших шинах из Китая для легковых автомобилей-->Мы расскажем вам, какая китайская резина считается лучшей для легковых автомобилей, и чью продукцию можно смело покупать. Не забывайте, что среди китайских шин есть множество подделок и низкосортных изделий, покупка которых грозит снижению уровня комфорта и безопасности вашего автомобиля. Потому покупайте для своего авто всё только наилучшее.

Top Chinese tire manufacturers

If you are interested in Chinese tires of good quality, then the highest level of confidence among domestic consumers and experts is observed in relation to the following brands:

  • Goodride;
  • Maxxis;

It is among these manufacturers of the best Chinese car tires worth choosing tires.

There are also three more companies about which we will tell separately:

  • Firenza;
  • Infinity;

Consider the features of companies from China that produce the most popular tires for passenger cars. And also separate models of tires of the most demanded brands from the Middle Kingdom.


Not quality tires, but rubber, which has worthy characteristics and important features:

  • full compliance with the requirements of car owners on the working parameters of rubber;
  • solid service life, gradual abrasion and adaptation to all types of surfaces;
  • the absence of marriage and unpleasant surprises for the driver during operation;
  • good traction performance;
  • budget solution with a decent level of quality performance.

Goodride Chinese tires

Goodride makes a good impression and proves that a high level is also possible for China. Для своей цены такие шины можно назвать одним из лучших решений, доступных на российском рынке.

The cost of tires is 2.3 - 6.5 thousand rubles. The range is small, but allows you to choose a set of the right size and diameter, depending on your car.

This Chinese shinnik has several most demanded models of tires for passenger cars, which are in high demand. But this does not mean that you only need to buy them. The rest of the range corresponds to the same level of quality. It all depends on the tires with what characteristics and under what car you are interested.

  1. With a radius of R13, the cost of such a tire will be from 1.4 thousand rubles. Durable, affordable, silent. But here for rain conditions are not suitable in the best way. If you do not exceed the speed and do not brake sharply on a wet road, there will be no problems.
  2. They start with R15 and cost from 2.2 thousand rubles. The most expensive R22 cost almost 9 thousand rubles. Pricing is very pleasant for buyers. The characteristics of this model are even more surprising. Excellent handling, effective grip, minimal noise and the ability to smooth out bumps make this kit one of the most popular in Russia.

Goodride Chinese tires

This brand among all Chinese tire manufacturers in Russia is considered the most popular. It is not surprising, because the ratio of price and quality at an extremely decent level.

Another Goodride can be called the best Chinese manufacturer of winter tires. On our roads, these tires feel confident and cope with difficult weather conditions.


Considered quality and inexpensive. If you do not plan to spend a lot of money on tires, but want to get decent shoes for your car, the Maxxis brand will be the best choice.

Recently, the company from the Middle Kingdom was able to significantly improve the level of quality, which makes it possible to attribute the following characteristics to tires:

  • provide a high level of comfort when driving, even on the most even roads;
  • guarantee safety and effective braking;
  • Chinese origin can be identified only by label, since the level of performance is high;
  • protect wheel rims from damage and premature wear;
  • cling well to dry and wet asphalt;
  • cooperation with leading tire manufacturers from Europe and Japan ensures the availability of relevant production technologies.

Maxxis Chinese tires Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%

The proposed tires for passenger cars have a high level of quality. If the assessment was carried out without taking into account the country of production, Chinese origin would be problematic to notice. The company managed to achieve excellent results.

Ценовая политика привлекает отечественных потребителей. Implemented tires for cars are from 1.5 to 8 thousand rubles.

Now consider a couple of tire models that are currently the most popular among car owners.

  1. Very popular tires that fall into the all-season category. Cost from 1.1 thousand rubles per tire with a diameter of R12. Feel good on the road, dry and wet asphalt. Not the best indicator of wear, but with proper maintenance of their several seasons tires will serve confidently.
  2. MAZ1 Victra. Almost like an Opel Vectra. By the way, tires are also suitable for this car. These are high-speed tires of a special series that produce a minimum radius of R15. The biggest tires of this model are R19. For the smallest wheel will be asked from 2.1 thousand rubles. Excellent handling in dry and wet conditions, good stability, strong sidewalls and an adequate price make these wheels from China a profitable acquisition. Like many high-speed tires, there is an increased noise level. But it is expected.

Maxxis fully justifies its value. As for the Chinese shinnik, he demonstrates excellent technical characteristics at an optimal price. A great way for a little money to take a really high-quality set of tires.


Although we are talking about the Chinese brand, the company Triangle produces not cheap rubber. The production uses the latest technology that allows you to create very high quality tires.

Buying such tires, you choose quality in combination with favorable operation. There are no budget tires, because the entire range is focused on high-end cars.

Chinese triangle tires

The key features of Chinese shinnik include:

  • range in size starts with a minimum radius of R16;
  • in addition to tires for passenger cars, the company produces models for crossovers and frame SUVs;
  • the manufacturer operates under the official licenses of world leaders in tire production;
  • high-tech production ensures quality and efficiency;
  • the optimal ratio of price, quality and service life allows you to call Triangle the best shinnik from the Middle Kingdom.

Among the Chinese tires of this brand there are both less well-known and widespread models.. В наш рейтинг попали одни из лучших покрышек в ассортименте Triangle.

  1. TR 968. The most popular model offered in a range of sizes from R16 to R24. The cheapest tire, that is the smallest of this model, will cost 2.3 thousand rubles. In addition to the attractive price, you get a confident resistance to wear, excellent behavior on wet and dry roads. But on wet surfaces at high speed it is better not to move. Also, some consumers have noted that rubber makes an extra noise. But with a measured ride you do not notice.
  2. The second most popular model from the Chinese tire manufacturer. Here, by the way, the minimum size is R14, which is quite a rarity for the company. Prices start from 1,5 thousand rubles for one tire. The soft composition, good tread design and the use of quality materials allow the tires to feel confident on any surfaces and to create a minimum level of noise. It is better not to drive through the puddles at high speed, because there is a risk of aquaplaning.

Chinese triangle tires

Interesting brands

In China, there are also some fairly interesting companies whose products may interest you. We will not name specific tire models. But if you see on sale rubber with these names, then it is worth looking at it.

  1. Almost as a sub-brand of Nissan. But not really. The name Shinnik chose a loud one, but in fact they produce just good tires with standard tread patterns. This is an opportunity to take cheap, but reliable enough rubber from China. Production is based on traditional technologies that are already classics, but this does not lose its relevance. Kits without too much pathos, but with a bright name.
  2. Shinnik, to which interest has increased only in recent years. There has been a brand for a long time, but now it started producing really good tires 1 - 2 years ago. A distinctive feature of Sunny's new tires is their long service life. Plus, this is one of the best solutions that is suitable for confident operation on wet roads in the summer and spring in cars. Tires behave well at high speed, allowing the driver to be confident in the capabilities of the wheels. So, the company presented a pleasant surprise, and in the near future individual Sunny models are expected to hit the tire ratings. In the meantime, we are only talking about the development of a brand as a prominent player in the Chinese market.
  3. Many of you know that in China it is considered the norm to copy everyone and everything. Firenza is one of those who feel free to make copies of well-known tire manufacturers. And doing it for a long time and successfully. All these copies are unauthorized, that is, the Chinese company has no licenses and official permits. But it does not stop them. Creating a visual analogue of expensive tire brands, they are inferior in quality. But for the money demonstrate decent results. If you want an affordable copy of some leading rubber for a passenger car, but there is no money for the original, Firenza will provide you with a good copy.

Tires of interesting brands

High-quality tires play an important role in the safe and comfortable operation of the car. On this issue can not be saved. Even if you buy Chinese kits, be guided by the leading Shinnikov from China. Among them are worthy options.

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