Tuning vaz 2110 do it yourself requires a lot of effort and

It is the cars of this domestic manufacturer are the favorite "platform" for all kinds of tuning. For some, this is one of the ways to show their imagination, skills, mechanic and designer, for others - the opportunity to improve the technical qualities of the car to ensure a comfortable ride.

Tuning VAZ 2110 do it yourself

Tuning VAZ 2110 is a process of refinement (in some cases a complete change) "dozens" in order to improve its factory characteristics: engine power, increase the efficiency of the braking system, improve the suspension and much more.

It is worth noting that most people associate this word with a fundamental change in the appearance of the car, the interior of the cabin, the addition of a special speaker system and much more. Tuning and refinement of the VAZ 2110 is a hobby and professional activity of many car enthusiasts.

Carrying out sound insulation on the VAZ 2110

One of the most popular types of tuning is the creation of sound insulation, since in the VAZ 2110 it causes criticism from many motorists. By the way, the VAZ 2109 has a similar situation, therefore tuning to the nine is simply necessary, especially tuning the cabin of the VAZ 2109. This work also applies to tuning and should be carried out at the initial stage of finalizing the vehicle.

tuning vaz 2110 photo

This work should have an integrated approach, since it is in this case that the desired result can be achieved. Under the integrated work involves the improvement of soundproofing cabin, trunk and engine compartment.

Stages of soundproofing trunk

The whole work can be divided into the following main stages:

  1. Preparation for the work, which includes the calculation of the quantity and selection of the desired material.
  2. Carry dismantling the trunk.
  3. Preparatory processing of the trunk.
  4. Direct work on the installation of soundproofing material.
  5. Assembling the trunk after work.
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Preparation for work

Before you begin to disassemble the trunk, you need to prepare for this work:

  1. Choose a method of sound insulation.
  2. Correctly pick up soundproof material.
  3. Find and prepare the necessary tool for the work.
  4. When working in the winter, you need to find a warm garage, since it is inconvenient and impossible to perform this work at low temperatures due to the nature of the materials used.
  5. Find free time, as work can be delayed for the whole day.

tuning the VAZ 2110 do it yourself

Considering these items, we will focus on the most important - the choice of noise insulation material. Tuning the VAZ 2110 with your own hands, namely, carrying out the insulation of the trunk, can be performed using the following types of special materials: vibration-absorbing, sound-absorbing, soundproof, heat-insulating, anti-cryptic.

The choice of a material is completely dependent on the willingness and financial capabilities of the motorist. The most classic option would be to use 7 sheets of anti-vibration and 4 sheets of sound-insulating material (sheets of STP M3) - just as much is needed to ensure 100% pasting of the trunk. By the way, about the same will be needed for tuning the Lada 2106.

tuning vaz 2110 photo

Disassembly of the trunk during tuning VAZ 2110

Disassembling the trunk should not cause any particular difficulties, especially for hatchback owners. In order to remove the trim you will need to remove the clips, in some places the screws, and in the end there should be only one metal.

Preparing the trunk for soundproofing

After the trunk trim has been completely removed, you should pay attention to one detail - the body is covered from the inside with a special anti-corrosion agent, which must be removed to carry out the work. Do not worry that the body after the removal of this substance will start to rot quickly.

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tuning and refinement of the VAZ 2110

After all, the sheets used also have a high degree of waterproofing, which will not allow moisture to penetrate to the metal. If you do not remove the anticorrosive, then over time the insulation sheets will come off from the base. Removed anticorrosive with a special solvent.

Soundproofing process

After the solvent is completely dry, proceed to work. The first layer, as a rule, is the vibration-insulating material, which in most cases is represented by the basic composition of bitumen. In order to glue the vibra you need to heat the material with the help of a heat gun until the moment when one of the sides becomes sticky.

tuning and refinement of the VAZ 2110

We apply a preheated sheet and begin to roll it out with a hard roller, applying force. It is worth noting that the work on gluing this sheet can be considered completed only after a full 100% gluing of the vibra to the surface, since it will serve as the basis for the subsequent work (you should follow the absence of bubbles).

Next, stick soundproof material. Everything is much simpler here: tearing off the protective film, leaning the material against the base and starting to smooth the sheet around the perimeter.

Doing this work with your own hands with all parts of the trunk, including its lid, after the sheathing assembly, the work can be considered complete.

Assembling the trunk VAZ 2110

Assembling the trunk due to the use of several layers of material on top of the metal can be somewhat complicated. Therefore, in carrying out the work, you need to be patient and remember that when using large efforts, the sheathing panels may burst. The same applies to other VAZ, starting with the VAZ 2101.

tuning and refinement of the VAZ 2110

Tuning VAZ 2110 - a photo of this car after the completion of the work can hit everyone, can make of an inconspicuous car one of the main exhibits of auto shows.

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