Tuning salon vaz 2110 can do it yourself

In order for the movement in the car to be truly comfortable, its interior must be made according to all the wishes of the owner, which the automakers cannot predict. Therefore, more and more often, various auto repair shops receive requests for interior alteration, or an order for delivery of unique interior elements is received at the auto parts store.

tuning cabin VAZ 2110 photo

Car tuning of the car’s interior implies complex work to change all the elements of the passenger compartment: trim, dashboard elements, seat replacement and other improvements.

Replacing the door trim on the VAZ 2110

Наиболее эффектным изменением салона можно считать замену обшивки дверей, которую мы будем проводить на ВАЗ 2110. Tuning salon VAZ 2110 своими руками можно назвать скорее необходимостью, чем роскошью, так как российский автопроизводитель всегда экономил на используемых материалах для отделки салона своих автомобилей. А тем более, для ВАЗ 2109, тюнинг салона просто необходим.

First you need to visit the online store whether to find another way to buy panels. It should be noted that in popular online stores such upholstery is called “door trim VAZ 2110 lux 2”. Among the main distinguishing features include the following:

  1. Soft plastic, which is much more pleasant to the touch than standard installed panels.
  2. The color of the plastic may be black, white or a combination. If you wish, you can find more interesting versions: red, yellow or green, blue color of the panels.
  3. The color of the fabric insert can also be different.
  4. The size of the niches, which are intended to be inserted by the speaker, is 16-17 centimeters in diameter.
  5. These panels are suitable for all cars of the tenth generation, except for versions in the "coupe".
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As a rule, four panels are included, but various clips and screws will have to be bought separately.

Tuning salon VAZ 2110

Plating replacement process

Tuning salon VAZ 2110, фото используемых панелей можно просмотреть в интернет-магазинах, начинается со снятия старой обшивки. Все также как и при тюнинге ВАЗ 2109.

The process of removing the old panels is quite simple: you just need to unscrew a few screws, remove the glass lowering handle (by sliding out the latch), remove the panel at the door opening handle (fixed with screws), unscrew the lock button using a screwdriver lining and pull it (attached with eight caps).

Having reviewed the entire process of removing the panel, it can be noted that everyone should cope with this work without any special problems. It is worth noting that the video about tuning the VAZ 2110 cabin with a detailed description of all steps for removing and installing the new panel can be easily found on the Internet, and about tuning the VAZ 2106 there are also a lot of useful photos and videos.

The installation of luxury plating is carried out in the same manner, but only the opposite is true. Sellers of such panels claim that they are ideal for mounting at the right place, but this is not entirely true. It is worth noting that the VAZ 2110 tuning panel should be carried out together with the replacement of the entire upholstery to maintain one style of interior in the cabin.

Tuning devices VAZ 2110

When carrying out such work, the following nuances were noted:

  1. Not all clips fall into place: 1-2 may not be suitable.
  2. Screws at the bottom should be longer than the standard panels.
  3. Places for speakers that are about 16 centimeters in size can be left unchanged when using regular speakers with a size of 13 centimeters. But you need to fix the speakers with tape and other seals.
  4. If there are no power windows in the car in the front doors, and ordinary manual ones are installed, then these panels will not work because there is no hole for the handles. It is worth noting that there is an opportunity to customize the panels by making a hole for the handles.
  5. The back panel for doors with a mechanical window regulator usually has a hole for the handles 2 centimeters more than necessary. Therefore, the educated gap will have to be masked.
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Summing up the work done, we note the advantages of the result:

  1. Appearance.
  2. It is possible to install speakers measuring 16 centimeters.
  3. The fabric part can be removed and installed another without completely replacing the panel.

VAZ 2110 tuning panel

At the same time, there are also minuses: 1. The high cost of the panels that are currently on the market does not correspond to their poor quality of performance. 2. The panels do not fit perfectly to the doors of dozens, which requires improvements.

Considering this issue, you can also note the possibility to order the manufacture of panels from a specialized company, but it will cost more.

Tuning devices VAZ 2110 is also a favorite occupation of most motorists. The most popular way to change the dashboard is the installation of wells, which are made from a conventional sewer plastic pipe of the desired size, and with the help of a special primer, the paints are brought to the desired appearance.

Tuning torpedoes VAZ 2110

Tuning torpedoes VAZ 2110 occupation is much more difficult. Most motorists are trying to install a torpedo from cars, on your car. As a rule, the work on removing the old takes about a day, and on refining and installing a new one is several times more.

It should be noted that it is possible to install the front panel from other Russian cars to change the annoying look of the dozens. By the way, I remembered the seven for some reason, and so, in doing the tuning of the VAZ 2107, it is necessary to change the front panel, because the native looks very solid there.

And here is a video about how a tuned dozen (VAZ 2110) can ride: