Features of the choice of lamps for car headlights


Every car owner sooner or later faces a situation when it is necessary to purchase lamps for car headlights. Most often, the driver bought them on the market on the advice of sellers, or simply identical in appearance to the one that stood before. The consequences of such a rash act may be different. Poor-quality products can burn out on the very first day of its operation, which is even worse - to provoke a wiring closure in the car or even become a source of fire.

By buying bulbs for car headlights must be approached with full responsibility. Let's try to deal with their characteristics, which affect the quality and reliability of products.

Automotive Headlamp Bulb

Each driver sooner or later changes the headlamp bulbs.

The most important parameters for the selection of automotive lamps

Читать далее о секретах выбора лампы для автомобильных фар-->Каждый человек, даже далёкий от автомобилей, знает, что в машине существует дальний и ближний свет, противотуманки, задние фонари, габаритные огни. Для каждого вида фар существуют отдельные категории источников света, которые отличаются по размеру, маркировке, мощности, форме цоколя. На рынке или в магазине самому водителю не справится с этим разнообразием. А продавцам лишь бы продать товар дороже или тот, что уже годами пылится на полке. Рассмотрим основные характеристики, на которые необходимо обращать внимание при покупке лампочек для автомобильных фар.

Type and parameters of the cap

Lamps of different types are very similar to each other, but you can not buy them by eye, because not all of them are interchangeable.

Each bulb has its own labeling, thanks to which you can decide for what type of headlights it is intended. Most often, the marking of the lamp base is located near the place of its installation - on the headlight body.

You can also find the labeling of suitable products for your car in the operating instructions or in special catalogs by brand, year of manufacture, model and engine size. The type and shape of the bulb for a particular type of headlamp depends on the type of base.

Headlight bulb shape

The shape of the flask can be very different.

Light bulb and luminous flux

Before buying a product, pay attention to its power. According to the rules of the road, it should not exceed 60 watts. More powerful products are dangerous not only penalties, but also the deformation of the headlights as a result of overheating or shorting of the wiring. Most of the light sources intended for cars, have a nominal power of 55 to 60 watts.

As for the equivalent power - this characteristic will guarantee the most intense light, which will not depend on consumption.

When choosing a vacuum product, the rated power will be equivalent. Halogen bulbs for the headlamp give off light almost twice as much as vacuum bulbs.

In terms of light performance, this product is significantly inferior to xenon and LED types of automotive lamps.

Xenon or gas-discharge products have a luminous flux of up to 3 thousand lumens, an excellent white light that is close to daylight. The disadvantage of the light flux may be the appearance of glare for oncoming drivers.

LED or LED lamps are designed for the main headlights, emit light by means of LEDs. It is close to daylight, which helps protect oncoming drivers from glare. LED products differ from their competitors in low power consumption and energy consumption. With a minimum energy consumption, they produce the most powerful stream of light.

LED bulbs

LEDs have low power consumption and energy consumption.

Car lamp voltage

Voltage bulbs for car headlights can be 6V, 12V or 24V. Choose a product that meets the voltage requirements of the manufacturer of your car. If you choose a light bulb with a lower voltage, it will immediately burn out. Products with high voltage will shine dimly.

The period of operation of the product

The life of the product also plays an important role in its selection. Of course, every buyer wants to purchase a product that will serve him as long as possible. Choosing a light bulb from the category of ordinary, the driver can count on a maximum of 1 thousand hours in the mode of operation under the most favorable conditions for it.

The service life of halogen products can reach 2 thousand hours.

Xenon lamps, благодаря отсутствию процесса накаливания, отличаются сроком эксплуатации до 3 тысяч часов в рабочем режиме. Такие изделия реже трескаются и повреждаются от перегрева.

Xenon lamps

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The most reliable are LED lamps. Based on the fact that in the LED products there are no filaments that can break, such products are resistant to vibrations and shocks. This increases their service life up to 10 thousand hours depending on the model.

Practical advice on the selection of light bulbs for headlights

  1. When choosing a light for car headlights, decide on the type that suits you. Halogen products are suitable for all cars without exception. They have an affordable price. If there is a financial opportunity, give preference to xenon or LED types. Their light quality is much higher, which ensures maximum visibility on the road and, consequently, your safety. Having spent once, you can save thanks to the long service life of such a product.
  2. Choose a product according to the weather conditions of your region. Lamps with a yellowish tint are called all-weather, differ in comfortable lighting in inclement and rainy weather. Light with a yellowish tint is more suitable for regions with predominantly dry weather conditions.
  3. Pay attention to the product design. Look at what material the product base is made of. Ceramic sockets withstand temperatures higher than plastic.
  4. Car headlight bulbs are changed in pairs in the car. First, the new headlight, even if it is identical to the old one, will shine brighter. Secondly, if one light bulb has burned out, the second one will also soon cease to shine.
  5. Buy products only from well-known manufacturers. Be wary of fakes. At present, the leading manufacturers of lamps for automotive headlights are General Electric, Narva, Philips, Tesla, Tungsram. Remember that a quality product can not be cheap. Try to purchase goods in certified auto shops.


For the driver, a very important indicator when driving is high-quality road lighting. Especially the quality of the headlights is an important point in cloudy weather, at night, as well as in the autumn-winter period, when traffic rules oblige us to turn on the light in the car even in the daytime. Take full responsibility for choosing a lamp for your car's headlights. A good car headlight is one of the main factors for your safety on the road.