Jeep showed negative sales dynamics for 6 months of 2016

In June 2017, 56 Jeep cars were sold in Russia, which is 60.6% lower than the same period last year - 142 copies. This is stated in the data provided by the analyst agency Avtostat. So, in the first half of the year, 573 copies of Jeep were sold on the car market of Russia, which is 45.5%. Less than last year (1 051 copies).


The best results in the first half of the year showed the Grand Cherokee SUV, whose share in the company's sales was 41.19%. From the beginning of the year, 236 cars of this model were sold on the Russian market, which is 64.8% lower than last year. In July, dealers sold only 17 copies of this car (minus 79%).

The second place in sales of the company Jeep took the model Cherokee. In June, they sold 17 copies (-64.6%), and in six months 187 Russians bought it, which is 27.2% lower than the 2015 figures.

In third place is the new SUV Renegade, which was bought 11 times in June, and in the first half of the year 81 vehicles found their owners.

The largest drop in sales was recorded in the model Jeep Compass, which in June did not find a single owner, and in the first 6 months, sales decreased by 82.7%, from 52 to 9 copies.

Earlier it was reported that Jeep Renegade showed incredible demand in Brazil.