How to make an air suspension with your own hands on the

In passenger cars, the suspension provides a greater degree of comfort for the driver with passengers, hiding the unevenness of the roads and keeping the car from loosening. Trucks are tuned with a new suspension to reduce the cost of their maintenance and repair.

If there is a desire, each car owner is able to tune domestic cars independently. Even air suspension with their own hands on the Gazelle can be mounted in the presence of suitable equipment and necessary materials.


  • 1 The need for tuning suspension
  • 2 What happens when installing pneumatics
  • 3 Proper selection of equipment
  • 4 Pneumatics installation on VAZ

The need for tuning suspension

In addition to the native suspension, many owners of Gazelle minibuses or various modifications prefer to install an additional pneumatic system. After installation, cars get significant benefits:

  • the driver in the process of driving can change the ground clearance and the degree of stiffness of the suspension;
  • risk reduction during vehicle overload;
  • increased comfort when driving on a rough road;
  • the output on the “native” parts of the suspension decreases due to the redistribution of loads;
  • release of load from springs and parts mating with hardware;
  • providing greater stability, especially in the presence of an adjusting air supply system.

how to put air suspension with your own hands on a gazelle

Before you make your own air suspension with your own hands, you need to know that the whole upgrade pays off thanks to the advantages obtained. The approximate period at which the investment will be effective, is 30-40 thousand kilometers.

One of the negative aspects is the need for initial high financial investments. It also requires a sufficiently high qualification of performers involved in installing the system. It is desirable that the team was attended by a specialist with experience in working with pneumatics.

The approximate amount for self-installation of air suspension on domestic cars will be about 30 thousand rubles.

how long does air suspension do it yourself on a gazelle

The factors that contribute to the installation of such a system on a car include:

  • A modernized truck or van is regularly used to transport valuable equipment that needs to be protected from jolts, vibrations and possible damage due to road irregularities;
  • there is frequent transportation of goods, the mass of which is close to or higher than the allowable loads on the regular suspension;
  • A higher level of comfort or safety is required during transport.
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The car owner takes the decision to re-equip the car in this part independently.

What happens when installing pneumatics

The owner of the car, who made the decision to install the air suspension, must understand that with this action he makes technological changes to the car's design. Such actions are justifiably capable of causing official dealers to refuse from further warranty service.

how to make an air suspension do it yourself

In most cases, the basic elements of such a suspension (pneumatic pillows) are fixed with the help of special brackets, and all adjustments are made from the installed console in the car.

In a simplified version, pneumatics are placed without the possibility of mobile control. For such situations, adjustments to the level of air in the cylinders are carried out using nipples, as well as when monitoring the pressure in automobile tires. The principle of installation will be the same as in the regulated version, and the overall reliability of the installed system depends on the quality of the air bag.

When choosing manufacturers of pneumatic equipment for cars, you need to focus on the leaders in this field: Firestone, Factory, Dunlop.

Proper equipment selection

Interfering with the welding work in the design of a regular suspension, there is a risk of partial weakening of the structure. Such work must be carried out in the light of this fact. Installation should not ensure deterioration of access to the “native” shock absorbers or the air spring, so that it can be replaced if necessary.

how to make air suspension with your hands on a foreign car

Pneumatic springs need to be selected based on the design features of the car. Often for the rear axle choose the model bellows or hose type. Geometric parameters are selected according to the characteristics of the pneumatics, which can be single-circuit or double-circuit.

For long cars it will be preferable to use a pair of contours: on the front and rear axle. In this case, the following kit is used:

  • a pair of tanks for pneumatics with an identical volume;
  • crossings, fittings and plastic pipes for air distribution;
  • mounting brackets, mounting accessories;
  • manometers for each axis, starting buttons, compressors, etc. are mounted in the circuit.
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as mounted air suspension with your own hands on the gazelle

The optimal set allows you to withstand a load capacity of 1.2 ... 1.4 tons, which is one of the most popular parameters for medium-sized cars.

The rear axle is usually mounted without the use of a receiver, providing greater smoothness. Installation of pneumatics should be carried out further from the springs to eliminate friction on its surface. On the front axle is mounted on the spring itself.

Pneumatics installation on VAZ

To improve the nominal suspension on the domestic "classics" will succeed with the help of pneumatics. To do this, mounted air suspension with his own hands on the VAZ.

how to put air suspension with your hands on the VAZ