What will happen if in diesel pour petrol

Сегодня мы подробно разберем вопрос: что делать, если вместо дизеля залили бензин? Такая ситуация может произойти как по вине автовладельца, перепутавшего пистолеты на АЗС, так и по вине неопытного заправщика. Although по ГОСТу насадка для ДТ должна устанавливаться с большим диаметром трубы, но не все компании оснащены качественным оборудованием.


  • 1 Erroneous dressing
  • 2 Gasoline in a diesel car
  • 3 Recovery operations

Erroneous refueling

Situations with fuel entanglement can be divided into two types:

  • small topping up with available gasoline;
  • full diesel refueling in an empty tank.

In the first version the vehicle may ride on gasoline for some time. The driver will notice the nuisance of the problem of the engine, as well as the black smoke from the exhaust pipe. The fuel will not be completely burned out, and accordingly soot and its residues will be released through the exhaust pipe.

what will happen when instead of diesel gasoline poured

In the second situation, the car simply will not start. Diesel fuel will not allow it to make a gasoline fuel system. We'll have to use the services of tow trucks.

Although diesel and gasoline are derived from the distillation of petroleum products, but have different physicochemical properties. For the manufacture of gasoline, fractions of lighter hydrocarbons are needed, and heavier ones are used for diesel fuel. There are also major differences during operation:

  • to ignite diesel fuel, sufficiently compress the fuel-air mixture sufficiently;
  • gasoline mixture with air besides compression needs an external source of ignition (automobile candles are used to form a spark).

High-quality work of the gasoline engine occurs when compression is within 9 ... 11 atm. There are several car models in the world that operate at 13 ... 14 atm, but this is rather an exception to the general rule. During the maximum degree of compression for the ignition of the mixture, a spark from the candle is required.

A classic diesel engine does not have any spark plugs, since at the fourth stroke (compression) of the power plant the hydrocarbon mass ignites independently. This contributes to a higher rate of compression, reaching up to 20 atm. The meeting of diesel fuel and air is obtained in cylinders at high pressure. The air compressed by the piston is significantly heated by significant compression, after which the fuel is sprayed into the cylinder through the nozzles. Then ignition occurs.

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We will explain what will happen if you fill in diesel instead of gasoline. On vehicles with a carburetor, diesel fuel can get inside the cylinders, however, ignition will not occur due to the relatively low pressure. For cars with injection problems will be more.

how will the car behave, if instead of diesel, gasoline is poured

In the injector nozzles diesel fuel is able to clog the flow channels, and then it will begin to flow into the crankcase, mixing with engine oil.

In the course of such a short-term operation, the valves are capable of sticking, which will lead to a knock of the pistons on the valves, deformation of parts and possible breaking. When this happens, the engine is jammed. In some cases, have to spend money on expensive repairs.

Gasoline in a diesel car

This can usually happen to drivers who have recently bought their car on more economical diesel fuel. When gasoline has not yet managed to get into the system, we recommend immediately call a tow truck. It is not recommended to carry out independent experiments with what will happen if you pour gasoline into a diesel engine, so as not to spoil the engine.

what will happen if in diesel pour petrol

If a small dose of “non-standard” fuel is injected within 5 ... 10% of the total mass, no particular problems should arise. Diesel power plant with difficulty, but "digest" the gasoline-solar mixture. Sometimes even some truckers deliberately pour a small portion of gasoline into the fuel tank in order to more easily “survive” significant frosts, because a more dense diesel of low quality has the unpleasant property of freezing at lower temperatures. In this case, the proportion should be below 2 ... 3% in order not to cause costly damage to technology.

In the case of non-compliance with this rule, coarse and fine filters will become unusable from gasoline. This is due to the fact that more active hydrocarbons are included in this fluid. They more easily enter into chemical reactions and can destroy unprepared parts from the inside.

what will happen to the fuel if in diesel pour petrol

The problem will appear in the high-pressure fuel pump with injectors. Gasoline on the pump will be easier to pass, but diesel fuel in its composition contains a certain amount of oily elements. They provide the lubrication of the injection pump and injectors. In the absence of such, the useful life of the components is significantly reduced, up to a speedy failure. Repair and replace them will cost quite expensive.

For towing a car, both an tow truck and any other car towing a problem car on a cable will be suitable.

After sending the car to the service station, immediately explain the reason and all further actions you take. They must rinse the fuel tank and dry it of unnecessary liquid. As an additional security measure, it is recommended to install a new fuel filter and clean the pump. However, these procedures are carried out when gasoline enters the system after the driver starts the engine.

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Recovery operations

If the driver on time noticed a mistake with the Gulf of diesel fuel in the gas tank, then you also do not need to start the engine. This rule applies especially to injection machines. If, due to carelessness, cars have already been brought in, then you cannot do without a tow truck.

what will happen if you pour diesel instead of gasoline

At the station, the standard procedures are the following operations:

  • drain surrogate mixture and cleaning the gas tank;
  • flushing all fuel lines from the tank to the power plant;
  • replacement of fuel if necessary;
  • installing a new fuel filter;
  • drain engine oil and replace it with a filter;
  • flushing the entire system using special liquids;
  • complete replacement of spark plugs at the end of all procedures.

On all operations, on average, it takes up to 5 ... 6 hours, so you will need to search for another car for the time being to move around the city.

If it is not possible to call a tow truck, then experienced motorists recommend to drain the maximum of this mixture from the tank, and in return pour the right amount of fuel. This will help for some time to get to the nearest station by yourself. But without washing it is still necessary.