What to look for when buying a used car

Before you buy a used car, it is advisable at once during the inspection to look at all her, presumably weak points. But not everyone knows where to look in the first place, and what elements of the car fail faster and will soon require replacement. Each car is unique in its own way, but there are common problems that usually occur on many cars, regardless of brand and model.

Audi S5 Coupe

Начинать осмотр стоит начинать с жизненно важных элементов автомобиля, таких как кузов, мотор, Transmission, suspension, а напоследок еще можно и в салоне сделать осмотр.

Questions to the body

It is necessary to call in the pit and check the condition of the body below. The main thing that was not rust, or was, but as little as possible. It is expensive to cook the car, and after 3 years there will be even more rust in the cooking places. Therefore, it is better to take a car with a galvanized body, in which rust rarely appears.

Questions to the chassis



If the car has a pneumatic suspension, this means that the cost of the compressor, sensors, racks, the control unit and the tube is a common thing. It happens that the racks have worked very little, and already need to be replaced, and it happens that the racks have to travel for some time. It depends on the model. There are also controlled shock absorbers, which can also cause many problems during operation. It must be remembered that shock absorbers, regulated by an electric motor or a magnetoresistor fluid, are expensive on their own, and when they have to be repaired, the repairs will also be pulled with serious money. Therefore, it is better to choose a complete set with a standard suspension, it will cost less and create less problems.

Large diameter wheels

The larger the wheel, the more problems there will be with the suspension. For example, 18-20 inch wheels with low-profile tires are considered more rigid, and on our roads it will really be felt.

big wheels

But if there are wheels with a diameter of 15-17 inches and high-profile tires in the car, the car will also have a softer ride, and there will be fewer problems with the suspension because it will not wear out so much. In addition, on large wheels with low profile tires there is a greater risk of wheel breakdown.

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Four-wheel drive

The all-wheel drive system contains a wheel drive clutch, multi-plate clutches, etc. All these components wear out over time, so you should also check the status of all-wheel drive before buying.

four-wheel drive

In general, four-wheel drive requires maintenance, it also fails faster, if a car has a different tire for a long time, and if you drive a very bad road often, then all-wheel drive and all its elements can wear out faster.

All wheel drive wears faster than permanent four-wheel drive. But in general, you should not bother too much, because all-wheel drive can fail, just like everything else in the car, and there is nothing special about it.

The most popular problems in the engine and gearbox

Diesel engines

On diesel engines, which are considered more reliable, there are also some problems. The oil should be changed more often, the work temperature is lower, therefore the resource of the diesel engine is higher. But in cold weather the diesel engine starts up worse.

diesel engine

Older diesel engines have very few problems, but the new ones have powerful turbines, due to which the engine's power becomes larger, this causes the nozzles to get clogged faster, which leads to the pistons starting to burn through, and some problems arise with the cylinder head and cylinder blocks. In addition, the fuel system does not like low-quality fuel at all, a couple of times it is worth pouring poor-quality diesel fuel, and there can be serious problems with the engine, so you should carefully watch and listen to how the engine works before you buy.

Fuel equipment in Russia is not cheap, but those who have traveled by diesel cars, then do not really want to change to gasoline cars again. Also recently, diesel engines have some problems with the EGR valve. This valve has its own characteristics, and even during operation there is a large load on it, so it can break down, and before that - get dirty, which will be the cause of the breakdown.

In most cases, much depends on the previous owner, if he didn’t particularly care for the car, then it will be just in a deplorable state, regardless of whether it has a motor, gasoline or diesel. By the way, do not forget about the diesel particulate filter, which must be changed at regular intervals.

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Gas engine

Petrol turbocharged engines

Not to say that gasoline engines are less or more reliable. But the usual atmospheric engines of the old design are really considered the most reliable. But as for modern engines with turbines, there may be a considerable number of problems, especially the moody ones are TFSI and FSI engines, especially after 200,000 km. run



The gearbox also has its own resource, but the mechanics are considered more durable. But the machine with normal factors, too, will be able to serve for a long time, it all depends on who the previous owner was and how he traveled. Transmission oil, basically you need to change every 60,000 km. Clutch may also sometimes require replacement, and on some machines, clutch is a consumable material, especially for those who like to pile on.

Real mileage

There are cars that do not have time to drive a solid mileage, but there are also such instances on which the mileage is twisted. На одних машинах сложно скрутить пробег, на других легче. Поэтому если у машины большой возраст и маленький пробег, то это значит, что что-то здесь не так. Поэтому покупая машину, odometerу не стоит сильно доверять, главное сделать диагностику, проверить основные узлы, и в каком они состоянии.


After buying a used car, you must change all consumables, if you can see that they will soon need to be replaced. It is better to do this in advance. If the owner says that he recently changed the oil, then you can not change yet.

By the way, the timing belt also makes sense to change, and the chains and everything else need to be changed if necessary, you can make diagnostics, if they are more or less in good condition, you can not change them. But you can change the filter, pumps, oils, clutches, brake pads, etc.

Possible problems in the cabin


car mirrors

In the cabin, you can start with the inspection of mirrors, on which there is an electric drive. There are usually no problems with the salon mirror, but there may be problems with side mirrors, especially after winter operation. In modern cars there is an automatic folding of the mirrors, and while parking when driving backwards, the mirror starts to look at the rear wheel to help with parking. If these mirrors are often used, they will fail faster.

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Climate control

climate control

Climate control, especially automatic too, after some time of operation can fail. The system is not simple, it includes several sensors, a display, actuators, valves, and so on trifles. Usually in the risk zone - the fans, which begin to buzz with time, the temperature sensor overboard can fail.

The seats

BMW seats

If the previous owner very often sat in a chair, then got up from it, then it will wear out faster. And if the seats have ventilation and heating, then these functions may eventually fail, so before buying you should check whether the heating works, because without heating the seats in winter is not very convenient. By the way, perforated leather becomes useless faster than regular solid skin. But the fastest loses its appearance to leatherette.


Very often, the hatch fails, because the mechanisms can become clogged, and require a routine inspection periodically. But the hatch is a necessary thing, because the sky is visible, fresh air comes into the cabin, and you can also stick your head out of this hatch.


Audio and Multimedia System

The multimedia system is also worth checking out that it does not have glitches and various problems. It all depends on how hard it was exploited before. But in most cases, there are not very many problems with it.