Recommendations for choosing summer tires for the car


The practical majority of cars acquire an unsightly appearance and technically wear out before their time only through the owner’s fault, any car will please the owner with long and trouble-free work only when he treats his property with care and care. It should be noted that it is necessary to prepare your vehicle not only for the onset of the winter period - the car needs close attention and with the arrival of the spring thaw. In time resolved issues with pereobuvki and checking the technical condition will facilitate the operation of the car in warm time. Every experienced car enthusiast knows that with the onset of a positive temperature and minimizing the likelihood of snowing, the vehicle must necessarily visit the tire, where the tires will be replaced. Often, the question regarding which tires are best to choose for the summer period, embarrasses even experienced car owners. In the article below, we consider the rules for choosing summer tires, we give a list of criteria that any quality tire must meet. It must be remembered that the first place should be put not cash savings, and the purchase of optimal wheels, which in terms of design, size and type of tread better than other options fit a particular car.

Summer tires для авто

With the onset of warm weather, winter tires need to be changed to summer ones.

Constructive characteristics of summer tires

So, if a car enthusiast wants to choose summer tires, but does not know what to pay attention to first of all, he should read the tips below. The fact is that it is impossible to ignore the classification of tires, since it specifies all the main features of tires. According to this division, all car tires have a certain seasonality. You should not listen to the opinion of people who tend to use winter tires throughout the year. Because of the serious structural differences that exist in winter and summer tires, it is more expedient to purchase two sets of tires and use them in accordance with the seasonality.

Читать далее о правильном выборе летних шин-->Все летние шины, вне зависимости от производителя, делают из более жёстких веществ — этот аспект помогает летним покрышкам хорошо справляться с высокой температурой и более высокими скоростными режимами. Но с первым похолоданием и морозами такие шины становятся «дубовыми», у них «падает» уровень сцепления колёс с дорожным покрытием. Кроме того, летние шины отличаются от остальных видов покрышек меньшей глубиной протектора и рисунком.

There are regions where the purchase of two sets of rubber becomes meaningless due to too little fluctuations in the thermometer throughout the year, in this case it is best to stop the choice on all-season tires. These tires cope with the summer heat and not bad show their qualities on the winter roads.

In any case, before choosing summer tires, it is necessary to take as a basis the weather features of a particular region in which the machine will be operated.

Summer tire size

Car owner when choosing a summer tire should take into account the design features of the wheels. Before purchasing, you should find out the type of rubber you need for a particular car. You can get this information from the technical documentation, which is created by the manufacturer of the machine. In case of its absence, you can use the manufacturer’s online resource. In addition, in many concerns the car is supplied with similar data by indicating the recommendations of the plates on the fuel tank flap or the end of the doors.

Decoding tire sizes

Interpretation of tire marking

In fact, the size — wheel parameters that reflect the diameter, height, and width of the tire. In addition, the indicator motorist should take into account the maximum speed of the wheel, its seasonality, the maximum possible load and the manufacturer. If you do not meet certain criteria and technical recommendations regarding the size of the tires, then the car owner is more likely to get very unpleasant problems.

For example, if you choose summer tires of a larger diameter, then the tread will constantly be in contact with the arch, especially noticeable when cornering and rocking on potholes. Otherwise, with the purchase of low-profile tires, the ride will be tough, devoid of the usual comfort. At the same time, the service life of suspension parts will be significantly reduced. Although, in turn, tires with a low profile give the car better handling, quick cornering and an excellent level of control over the car.

Before deciding which summer tires to buy for the upcoming season, it is necessary to take into account the condition of the roads, as they also influence the choice of optimal wheels.

It is simple to choose summer tires from the list presented in the automobile shop, if we consider several features. For example, tires that will be used in the summer should be wider. Wide tires have better contact with the road, as the clutch stain increases, this has a beneficial effect on the dynamic performance and stability of the car. The car, which has good summer tires, accelerates faster, while its stopping distance is much shorter. Among the drawbacks of wide tires, it should be noted the increasing fuel consumption and the tangible effect of aquaplaning, which occurs when driving at low speed.

The choice of summer tires, depending on the tread pattern

If a car owner needs tires, he must be guided by many criteria at the time of purchase. Choosing from the range of those summer tires that have the desired size and are suitable for the quality of the material, you will need to find the rubber that has the optimal tread pattern.

Types of bus projector patterns

Types of drawings

If you choose summer tires with a directional V-shaped pattern, then the car owner will find new tires that will be able to increase the vehicle’s handling, make the car more comfortable, “pay off” the feeling of aquaplaning. Good tires with directional tread pattern better than other models cope with the effective removal of water from under the wheels. It is on such tires it is advisable to stop the choice of those motorists, in the region where they live often it rains. It should be noted that rearrange tires with such a pattern can be exclusively on one side.

Summer tires with a symmetrical (non-directional) pattern are of particular interest among the practical majority of compatriot drivers. The choice is likely due to the budget price of rubber. Such tires have good handling characteristics, however, it is impossible to feel the effect of aquaplaning on them. Summer tires with non-directional tread pattern are best purchased by motorists who prefer a quiet ride for fast driving. Among the advantages of such rubber can be noted the possibility of a random rearrangement of the wheels.

The third type of summer tires has a lot in common with all-season tires - such tires have an asymmetric tread pattern. Good tires of this type can easily cope with hot asphalt, as well as with the frost-priced road. This feature rubber received because of its design properties, in particular, the outer part of the wheel is made of more rigid material. A car on such tires copes better with sharp turns (increased grip on the road). Due to the smaller diameter blocks in the inner part of the rubber, the wheel perfectly removes water. The central part of the rubber is a longitudinal rib, which has a positive effect on course stability. Summer tires with an asymmetric pattern have good driving characteristics, which means that the wheels can change places (though only on one side).

The noise level coming from the wheels

Choosing summer tires can not forget about their noise. This indicator, by and large, is affected only by the tread pattern block. Practically all modern automobile tires have an ambiguous complex structure, which is why it is impossible to determine the level of a certain wheel noise by one glance. It is best to contact the seller for this information or, after stopping the choice on a particular rubber, read about it on the Internet and get acquainted with the knowledge of more informed car owners. It is worth noting that many who previously went on a silent rubber, after purchasing wheels with a high noise figure, may feel discomfort for a long time.

Tire tread

Tire tread

And finally

To choose high-quality summer tires, it is enough to take into account only the previously mentioned criteria, however, experienced motorists who have bought tires more than once in their lives, advise looking at the tire tests that you like on the Internet as you can find in the World Wide Web almost all modern tires. In addition, you can visit the thematic forums, where people who have already managed to try out this or that rubber in practice, share their opinions and feelings with other consumers.

If the vehicle owner has to travel relatively often on uneven road surfaces saturated with holes and bumps, it is best to buy summer tires with a reinforced sidewall. Such tires are well resistant to the strong jolts and blows that a car gets when passing holes, however, these tires help minimize the possibility of tire breakdown in contact with sharp edges.

If the choice of the car owner comes down to the preference of one of several tire options Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%, represented by different companies, it is more expedient to choose a product of a more well-known manufacturer. As the long-term practice shows, an insignificant overpayment for the promotion of any brand will result in a longer and more reliable tire operation for the buyer.

In Russia, the best tires are sold by companies such as Bridgestone, Continental, Cordiant, Hankook, Goodyear, Nokian and Michelin. Over the past ten years, branches of the world leaders in the production of rubber have increasingly opened on the territory of the Russian Federation, due to this indicator, manufacturers simultaneously reduce the price of products without changing the usual high quality of the product.


Naturally, every car owner himself will determine the parameters according to which he will acquire summer tires for his car later. Novice drivers who have never bought rubber should say that it is not the price of the product being purchased that should not be put on the head. It is also impractical, how to look first of all only on the popularity of the manufacturer. It is necessary to take into account all the above parameters, which will allow you to choose the best wheels that will serve the owner of the car to full tread wear.