Features of the choice of capacitor for car subwoofer


A car subwoofer is an acoustic system that functions to produce low frequencies in the audio range. Car subwoofer improves sound quality, reduces the load on the speakers.

At present, almost every driver equips his car with music devices. Often you can see on the street shabby six, from the windows of which modern music plays in excellent quality. To get high-quality sound of music in a car with low-frequency sound, you need either huge speakers that you can not always let you enjoy low-frequency bass, or, alternatively, a subwoofer. Now even the simplest car audio systems are often equipped with an external audio amplifier. To improve sound, motorists use sub-woofer capacitors in the car.

Subwoofers in the car

Many motorists put in their cars high-quality acoustics

Why do you need a capacitor for a subwoofer

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Let's go back to school physics lessons somewhere in the seventh grade. A car subwoofer, when playing a powerful bass, can briefly consume a current that even the strongest battery cannot provide. The wires connecting the subwoofer and amplifier, even if they are very thick, have a resistance, which at the peak of the signal leads to a decrease in voltage. At these moments, and so called sound dips occur. It is at such moments that a capacitor is needed for a subwoofer. It is an electrolytic powerful device of large capacity, which is connected in parallel to the amplifier and car battery. With parallel connection of nodes in the peaks of increasing current, the device takes over the excess voltage, which helps smooth out the so called dips of the subwoofer. Due to the very low internal resistance of the capacitor itself, it is charged in a fraction of a second and takes on subsequent voltage spikes.

Based on the foregoing, the capacitor for the subwoofer protects the car subwoofer itself from current surges, which can cause it to break down, and also smooths sound dips and reduces distortion.

Parameters for selecting a capacitor

Consider the main criteria that affect the quality of the capacitor.

  1. Power. This is the first and main parameter to select. You must buy a device whose power will be equal to the number of kilowatts of the system. That is, if you have a system with a power of five kilowatts, then the device must have a capacity of at least five farads. Experts advise taking devices with a capacity slightly larger than the system capacity.
  2. Connectors. Their operating voltage should be twenty-four volts. To minimize current resistance, connectors of virtually all devices are gilded.
  3. Equipment. Check that the package includes all the elements required to install the device. The capacitor from the amplifier should be installed at a distance of no more than fifty centimeters.
  4. Charging rate and recoil charge. These characteristics depend on how high-quality device you purchase. Refrain from buying fakes and homemade capacitors.
  5. Charge control function. This function is present in more expensive models, but devices of such a plan will secure the wiring of your car. If the device that you purchased does not have this function, then before installation it must be recharged.
  6. Digital voltmeter and light indication. With a voltmeter you can monitor the voltage of the device. Light indicators show the charge level of the device.

In order for the purchase to please you with high-quality sound, you need to buy products in certified stores that specialize in car acoustics.

Overview of Capacitor Models

From the information provided, it is clear that capacitors differ in capacity, feature set, and configuration. Accordingly, the price category of devices ranges from about forty dollars per unit of goods and can reach three hundred dollars per device.

Autofun CAP-10 - one of the most simple and affordable devices. The cost is about forty dollars, the capacity of the device is 1 farad, the operating temperature is up to 95 degrees. It is in demand among buyers at the expense of an attractive price.

Capacitor for subwoofer Autofun CAP-10

Autofun CAP-10

Hollywood brand capacitors are also in demand from buyers. The price range of models of this brand is from fifty dollars to two hundred per unit of goods, depending on the capacity of the device and additional functions.

Hollywood Condenser

Condenser brand Hollywood

The Signat ECC1 is a small device, although it has attractive features. Capacity - 1 farad, the price is about two hundred and fifty conventional units.

Condenser for subwoofer Signat

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Brax IPC - a reasonable power capacitor, the price of which is more than three hundred dollars. This device has heavy-duty electrical characteristics, the principle of operation is based on automation. The internal resistance in the capacitor is practically absent.

Brax IPC Condenser

Brax IPC

And one more rule. For devices, a characteristic feature is the compliance of price and quality of the device. The more expensive a product you purchase, the more reliable it will be in use.

Capacitors for the subwoofer are very easy to install, so do not need the help of a specialist. You yourself can cope with this task by following simple instructions to the device.