How to change the gasket valve cover do it yourself

You can combat engine oil leakage by enhancing the sealing system. In many cases, one of the most effective methods is to replace the valve cover gasket.

You should not leave this problem for a long time without a solution, as reducing the level of oil can lead to disastrous consequences. Also, the cylinder block will be in drips due to poor sealing, which will lead to a sloppy look.


  • 1 Lining function
  • 2 Need for replacement
  • 3 Replacement procedure
  • 4 Tips for quality work

Lining function

Перед тем how to change the valve cover gasket, необходимо приобрести качественную замену изношенной детали. Не стоит экономить в такой ситуации и приобретать дешевую подделку или делать покупку невысокого качества в сомнительном месте.

All the installation / dismantling work may be useless, and it will have to be carried out literally through a couple of thousand kilometers again. In this case, you will need another engine wash and maintenance costs.

how to change the valve cover gasket

In the engine compartment, even a novice driver will be able to notice the valve cover, as some automakers put them painted in bright colors. This element ensures the closure of the gas distribution mechanism. Between the cover and the body is a gasket.

Rubberized material for a long time retains properties when working with significant temperature changes and aggressive chemical environment. Over the entire surface, the gasket under the valve cover is pressed with bolts to the body through the cover itself.

Need to replace

Depending on the working conditions, after 10-15 thousand km of run, it loses its elastic properties and needs to be replaced. The procedure is simple and rarely takes more than an hour with an experienced driver.

If there are indirect or direct signs, it is worth stopping at the nearest car shop and stocking up with a new gasket. These features include:

  • oil marks on the outside of the lid;
  • necessarily during the overhaul or maintenance of the engine;
  • during the repair of timing, and sometimes when changing the engine oil;
  • during diagnostic work with the motor.
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how does the gasket under the valve cover

For the replacement of garage conditions and repair kit. You will also need wrenches and a screwdriver. Better adherence to the surface is ensured with a sealant. It is also necessary to use a solvent to degrease the mating surfaces.

Replacement procedure

To replace the valve cover gasket will need to dismantle the air cleaner, unscrew all the screws around the perimeter. It is advisable to do this in a staggered manner so as not to create additional stress on the remaining fasteners.

Removing the old gasket sometimes you need to clean the surface of the remnants of stuck material. This should be done carefully so as not to damage the body part.

You need to know that even a good externally gasket should not be reused, as it loses its elasticity and will not provide high-quality insulation of the working area from the external environment.

how to replace the valve cover gasket
Step 1. Remove the cover
how to quickly change the valve cover gasket
Step 2. Put the gasket

Before installing a new gasket, contact surfaces are cleaned and degreased. A sufficient amount of sealant is applied on both clean, dry sides. The assembly is carried out in the reverse order of disassembly. Tightening the bolts is also done in a staggered manner, and then brought to maximum effort.

Tips for quality work

Not in all cases, motorists get to carry out the procedure without problems. Sometimes oil leaks form almost immediately after several kilometers. The most popular reasons for this may be several:

  • the use of low-quality gaskets;
  • insufficient amount of sealant used, inaccurate application of it to the surface;
  • cover skew due to improperly tightening fasteners.

You need to know that for cars there are bolt tightening schemes on the covers, which can be found in the instruction manual of the car.

how to replace valve cover gasket

It is necessary to carry out the replacement on the engine that is cooled down so that the temperature expansion does not negatively affect the result of the work.

To work with fasteners, you usually need a key for 10. After unscrewing all the bolts, thoroughly flush the parts from grease residues or old sealant.

how to replace the valve cover gasket

Sealant application

It is advisable to tighten the bolts using a torque wrench. If there is no scheme according to which the operation is performed, then it can be found on the official website of the manufacturer. In any case, the fastener is tightened from the middle to the edges.

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The preliminary force on the torque wrench should be about 5 Nm, and with the final tightening it rises twice to 10 Nm. Only after that you can add engine oil.

whereby the gasket under the valve cover is changed

Torque wrench

The gasket does not put the entire surface at the same time, but first one side leans against it, and then the middle is lowered, the second side is put in last, so that the sealant is evenly distributed over the surface. Its layer should be about 2-3 mm on each side.

You need to know that the body is not allowed the remnants of pieces from the old gasket, as they will reduce the tightness of the structure.

Approximate time of complete hardening of the sealant is about 10-12 hours. After that, the car can be used normally.