Choosing the best film for car tinting



The car enthusiast, who made the decision to tint the glass, must first get acquainted with all types of film presented in specialized stores and on the car market. Such an approach will allow you to accurately choose the kind that is ideal for a particular car. However, in addition to personal preferences, the vehicle owner must take into account the advantages of the design, adhering to certain rules, regarding which you should choose exactly the coverage that corresponds to the Russian GOST.

Installation of tinting on the car

Advantages and disadvantages of tinting

It is no secret that many car owners prefer to tint windows in Russia, and this is done not for general tuning of cars, but to increase comfortable movement for the driver and his passengers. The advantages of tinting are to create an invisible barrier to ultraviolet rays that cannot penetrate the interior of the vehicle. Along with this, the tinting of the glass perfectly prevents intruders who cannot easily glance into the salon, gives the car a more spectacular look, increases the cost of the device when it is sold further, and also does not allow the upholstery to fade and lose its natural color.

Читать далее о том, какую плёнку лучше выбрать для тонирования авто-->Однако наряду со всеми достоинствами в случае произведённой тонировки автовладелец в тёмное время суток не сможет обладать достаточной видимостью. Некоторые отмечают неудобства, которые сопутствуют движение задним ходом, особенно ощутимые в вечернее и ночное время. Кроме того, присутствующая на стёклах плёнка — это дополнительный повод для сотрудников ГИБДД, который влечёт регулярные проверки транспортного средства на уровень светопроницаемости, который должен соответствовать определённым правилам ГОСТа.

Requirements to be covered

So, if you have a car with a tint, the owner should be aware of the norms that are the same for all vehicles that have "traces" of tinting. In case of unwillingness or impossibility to seek help from a service center, a motorist can independently make tinted glass by means of specialized spraying. Recently, however, a special film has been used more often than other species. It is important to remember that the selected, for example, method of mirror tinting will not be able to do it yourself, you will have to contact the staff of the service center.

According to modern laws, the windshield can be closed with a film by only 25%; front windows - only 30%. As for the rear windows, there is no specific percentage, but this element of the vehicle is allowed to tint only when equipped with two rear-view mirrors. The traffic police officer who stopped to check the car will easily check the opacity parameters by means of a Taumeter.

Checking the transparency of glass

Modern types of toning

Removable toning

One of the most popular and popular types of tinting is a removable method. Adherents of this method choose it because of its ease of installation. Glass coating can be carried out without assistance and additional cash costs. All that is useful to the car owner is a plastic base, the necessary tools by which you can cut, the minimum set of knowledge and skills that can be replenished by watching relevant videos on the Internet.

Acquired dubbing film can be made in absolutely any color and produced by various companies. Despite the huge range of products presented, this category is divided according to the type of manufacturing for painted and metallized types. The first type is able to burn out after a while, which is why, if you wish, to tint glass with a removable coating, it is better to stay on the second view.

Removable toning для автомобиля

Varieties regarding base material

Removable film can "lie" on several bases. The plastic base provides for the preliminary application of a pre-acquired coating, further fastening to glass of a certain type with tape or special fixing tools.

Silicone base naturally provides for coating with silicone. It will be better if the owner of the vehicle buys a quality product of American manufacture. Fastening is carried out using distillation and chemical solution.

This type of glass coating with a special film has several advantages:

  • allows the car enthusiast to do everything on their own;
  • provides durability of use and the most convenient operation;
  • provides for the possibility of quick withdrawal;
  • increases passenger safety: in a sudden collision, broken glass will not fall apart, but will stick to the film.

The ability to do everything yourself cannot guarantee that the work will be done efficiently, with the necessary amount available, it will be better if the motorist requests help from a specialized company.

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Use of electronic coating

To date, this type of tuning the car is considered the most expensive. It is often referred to as smart tinting, it is quite difficult to meet a car with such a "decoration" on the road, the cost of smart glass reaches one and a half thousand dollars in just 1 m2. Naturally, middle-class car owners simply can not get themselves the luxury. This type of tuning is characteristic of extremely expensive cars. Owners of such a car can boast of “luminous chameleon”, which can only be done by a professional tuner.


Dusting, конечно же, лучше простого съёмного метода, однако оно относится к классу сложных работ, которые могут быть произведены только сотрудниками специализированных автомастерских. Такую процедуру невозможно сделать дома, так как стекло подвергается нескольким опасным процессам: опускается в вакуумную камеру, затем покрывается полимерами и металлами.

This variety is unpopular due to the impossibility of easy and quick removal of the coating, the complexity of the procedure, the rapid appearance of unwanted cracks and glare, significantly interfering with the review.

Film selection rules

For each car, you can choose several optimal coverage options. Tinting film is constantly being improved, its color range is increasing. How in such a situation to navigate the car owner and choose the option that will be an order of magnitude better than anyone else? Imagine a list of 5 leaders, adequately producing high-quality coating for glass.

Color film tinting on car glass

Speaking about the leading companies engaged in the production of films for cars, one should, first of all, mention such American manufacturers as Infinity, Contrast, Jonson and LLumar. The SunGuard and SolarGuard organizations have proven the quality of the goods they sell. The Indian representative SunControl is the ideal budget option that combines low prices with decent quality products. The list shows only the leading companies, in the domestic car market, of course, you can find other companies that are willing to sell their goods at a lower price, however, you should remember that the low cost of the product cannot guarantee high quality.


The popularity of this film maker for autos is due to the creation of unique sunscreens and at the same time impact resistant materials. The multi-layer polymeric coating is provided with an additional ink base. The composition of the substance can be traced metallized layers that resist fading.

SunTek tinting for cars

Solar Guard

Coating with Solar Guard's film will make it possible to please the car with a multi-layered material, the shade and degree of light transmission of which will satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Solard Guard - Logo film tinting

Sun Guard

The coating for a car offered by Sun Guard consists of several layers, in particular, a liner, a removable coating with glue, PS glue, a two-level polymer film, a laminating level and an effective layer that promotes the absence of scratches.

Logo brand Sun Guard


Russians often trust the tinting of their cars to this particular American manufacturer. The main advantage of the product is the replacement of the PS adhesive by a typical HPR substance with adhesion, which is several times better than its predecessor.

Logo brand LLumar tinting for cars


No less good for a car special multi-layer film Johnson, the main coating of which is created on a specific basis of charcoal.

Johnson brand logo tinting


Choosing a tint for the windows of your own car you need to take into account the compliance of the coating to the modern requirements of GOST. No less important are indicators such as the quality of the purchased product and the cost of the product. Despite the fact that some types can be done personally, it would be better if the car owner decides to entrust the process to professionals.