4 of the best sport steering wheel in the world


Probably every motorist dreamed of putting such a steering wheel on his car that would look just super and was incredibly comfortable. Usually, choose a sports steering wheel, which is more like the stronger sex, respecting the aggressive and agile driving style. Indeed, the driving comfort depends on the quality of the steering wheel. All drivers know this, starting with a novice and ending with an experienced chauffeur. Do you know what is the best sports steering wheel? We have specially created a peculiar rating of the best sporting bagels in the world, which we present to the attention of our readers.

Racing steering wheel

Racing steering wheel

В рейтинг самых лучших спортивных рулей мира вошли такие знаменитые фирмы, как Simoni Racing, Nardi, SparcoLap и Pro-Sport.Читать далее про рейтинг лучших спортивных рулей для автомобиля-->

What should be a sports steering wheel

Turn your car into a sports car externally, this is only half the battle. If the driver does not really feel like a pilot of a transport rocket, then the happiness of owning such a car will be incomplete. Changing the cabin of an ordinary passenger car is an important and responsible matter.

Needless to say, the appearance of a sports car from the inside is mostly its steering wheel. And to give it aggressiveness and style, leather braids sold on the car market are unlikely to fit. Here you need something else, breathtaking already at the mere sight.

Almost most drivers, who know a lot about sports steering wheels, insist that fitting the steering wheel, no matter how thin it may be, will not give a tangible result. But the complete replacement of the standard steering wheel is already a revolution, which, apart from the freedom of the sports spirit, will also give you confidence in holding the steering wheel, because the sports steering wheels are made of high-quality materials and much more ergonomic than ordinary bagels.

Changing the steering wheel, you can even choose the most convenient diameter to make it easier for the hands to hold the control element of the car. But, of course, do not forget about security. Rudder, if you pay attention to it only from an aesthetic point of view, can play a cruel joke. This is the most important part of the car, or rather its control, and therefore the reliability of this part of the machine cannot be questioned.

In particular, the safety of the steering - this is what you want to pay attention in the first place. It is worth noting that drivers of cars on which there are airbags, after a replacement, can lose this useful option. In addition, the "classics" and "VAZ" does not provide power steering and changing the steering wheel to a smaller diameter diameter, you can greatly impair vehicle control. Replacing the steering wheel is also able to obscure important elements of the instrument panel and make it extremely inconvenient to switch the steering column components. What does all this mean? Do not change the steering wheel?

What to do with a dream? How to be? It turns out that there is a solution, and it is perfect. You just need to know how to choose the steering wheel for your car and consider the best sports steering wheels on the market today. It is also important to remember the following: a good and high-quality steering wheel cannot be bought for little money.

The sports steering wheel that you are going to purchase is, first of all, a style! Detail will give a special exclusive and incomparable appearance of the cabin, even if you do not spend a general tuning.

As for the types of sports steering wheels, today there are a lot of them on the market. And the main difference of a high-quality sports steering wheel from a fake is a stylish appearance, excellent ease of use and of course, high-quality material used in the assembly.

What is important to know when installing a sports steering wheel

When installing a sports steering wheel, it is important to remember that if an ordinary steering wheel is fixed to the steering shaft, then a special adapter will be required for mounting a sports steering wheel. As for direct communication with the wheels, in the specific case the steering shaft will be connected to them with pencil-type hinges or with an elastic coupling. And the advantages of this design weight. In particular, it will help real security in case of an accident. Usually, the standard wheel in a collision does not add up and is advanced to meet the driver. In most cases, it is the steering wheel that causes the motorist to die. In the case of the sports wheel is not so. It has the ability to fold when struck and not pushing towards the driver.

Italy taxis - Simoni Racing X4

Immediately, we note that such a steering wheel is expensive. This is a classic version and almost all motorist athletes know about it.

This wheel is made in Italy and has a size of 350 mm. The design of this steering wheel is three-spoke, and the color is black, which is ideal with the instrument panel of many modern cars of the highest class.

When creating this steering manufacturers used only natural and high-quality materials. In particular, black natural leather and a transparent insert for carbon.

Simoni Racing X4 Sport Steering Wheel

Simoni Racing X4 Sport Steering Wheel

From the advantages of this sports steering wheel, I would like to note the following parameters:

  • its seam is located on the inside;
  • on the sides of the steering wheel are carbon plastic inserts;
  • the bottom of the steering wheel is bordered by four decorative hex bolts;
  • the steering wheel itself has a rough circle design, which makes the grip more comfortable;
  • the protrusions located above the horizontal knitting needles are made thick;
  • stylish appearance;
  • convenient management;
  • correct and convenient location of the steering column switches;
  • excellent overview of the instrument panel, which the steering wheel in no way obstructed.

This is exactly the steering wheel you need to choose, because it is the best in our rating. But he is very expensive and not every motorist can afford to buy it. The wheel is endowed with all the necessary documents, including certificates of quality and warranty. In short, not the steering wheel, but sweetie!

Sport steering wheel Nardi Deep Corn Sport Rally

Sport steering wheel Nardi Deep Corn Sport Rally

Sport steering wheel Nardi Deep Corn Sport Rally

In second place is the best sports steering wheel for SUVs and crossovers Nardi Deep Corn "Sport Rally", which is able to decorate any salon. He perfectly adds to the interior of any car interior a sporty hue, so that an ordinary driver can feel like a real racer. The steering wheel is comfortable to hold in your hands, but from the outside it looks incredibly stylish and spectacular. As for the steering wheel rim, it is covered with high-quality natural leather, so that it never loses its attractiveness and comfort even over the years.

Of the special advantages that distinguish this wheel from others, we can distinguish:

  • frosted metal knitting needles that emphasize the unspeakable beauty of the design;
  • stylish red line, a kind of Nardi chip, completing the exquisite appearance of the product;
  • easy installation of the steering wheel;
  • detailed installation instructions that come with the wheel.

Sparco Lap 5 - sports style aggression

Sparco Lap 5 Sport Steering Wheel

Sparco Lap 5 Sport Steering Wheel

Italian style - he is the best in the world. You can't argue with that. And here in the third place of our rating is the steering wheel, made again on the Roma peninsula, but with chrome-plated knitting spokes.

It is one of the most famous Italian companies in the world that manufacture various car accessories. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru. As well as the popular Recaro, this manufacturer produces sports seats, famous for its elegance and style.

Externally, the steering wheel Sparco Lap 5 looks simple, but it is this archaic simplicity and highlights his style. Sheathed steering wheel with three types of genuine leather: plain, perforated and suede. The seam, like all extra-grade steering wheels, is made from the inside. As for the shape of the steering wheel, it is round, but above the horizontal spokes there are special projections for the fingers.

The diameter of the steering wheel - 350 mm, which gives the driver the opportunity not to exert great effort during the rotation of the wheel. In addition, suede also contributes to the convenient operation of the steering wheel, because the upper section of the steering wheel is sheathed by it, and when intercepting the steering wheel on sharp turns, this gives a firm grip with the hands.

As for the steering column switches, they are located at an affordable level and the driver will not need to take his hands off the wheel to switch, for example, wipers or increase the sound of the audio system. Everything is done at a high level and even the instrument panel is visible to a man of average height completely.

This wheel could be called the best, if not for the Nardi Deep Corn and Simoni Racing X4. Not that it is clearly inferior to them, on the contrary, this steering wheel is ideal for those who respect ease of operation and style, but do not like to stand out. It is simple in appearance and precisely because of this, is in third place.

Racing steering wheel from USA - PRO-SPORT TypeR

Sport steering wheel PRO-SPORT Type R

Sport steering wheel PRO-SPORT Type R

Well, here and the States pulled up, deciding to make their own adjustments to the world of style. The sports steering wheel, manufactured by Pro-Sport, copies Italian Simoni Racing, but does it in a special way. It is much cheaper than the Italian original, but almost everyone can buy it, after which it will feel like the owner of a real sports steering wheel of an extra class, because there is no difference in the copy.

The steering wheel is made entirely of perforated leather, and the design is a three-spoke version. The steering wheel is not like a Simoni Racing, but round. The diameter of the steering wheel is standard - 350 mm.

Knowing how to choose a sports steering wheel, you get invaluable knowledge. Do not be embarrassed to show friends and acquaintances a new purchase, in fear of being disgraced by acquiring a fake. Not. The owner of one of the steering wheels, presented above, sits in a car with a proudly upturned head and feels in seventh heaven, because he has now been accepted into a kind of knightly clan of racers, which he dreamed about from school.