Tuning uaz patriot will make the car better and more

Tuning UAZ Patriot is an interesting thing that will turn the standard UAZ Patriot into an original car. Moreover, making tuning UAZ Patriot There are many different options for improvements.

New UAZ Patriot tuning

Recently, the Russian owners of the Patriots have been tuning this car with particular zeal thanks to its patriotic name, as well as its design features.

Indeed, in the UAZ Patriot used continuous bridges, dependent suspension and a powerful frame. All these elements make the car not very comfortable, but on the off-road, the UAZ Patriot has significant advantages. New UAZ Patriot (tuning) can easily overcome very difficult off-road sections, overcomes any dirt in most cases, especially if the driver has experience of off-road driving. This car has a good potential, but there is no limit to perfection, which is why many people make tuning the UAZ Patriot in order to further improve the car’s driving characteristics and make it more comfortable.

Among the characteristic features of the UAZ Patriot - all-wheel drive, a spacious lounge, high payload. The new UAZ Patriot comes in a variety of trim levels, of which there are about 6. There are options with air conditioning, power steering, central locking and other functions. The cabin is installed dashboard made of polymeric materials.

UAZ patriot tuning

The devices look beautiful, are well read, the steering wheel looks stylish, and the levers are set so that it is convenient to switch them. In the UAZ Patriot there is a high ground clearance, therefore the car has a good cross, the car also has a soft suspension travel, and at the same time, the car is quite stable.

Patriots are completed with 5-speed manual gearboxes, and there are also versions with petrol and diesel engines.

Tuning options UAZ Patriot

Tuning UAZ Patriot is that the car is reconfigured and improved in accordance with the wishes of the owner of the car. In most cases, they make tuning UAZ Patriot, passing the following stages:

  1. Tuning and refinement of the engine. This includes complete reconfiguration of the engine, chip tuning of the engine, which includes reconfiguration of control units in the motor, as well as improvement of the gearbox, installation of additional parts such as a turbine, or, for example, a complete replacement of the motor with one of the foreign analogues.
  2. Finalization of the suspension. Here you can change the standard shock absorbers and springs, to improve the driving characteristics, in particular, if you put shorter springs and shock absorbers harder, then the UAZ Patriot will become more stable, and the suspension will become more durable if you install more reliable rubber bands and levers.
  3. Tuning the cabin, which can be significantly altered by changing it beyond recognition, for example, many UAZovody install a sports steering wheel, improved seats, a beautiful gear lever, improve interior noise insulation, install a metal floor and a powerful audio system.
  4. External car tuning. To improve the appearance of the car, it is enough to paint the car in a special color, make airbrushing, install a winch or sunroof. To improve the appearance, you can put the original bumper and fender. Seriously improve the appearance and beautiful wheels, which have less weight and thanks to them the car drives faster and consumes less fuel.
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UAZ patriot tuning фото

On Photo tuning UAZ Patriot see what are the interesting options for tuning.

Tuning salon UAZ Patriot and some features

UAZ Patriot contains many options for tuning, this is especially true for the cabin. It is necessary to modernize the salon so that, first of all, it was more comfortable for the driver to drive, and it was pleasant for passengers to be in the car.

tuning salon UAZ Patriot

The main advantages of the salon UAZ Patriot is spacious. But in UAZ there is a lack of comfort and quality of the materials used. Therefore, in order to correct this inconspicuousness, it is possible to remake the interior, so that it becomes modern and stylish, containing useful functions.

For those who do not have extra time there is an opportunity to buy a set of parts for tuning, presented by some tuning companies. These kits include wooden strips for the internal parts of the door, steering wheel, sheathed with natural leather. Also in such sets includes wooden handles for the gear lever and hand-outs. If you use such a kit, then your car will seriously improve, and riding a modified car will bring more pleasure.

UAZ Patriot interior tuning

In order to make the car more comfortable it is better to make noise insulation in the cabin, for this you have to completely disassemble the interior, remove the seat, upholstery and then cover all parts of the body with soundproofing material, such as bitoplast, it can be cut into separate pieces and stick them on the body elements.

Then, after the bitoplast was stuck, you can clean everything up in the cabin, also put noise insulation material on the door, after which you can assemble the interior and the insulation will be ready.

Refinement of the instrument panel in the UAZ Patriot

In order to make tuning the instrument panel UAZ Patriot need to do such things:

  1. Взять 6 светодиодов и 6 резисторов с сопротивлением в 850 Ом. Один из этих светодиодов - 3-х миллиметровый со сточенной колбой, а другие 5 светодиодов - белого цвета по 5 мм. On двоих верхних светодиодах надо сточить линзу и с помощью сверла проделать внутренний конус, и залить в него клей. Затем поставить светодиоды в патроны ламп и в щиток приборов.
  2. In addition, it is necessary to take a 15 cm Taiwanese film blue.
  3. Next you need to remove the panel with a visor, mark the position of the instrument arrows.
  4. The standard insert is glued to the optical fiber, so it must be peeled off using a regular knife carefully.
  5. After that, you need to bend the factory insert without removing the arrows, you can use the same knife. Next you need to erase the green light filter and all sectors with numbers. After that, check how the instrument panel will glow.
  6. Next, you need to lift the insert, and we must remember that the reverse side is sticky. Using a knife or tweezers for the white sectors of the scales, glue the pre-cut pieces of Taiwanese blue film. It’s best to lay out the films on the inset right away and cut them so that you can insert them in one strip.
  7. By adhesive basis, the film itself will stick. Before assembling, it is advisable to check how the instrument panel will work and if everything is good, then you can assemble all these inserts, the main thing is that the arrows do not move during assembly.
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Tuning engine UAZ Patriot

UAZ Patriot despite the efforts of the developers turned out to be far from an ideal car. Even if you take the engine, then, of course, it needs to be improved, if you have skills in engine building. Initially, the Patriot installed the ZMZ-409 engine with an injector, in contrast to previous versions, where the carburetor was. The volume of this engine is equal to 2.7 liters, runs on gasoline, and its power is equal to 128 horsepower. And this is not enough for an SUV with such characteristics.

UAZ patriot tuning кузова

Therefore, tuning the engine UAZ Patriot is a necessary and very important matter. A great addition to the equipment of the Patriot is the installation of a gas turbine, you can also put a turbocharger. The turbine will increase the power of the car to 170 horses, in addition to the power and torque will increase, which is very useful.

The turbocharger will also increase engine power, but not so much. It is advisable to make all these improvements to the engine if the car will drive on a rough off-road, where there is no excess power. In addition to such improvements of the engine, it is desirable to make the air intakes higher, so that this car easily overcomes water obstacles.

Chip tuning UAZ Patriot

For fans of tuning there is a huge field for activity, because the UAZ engine has a good margin of safety. Since the Patriot is a modern car, it is possible not to carry out special work on the engine, but it can be modified at the electronics level immediately after purchase.

Chip tuning UAZ Patriot can be done for gasoline and diesel engines, for this you need to use special equipment. It is important to install branded firmware with the official warranty and which are thoroughly tested. It is better to abandon the firmware, made in the artisanal way by unknown untested masters, because you can only harm the engine, reducing its resource.

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UAZ Patriot Chip Tuning

To significantly improve engine performance, you need to make a non-standard engine tuning chip. In the control unit can be put at the same time 2 firmware. One will be designed to ride on asphalt, and the other will be exclusively off-road. To implement 2 firmware in one machine, you need to install an additional controller in the form of a toggle switch in the cabin, and use it to switch the firmware between them.

After such refinement the car will be more powerful, and also it will decrease fuel consumption depending on road conditions. And he will even be able to drive through a huge puddle, here’s a video of how some conquerors of off-road drive a Patriot:

External tuning UAZ Patriot

For those who want to make your car extraordinary, you should definitely pay attention to airbrushing or 3D tuning. For UAZ Patriot, such tuning is not considered to be particularly in demand, because this car is designed for pokatushek in the mud, so all the airbrushing will not be noticeable under a layer of mud, and it is not very interesting to drive around the city in UAZ. But it is quite appropriate to paint this car in camouflage or khaki color, you get a very stylish fighting vehicle for hunting. therefore body tuning UAZ Patriot - also a necessary thing, and then a video about tuned UAZ.