After restyling, mitsubishi outlander became a bestseller in

После рестайлинга Mitsubishi Outlander стал бестселлером по итогам мая Most recently survived the restyling process Mitsubishi Outlander was surprisingly in demand among Russian car enthusiasts. As the May sales statistics confirm, of the total number of Outlanders sold for this last spring month (2,746 units), ninety percent make up restyled cars 2015 release. This statistic was published by the Russian representative office of the concern Mitsubishi.После рестайлинга Mitsubishi Outlander стал бестселлером по итогам мая That restyled Mitsubishi Outlander, what is called “shot,” says the fact that the last May sales of this crossover are almost twice as high as last year’s level for the same period of time. A year ago, less than 1,500 outlanders were sold.

Restyled Mitsubishi Outlander we began to actively sell almost immediately after its official presentation at the New York Auto Show. Data on price lists, depending on the configuration, ranges from 1 million 289 thousand to 1 million 920 thousand rubles. In general, given the economic situation, the "shot" of sales restyled Mitsubishi Outlander looks like something unnatural. The Japanese themselves describe this situation as an “anti-brand”, and the instant flash of popularity of this car among Russians is explained precisely by the changes made by restyling engineers to the previous Outlander model. После рестайлинга Mitsubishi Outlander стал бестселлером по итогам мая Restyled Mitsubishi Outlander Received a completely new aggressive design, CVT transmission and advanced noise insulation system. The Japanese are confident that the demand for a car will not only not fall in the coming months, but, on the contrary, will increase.

It is worth noting that restyled Mitsubishi Outlander It is assembled in Russia, at the Kaluga Automobile Enterprise "PSMA Rus" since the beginning of this spring. It can be assembled both forward and all-wheel drive, depending on the client order. Mitsubishi Outlander is equipped with several versions of gasoline engines. These are 2-, 2.4- and three-liter units with a corresponding capacity of 146, 167 and 230 horses. The first two engines are paired with the variator, the latter has an automatic gearbox. После рестайлинга Mitsubishi Outlander стал бестселлером по итогам мая Undoubtedly the sales growth of the restyling Mitsubishi Outlander contributed and good discounts in the amount of about two hundred twenty - two hundred fifty thousand rubles. However, the same discount was announced on cars of old versions, however, no increase in their sales was recorded.

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