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The name of the Xterra SUV model of the largest Japanese concern Nissan Motor Corporation is obliged to popular in the recent past car racing. The competition was a kind of triathlon: during the race, the cars had to overcome a water barrier, demonstrate stability on uneven terrain, drive along a mountain road, and show themselves in complete off-road conditions. Nissan was not only the main sponsor of the competitions held in the period 1998–2006, but also named its own model in their honor, the new version of which will be presented on the world market in 2018. Depending on the region where the car is sold, it will be called Xterra (Ixterra - on the European, American and Australian markets) or Paladin (Paladin - in Asian countries).

Photo: 2018 Nissan Xterra

Photo: 2018 Nissan Xterra

Nissan initially developed cars for the states of North and South America, including the USA, Canada, Brazil and Argentina. The Frontier model was taken as the basis for the new “Ixterra line”. The first SUV was released in the distant 2000. Despite the appearance that immediately attracted buyers, the management of the concern already two years later decided to revise the exterior and interior of the car.

Creating an updated image of the Xterra took place in the California studio: recognizable elements of Japanese design were brought to the exterior, as a result of which the car, without losing its ergonomics, began to look much more attractive. The unusual shape of the windows and the rear window, as well as the convex fifth door, have since been integral parts of Ixterra.

The most serious shortcomings of the first SUVs (too high fuel consumption and the amount of harmful substances emitted into the atmosphere) Nissan promises to fix in 2018 in the new Xterra.

with the full - for $ 2,000 more expensive. The expected dealer markup is about 4–5 thousand dollars for each car. The amount for which you can buy Nissan in Russia will depend on the current exchange rate of the dollar to the ruble.

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