The japanese are going to equip the "automatic" nissan

The Japanese are going to equip

Automatic transmission will appear soon full-length Nissana Terrano and "chetyrehdverki" recently revived Japanese auto brand Datsun - sedan on-DO. According to the developers, the wait is not long: the automatic transmission will be screwed into these two models and run in test mode by the middle of 2016. The management of the auto concern Nissan has long cherished plans for the "transmission automation" of the Terrano SUV, because, as evidenced by regular surveys of consumer preferences of the company, it is this innovation Nissanu Terrano and not enough. Well, since the Datsun brand is the native son of Nissan, its engineers also want to simultaneously participate in the experiment with their sedan, because the second model of the Datsun line, mi-DO hatchback, the machine is already there. The Japanese are going to equip At the moment, the Japanese do not specify when exactly this will happen, getting rid of vague words "in the first half of next year." They are also silent about how the automation of the transmission will affect the final price of these two cars.

The automatic transmission today is installed on front-wheel drive versions of the Nissan Terrano. Here, the machine works in tandem with a two-liter 135-horsepower gasoline engine. For this version, dealers ask from 917 thousand wooden. If you throw half a bag of hundred kilo, you can probably find yourself somewhere near the price tag that you get Nissan Terrano 4х4 with integrated automatic.

The Japanese are going to equip "Four-door" Datsun on-DO for our Russian realities is made only with a manual transmission. Why not tell about hatchback Datsun mi-DOwhich besides "mechanics" has also "automatic". The sedan has a 1.6-liter petrol engine for 82 and 87 horsepower under the hood, depending on the firmware and, accordingly, the vehicle equipment. Starts price tag on Datsun on-DO with 406 thousand wooden. Five-door same Datsun mi-DO, equipped with an automatic transmission, costs more than half a million - 512 kilorubles.

The Japanese are going to equip

Automatic Datsun mi-DO

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Datsuns and Nissans are gathering today in Avtovaz facilities. By the way, very soon they will be exported to the Kazakhs.