How to unlock the alarm

Not one modern car now can not be equipped with an anti-theft system (alarm).

The market of car security systems is a huge selection of different alarms - the usual sound, with feedback, with remote engine start, etc. But this is all electronics, and even if you have the most expensive alarm system, it does not guarantee its failure.

In this case, at the most inappropriate moment, you simply can not open the door in the car or start the engine. Let's try to sort out some of the best models of alarms that allow you to open the door and start the engine.

Alarm unlock Шерхан

Alarm unlock

Alarm Sher Khan quite common. But it is considered to be the most "stupid." Car owners faced with the Scher Khan alarm system, constantly experience its "glitches". To unlock Sherkhan, you must turn on and off the ignition at least three times within five seconds (this is necessary to turn off the sound and light siren). Then turn the ignition on and off so many times that they equal the first digit of the PIN code. After the sound signal will sound, then we carry out a similar manipulation with the second digit and so on with all PIN - code. If you did everything right, the engine will definitely start.

Alarm unlock Старлайн

Alarm unlock

When unlocking Starline, you need to do the following - as soon as you open the door with the key, the acoustic alarm will sound, turn the ignition key and press the emergency shutdown button 3 times, then release the ignition key to its original state. A beep sounds, which disables the armed mode.

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Alarm unlock Пантера

Alarm unlock

Pantera is turned off by the following actions - you need to sharply turn on and off and immediately turn on the ignition again, then press and hold the emergency button to turn off the alarm for about 15 seconds. A beep sounds to let you know about unlocking. After that, start the engine.

Alarm unlock Аллигатор

Alarm unlock

The Alligator alarm is turned off as follows: turn the ignition on and off, and then for 15 seconds, hold down the Valet button 2 times. After these actions, the signal will sound once, you can start the engine and go. It happens that on Alligator alarms with each new engine start, the car will beep. Visit the station and re-configure the alarm.

Alarm unlock Шериф

Alarm unlock

You can disable the Sheriff alarm in the following way: turn on the ignition and press the emergency shutdown button. Then again, turn on and turn off the ignition while pressing the Valet button. The security system will be removed and the engine will start.

Alarm unlock Мангуст

Alarm unlock

The Mongoose security system as well as Scher Khan is quite capricious. The most common reason for the failure of this alarm is when the blog management simply stops receiving the keychain signal. In order for the unit and the alarms and the key fob to start working again as a pair, you need to do the following - turn the ignition on and off three times and at the same time hold the emergency off button until you hear a beep. Then press and hold the arming button for five seconds. For most mongoose alarms, such manipulation is suitable. If not, read the instructions for use.

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 And the most important thing! First of all, if you are faced with the problem of unlocking the alarm, try changing the battery in the key fob. It sometimes helps a lot)