New hybrid system haval "eats" two liters per hundred

New Haval Hybrid System

Chinese automaker Haval, specializing in crossovers, unveiled information about the new hybrid installation, which was developed recently and is being tested on a conceptual prototype of an SUV HB-02.

Fuel consumption, which demonstrates a prototype, unprecedented for the models of the brand - just over two liters of gasoline on the "reference" hundred asphalt roads. Its new development company Haval demonstrated on conceptual crossover HB-02.

New Haval Hybrid System

The electric motor included in the hybrid installation is plug-in and, accordingly, disconnected if desired. On a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, the crossover moves without problems and at a decent speed. Together, this tandem is capable of delivering a torque of 450 newton meters. What is the total power of the hybrid, the Chinese have not yet reported, only data on the electric motor is known: it alone is capable of giving out the power of a horse herd for 130 animals. In the mode of a connected electric motor, gasoline consumption is 2.1 liters of gasoline.

Chinese developers confidently say that only pure electric (Pure Electric) concept crossover HB-02 can run up to 65 kilometers. The maximum performance of the hybrid is achieved in the "Power" mode. At the peak of its capabilities in this mode, it accelerates the crossover to "weave" in nine seconds, and then is able to accelerate to 210 km per hour.

New Haval Hybrid System

There is another mode of operation of the hybrid - "Hybrid Drive", in which a 1.5-liter turbo engine and an electric unit operate in such a way that the minimum consumption of gasoline is achieved and the battery of the electric motor is recharged.

Under the hood serial crossovers javale A new plug-in hybrid development will be installed from next year. It is not excluded that the sports version will be equipped with this motor. crossover havale, which the Chinese are currently testing hard in their homeland.

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New Haval Hybrid System

Most recently leadership Haval announced that in the future it is not going to use diesel engines in their cars anymore. "Power" the future of the brand it sees in plug-in hybrid motors or in purely electric engines.