Two "housekeeper": lada granta and daewoo nexia?


Клиент может часами изучать прайсы автопроизводителей, но купит ровно ту модель, на которую хватает денег… Такова реальность. Нашей стране пока ещё далеко до идеального автомобильного мира, где в любой семье у каждого из её членов есть персональный автомобиль. Для многих россиян собственный транспорт роскошь, поэтому и ищут автомобилисты бюджетные варианты. Но можно ли купить недорогую и при этом хорошую машину? В принципе, ниша «эконом» представлена достаточно неплохо и есть что обсуждать. Вот, например, две ходовые модели LADA Grant и Daewoo Nexia. Можно смело рассматривать эти автомобили, они пользуются спросом. Но какая из моделей более качественная — Гранта или Нексия? Давайте сравнивать.

LADA Grant и Daewoo Nexia - бюджетные автомобили, пользующиеся популярностью на российском рынке

LADA Grant and Daewoo Nexia - low cost cars that are popular in the Russian market

Let me introduce…

Будем знакомиться с конкурентками. И начнём с хронологии событий.Читать далее о сравнении автомобилей LADA Grant и Daewoo Nexia-->

Retro sedan

The first Daewoo Nexia was introduced to the automotive world in 1996. And the latest model after restyling was released in circulation in 2008.

The prototype of the Nexia was the Opel Kadet, born in the 80s. Это легко объясняет, почему популярный sedan от Дэу имеет ярко выраженные ретро черты.

The appearance of the car Daewoo Nexia

By the way, Nexia has “dual citizenship”. Officially, the rights to the car belong to the South Korean company Daewoo (part of the concern General Motors). But since 2002, after a series of successful samples, the model has been collected in Uzbekistan.

Well, Ladushki

Grant is the newest, most advanced model in AvtoVAZ's portfolio. Now this car is widely known. She first appeared "in public" in 2011. VAZovtsy not hide the fact that they created Grant on the basis of the Lada Kalina. But unlike the base platform, this car is equipped with a new engine and boasts European the interior.

Внешний вид автомобиля LADA Grant

True, judging by the reviews, the Granta has a clearly defined audience. They say that the car is best suited for mature drivers who are committed to a measured ride and are not used to adrenaline on the road.

Find the differences

So, the protocol is followed, we proceed to the point. Lada Granta or Daewoo Nexia - what to buy?

Of course, first of all, any chauffeur will look under the hood. Both cars in the standard versions of the engines are similar: four-cylinder 1.6 liters. With this “mirror image” the power of the engines varies. On the Lada, the engine produces 98 “horses”, and on the Nexia - 109.

Gearboxes for competitors are also identical - the mechanics of the five stages.

Car model:LADA GrantDaewoo Nexia
Producing country:RussiaUzbekistan
Body Type:sedansedan
Number of places:55
Number of doors:44
Engine capacity, cc:15971598
Power, l. c./about min .:90/5600109/5800
Maximum speed, km / h:168,5185
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:12.011,0
Type of drive:frontfront
Fuel type:gasolinegasoline
Consumption per 100 km:city ​​8.7; highway 5.8city ​​7.7; track 6.5
Length, mm:42604482
Width, mm:17001662
Height, mm:15001393
Clearance, mm:160158
Tire size:175/65 RAF 14185/60 RAF 14
Curb weight, kg:11001025
Full weight, kg:15751460
Fuel tank capacity:5050

What else are comparable "Russian woman" and "Uzbek"? The volume of the gas tank (50 liters), the possibility of acceleration to such a point (11–12 seconds) and the speed maximum (about 185 km / h) are almost like carbon copies.

But the turning radius of Nexia is somewhat larger. The difference is not fundamental - about 20 cm - but the drivers felt and appreciated.

What else adds Daewoo strength in competition with the Lada, is the volume of the trunk. Grants compartment is less than fifty liters, unlike Nexia, which takes on board 530 liters.

What are the "gadgets"?

As a rule, drivers are turning in the direction of Nexia even when they learn about the installation of a cooler sensor in the car. In Grant, changes in the temperature of a cooling fluid can be issued only if there is a computer on board. But such a unit is only in versions "Lux".

In the cabin of the car Daewoo Nexia

Onboard ultimatum

But the question of the availability of bortovik in the cabin Daewoo is not even discussed - this device is in any modification. Also in all trim Nexia in the "set" includes head restraints Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% of savaging kisses.

Pillow advantage

But Grants have the answer to this challenge. All cars, even the standard "Norma", are equipped with driver airbags.

And also in the cabin of the Lada there is a feeling of greater space. This is achieved due to the height of the body, which is an order of magnitude ahead of the body size of the Nexia.

В салоне автомобиля LADA Grant

Hush, VAZ is coming!

And then Daewoo gets his trump card from his pocket: this car is good with sound insulation. But the VAZ literally "collects" the sounds and vibrations in the cabin and gives a concert to passengers.

Give the bill

What is the money? The cost of the Lada in the basic version - from 280 thousand rubles. This amount assumes such a "stuffing": a spare wheel, an option for an automatic door block in the rear, a driver's airbag, a standard anti-theft device for electronics, and brake disks in the front.

Nexia in a standard complete set will cost approximately in the sum from 260 thousand rubles. Of the interesting things in this “set” will be the option of remote opening of the trunk and gas tank, anti-theft devices in doorways, tinted windows.

Experts say ...

There is such information for consideration. Journalists of the popular auto-magazine conducted a special test drive to compare models and answer the question: Grant or Nexia - which is better? The test took place in winter, which in a certain way left an imprint on the results of the race. Here are the curious conclusions made by the experts.

Test drive car Daewoo Nexia:

  • The doors of Nexia in the cold freeze over and close with difficulty.
  • On Grant, the thermostat “brakes” and the fan hangs. If you do not take action in the cabin chilly.
  • Salon Grants - the most ergonomic and comfortable of all vazovskih models. There are comfortable chairs, decent finish, air conditioning and music. Beautiful and clear panel.
  • Nexia loses the interior design. Ergonomics is also not its advantage: “shaky” seats, steering wheel landing too low, tightness ... The heating system works mediocre, it does not evenly distribute warm air flows.
  • Driving performance benefits on the side of grants. The steering wheel hangs a little on small corners, but otherwise the Lada is very personal. It goes softly, but if necessary, shows character and quickly picks up speed, which is surprising with the engine’s standard capabilities, but true. A decent suspension is installed - passengers do not jump in the pits.

Тест-драйв автомобиля LADA Grant:

Nexia on the background of Grants looks mediocre. The car goes, in principle, smoothly, but sometimes it moves to jerks or lurches. Especially unpredictable cars seem to be at speed.


So, to conclusions. It seems that the choice between Granta and Nexia today will be made in favor of the Lada. Despite the fact that it is a bit more expensive than its rival, it generally wins both in driving and ergonomics. And outwardly the new star of VAZ looks more modern. And yet - do not forget about the airbag, which goes even in the basic version.