What to do if you lost your license (driver's license)

Важным документам владельцы стремятся уделять достаточно внимания, но случаются непредвиденные ситуации, связанные с потерей ответственных бумаг. В этом положении приходится выяснять способы восстановления или получения новых документов. Одним из частых вопросов в этой области, с которым приходится сталкиваться гражданам, является необходимость реанимации прав. О том, how to restore rights in case of loss, расскажем дальше.

We'll have to get ready to spend some amount of time and effort during standard bureaucratic procedures. What to do when you lose your driver's license, they do not know everything, so the competence of your friends will be on top, because the law changes regularly. Some procedures are simplified, something is subject to change.


  • 1 What to do if you lost the rights
  • 2 Features of the procedure
  • 3 List of documents
  • 4 Financial issue
  • 5 Internet using
  • 6 The procedure for obtaining the document
  • 7 Possible failure modes

What to do if you lost the rights

If the driver is absolutely sure that there is a loss with the certificate, then you can quickly search for it. Very often, such documents are returned to the owner. Often the crust falls out of the bag, wallet or pocket in crowded places. For example, this happens at a gas station or when visiting a roadside shop.

When the driver can accurately describe the time and place of the accident, this increases his chances. You can post ads, write on the local forum on the Internet, advertise on the radio, in the newspaper or on the local TV channel. The offer of remuneration will significantly improve the situation.

Нередко помощь спутников или друзей помогает в данной ситуации. Если поиски не дали положительный результат, то придется на своем опыте узнавать, how to recover lost rights.

how to restore rights in case of loss

It is important to know that when you go to the police with a statement about the loss of an important document, law enforcement officers are obliged to conduct an investigation, which can take several months. During this period, the driver is not allowed to issue a duplicate. With such a formulation of the question, it will be possible to restore the driver's license no sooner than the case will be closed. The term of the investigation may reach several weeks or months.

Features of the procedure

Until 2014, it was allowed to issue a temporary certificate, under which the driver had the right to drive the car for 30 days, until the operations to restore his documents were completed. Now the norm for traffic police, according to which the restoration of a driver's license in case of loss is carried out differently, is in effect. This is fixed in the Government Decree of October 24, 2014 No. 1097. Law enforcement officer according to the rules must issue a new standard document.

You can contact the law enforcement authorities even regardless of the registration address. They must accept a statement from any citizen of the country. The information base used by the traffic police is the same for all departments.

List of documents

We will understand what documents are needed to restore the rights. Package includes:

  1. Statement. A standard form or example for writing is usually provided by a traffic police officer. To fill using a ballpoint pen.
  2. The driver indicates in writing circumstancesat which there was a loss of documents.
  3. Passport. Be sure to provide a citizen passport to confirm identity.
  4. Receipt of payment of state duty. For obtaining new rights, it is necessary to pay the amount set by the state.
  5. A photo. In most cases, traffic police offices are equipped with the appropriate equipment for independent surveys.

An important document is the driver's training card, regardless of when the first rights were obtained. If you lose, you must provide a card as a mandatory document. It is not required to pass a re-exam in this situation.

The bottom list is current for 2017. In subsequent years, it may be amended.

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how to recover lost rights

Often, drivers are interested in whether medical assistance is necessary if rights are lost. This fact was clarified in the Government Decree No. 1097 of 2014. From 2017, the requirement for a certificate in form N 003-В / у for the replacement of rights is optional, as well as when changing personal data, document wear or other replacement before their expiration date.

Medical commission can be passed voluntarily. This will allow you to get updated rights with a shelf life not the same as it was in the old certificate, but with a reference period of 10 years from the current month. The service is convenient for those who are approaching the period of renewal rights.

Financial issue

When re-registration is required to pay the state duty. Its amount is regulated by the Tax Code of Article 3333.33 and in 2017 is 3000 rubles. No additional penalty for losing rights is not charged. It is important not to lose the document confirming the payment, as it is needed at registration. The receipt must clearly match the data:

  • the payer is the recipient of the rights;
  • the document must contain the current date;
  • the amount of payment is indicated in full;
  • The recipient's account must be clarified in advance in the traffic police.

Even when paying via Internet banking, you must have a printout. In this case, all existing arrears of penalties for violation of traffic rules are required to repay. Otherwise, employees will not be given new rights, and everything will be postponed.

Internet using

To restore the rights in case of loss, you can use the world wide web. To do this, you must register on the portal of public services. In the section responsible for replacing the necessary document, it is safe and beneficial to carry out all registration operations. Since January 2017, a statutory discount of 30% of the cost of the service elsewhere has been in effect.

Payment of duty is allowed by non-cash payment both from a bank card and from a phone number. This saves money and time. You can also make a payment in any other way, including a personal visit to the bank. The operation is available for all regions of the country.

The algorithm for submitting documents remotely is quite simple and intuitive. Having decided on the service, click on the big blue button located on the right, with the signature “Get the service”.

Next, the user enters the page to fill out statements. It is necessary to enter information about the lost document and your passport. In some cases, the passport data is tightened automatically, as they were specified during registration. Entering data on lost rights will allow you to identify outstanding fines or taxes on transport.

what to do when you lose your driver's license

In the first window enter the name, e-mail and your cell phone. Such feedback is necessary for the user to be informed about the stages of the passage of documents. We enter information from the passport.

In the next window are registered registration data. They include the address of registration. Next, choose one of three possible causes of loss of documents:

  1. Plunder or loss. This item is relevant to our case.
  2. Change surnames. Often chosen by women who change documents after marriage.
  3. Expiration date. At the end of the ten-year period of validity, drivers may substitute rights for this method.
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If the driver wishes to undergo a medical examination, then in the next step data of medical reference are entered. In this case, the rights issued will be extended for 10 years, not for the previous validity period. After you print the number of the certificate, the remaining data will be pulled up automatically, since the information about it is already entered in the medical institution.

The next stage requires the selection of a category of rights. If you restore the car license, then the “B” point will be necessary, for motorcycle - “A”. Allocation of several open categories at the same time is allowed if they were studied at a driving school.

Important! It is forbidden to specify the previously undiscovered driving categories, as the system will not miss such a hoax.

The next stage will require the entry of information about the lost document. Prescribed series, number and time of their issuance. The issuing authority is also indicated.

At the final stage, the address of the traffic police department is prescribed, where it will be convenient for the driver to receive a new document. This can be done in two ways:

  • register the exact mailing address;
  • establish locations using a virtual map.

Often users allocate geolocation using a map. At the bottom of the screen mark the field in which you agree that you are familiar with the current rules. After that, you can send information for processing.

Submission of the application in a virtual way is over. Next, you need to pay a state fee. We do it in the following ways:

  • VISA, MaserCard or MIR;
  • one of the electronic currencies (WebMoney, poison, QIWI, etc.);
  • from the account of the mobile operator (MTS, Megafon, Beeline, etc.).

After all the procedures are completed, the system will set the date for obtaining a driver's license.

The procedure for obtaining the document

Receiving plastic crust occurs after conducting a successful verification of all the data provided. Then the authorized officer conducts the appropriate procedure. During the operation, you must leave a signature in the appropriate form.

In the traffic police database there will be a mark on the new document, and on plastics in the field of special marks the information “Duplicate” is indicated. This document has full legal force. It is issued without a medical certificate until the end of the date specified in the original.

It happens that after some time, the original identity is the owner. In this position, you must return it back to the traffic police.

Possible failure options

It must be borne in mind that law enforcement agencies have several legal reasons for refusing to issue the appropriate certificates. These cases include:

  • deprivation of the driver's rights by a court decision;
  • if during the proceedings it turns out that the original rights were illegal;
  • law enforcement officers are not provided with a full package of documents;
  • when an incorrect application is found.

It should be noted that the following factors are not allowed in the application:

  • pencil filling;
  • the presence of corrections in various ways;
  • the presence of inaccurate or false data;
  • additions.

The refusal must be made in writing only. The document is certified by the signature of the official and the original seal of the organization. The paper indicates all regulatory or legislative acts on the basis of which the refusal was issued. All this is made in two copies, one of which is given to the car owner.

Having a written refusal will allow you to go to court. The appeal in a civil court is carried out according to a standard procedure. If there is also a negative answer, this gives the right to appeal to higher authorities.