The best on-board computer in the car


The age of information technology gave us a huge number of technical innovations, without which we can not imagine our life and life. Talk about what an on-board computer, and how much you need it personally for you?

Often, drivers who are far from electronic novelties confuse this device with ordinary computers, laptops and tablets. Despite the fact that the on-board computer is a high-tech equipment, it has a slightly different purpose than the above-listed electronic devices. It was created for a specific purpose: to become a reliable assistant driver.

Modern on-board computer - the right hand driver

Modern on-board computer - the right hand driver

Multifunctional devices allow you to minimize the risk of an emergency situation or a car breakdown. They do not just record the readings of various sensors, but also display them on a display located in the zone of visibility of the driver.

Читать далее о лучших бортовых компьютерах-->Если говорить более просто — бортовые компьютеры помогают избежать множества неполадок, аварий и свести к минимуму стресс во время поездок. Ниже мы рассмотрим особенности этих приборов и узнаем, какими функциями они обладают. Кроме того, поможем разобраться, какие из предлагаемых вариантов считаются лучшими и самыми надежными.

What are on-board computers intended for?

We have already briefly said why these devices were developed. To make it easier to understand - they monitor the various mechanisms and components of the car and give the results on the display. Let us analyze in more detail what possibilities the manufacturers provided for these devices.

In real time they can show:

  • The speed of the car.
  • Engine temperature, its speed.
  • Current time, temperature indicators in the cabin and on the street.
  • The amount of fuel in the tank and much more.

    The on-board computer covers many useful features.

    The on-board computer covers many useful features.

Experienced drivers may argue: why do we need all these parameters, if modern cars already have special indicators? Yes, this is true, but even automotive industry experts agree that standard systems do not issue such accurate readings and work, to put it mildly, with a delay.

To give an example: you install new wheels with a slightly larger diameter. As a result, the speed is higher, but the car’s “native” speedometer will produce results that the developers laid down in it, that is, below. The result is clear: problems in the traffic police.

Thanks to the on-board computer, you can know exactly the average fuel consumption during a trip, per 100 km / h. With it, it will be easy to calculate the optimal speed and time required for the trip.

Onboard computer interface

Onboard computer interface

Above, we talked about a convenient display. Let us dwell on it a little more. It was unpleasant when the hose burst and the brake or coolant leaked from the system. In one case, you may notice this problem when braking, in the other - when the engine just overheats. When using the on-board computer, this problem can not arise. The driver, having seen critical indicators, will react faster, which will help to avoid an emergency situation.

The device monitors and warns of icing, speeding and the need to visit a service station for scheduled maintenance.

What do developers offer?

Before you decide to purchase an on-board computer, it is worth exploring the possibilities offered by various manufacturers.

What does this imply? Often, the driver has to make a lot of effort to check the car before leaving: check the oil level, brake fluid, whether the tires are well inflated, etc. Abnormal situations can occur during trips: a hose may burst or a nail gets into the wheel. As a rule, without an on-board computer, a car enthusiast learns about a problem when the situation has already become critical, and emergency measures have to be taken.

But there is another side to the coin. If the red warning light comes on in the built-in indicator of the car, the driver must also guess where the failure occurred. It is for relieving stress, monitoring the normal functioning of the car and these devices were developed. Let's look at the suggestions of various manufacturers.

BK «Multitronics» - These are high-tech devices that simplify driving. According to experts, the devices of this company are the best and have already received a decent assessment of consumers.

  • The first thing worth noting: versatility. The on-board computer is suitable for almost any car.
  • Second: the device can work with machine control units, speed sensors, as well as with nozzles.
  • Third: it is possible to connect two parking sensors.
  • Fourth: removable front panel. You may think that this is a trifle, but often the DVR or on-board computer monitor provoke car thieves to break into

Despite the large number of functions, the device is simple in daily use. A convenient navigation system makes it easy to understand the settings. A little more about the models:

  1. «Multitronics» TC 740 - controls 39 basic parameters and a large number of additional protocols. It can be installed on the dashboard, protected by a special sun visor. All parameters are saved on the PC. A clear advantage is the ability to reinstall the device to another machine - you sell the old one, and you put the device on a new one. One of the best devices.

    Onboard computer

    Onboard computer "Multitronics" TC 740

  2. «Multitronics» VC730 - Universal BC. It has a color display, 32-bit processor. It can control about 30 parameters. Settings are easily edited and saved. Software update is supported independently. Good and reliable option Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% .

    Onboard computer

    Onboard computer "Multitronics" VC730

  3. «Multitronics» CL-550 - A wonderful model that has the ability to connect two parking radar. Like previous devices, reliable and easy to use.

    Multitronics CL-550 on-board computer

    Multitronics CL-550 on-board computer

  4. «Multitronics» VC700 - one of the most expensive, but wonderful options. Its biggest advantage is that the device is adapted for installation in many domestic cars - VAZ, GAZ, UAZ, IL. It can also be installed in diesel-powered vehicles that have a fuel injection system with carburetor engines.

    Onboard computer

    Onboard computer "Multitronics" VC700

A small clarification: even if your car is not in the main list of cars on which it is recommended to install this device, do not despair. Testing is ongoing and shows excellent results. In addition, you can always consult with sales managers to determine the compatibility of the on-board computer with the electronic control unit of your model.

«ORION-BK» - helps to detect latent threats in time and take necessary measures in time or repair the car. This option is a little easier than the one presented above, but it does an excellent job with its functions. Device:

  • Collects indicators of various sensors.
  • Displays the received data on the screen online.
  • Gives car owners the necessary recommendations in a particular situation.

Such a high-tech device monitors engine speed, speed, monitors fuel consumption and issues recommendations on the most economical driving mode. In addition, it does not allow the engine to overheat, this function is particularly relevant in the summer, when the external temperature affects the operation of the engine.

Onboard computer ORION-BK

Onboard computer ORION-BK

As you can see, the range of options is large, but we want to note that it is necessary to select a device adapted for your car and with the functions necessary for you personally. Consider the differences of some models.

  1. "BK 02" is a regular on-board computer, which is used on diesel cars.
  2. "BK 03" - designed for carburetor models.
  3. “BK 04” - if you have “Sobol”, “Gazelle”, GAZ 3102 or 3110, then this device is exactly what you need.
  4. "BK 05" - has a narrow specialization. The device is designed for VAZ with an injection engine. The presence of an electronic control unit in the car is required.
  5. "BK 06" - in principle, is similar to the previous version, but in addition it has an ambient air thermometer.
  6. "BK 08" - for diesel vehicles with street temperature sensor.
  7. "BK 11" - designed for the VAZ "tenth" family.
  8. "BK 21" - a more versatile option: for diesel and carburetor engines with W-output.

All of the above models are installed on the dashboard and help always have the necessary data before your eyes. Their advantage is the ability to install on Russian cars and quite reasonable price.

«GF 777» - designed for Lada models: Priora, 2110, Samara 2 and Kalina. The advantage of this device is the fact that it is adapted specifically for these machines, so it does not need to be configured for a long time.

«PILOT» - on-board computer designed for carburetor engines. Simple, you can even say a scant option. But it has all the necessary parameters: a clock, a tachometer mode, a temperature sensor, a voltmeter.

PILOT board computer

PILOT board computer

Thanks to this, it is possible to control the stability of revolutions, as well as understand how well the ignition system and the fuel system function. If the engine speed exceeds the set values, the device will warn about this with a sound signal.

You can say that this is an acceptable option if you do not want to make large investments, but you need to control the basic parameters of the car. Such a device will be a good help to prevent breakdowns of commercial vehicles. And the price is low, and the engine will not be brought to a critical point.

Video on how to install the onboard computer:

We considered various options for on-board computers. These devices allow you to control many car systems, which makes every trip more reliable. The given rating shows which on-board computer is the most reliable and will perform its functions well.

You should not be guided only by the price - not always the most expensive option corresponds exactly to your car. At the same time, a relatively cheap but reliable computer designed for a certain type of machine will perfectly control all the components and mechanisms. Having learned about the features, it will be easier for you to determine the model and make the right choice. Good luck and have a nice trip!