Rating the best dvrs 2016-2017 year

For many drivers, the DVR is a must-have device in the car. And it is not surprising, because this device allows you to defend their interests in the event of an accident or an accident, and also to prove their case when communicating with regulatory authorities. Of course, every driver wants to buy a good inexpensive DVR. Automobile magazines are full of advertisements of different models, which sometimes seriously complicates the choice.

Today, the market for these devices is gradually changing. Video recorders are becoming more complex, they acquire new functions, in particular, anti-radars, navigators with the ability to connect to GPS or GLONASS satellites. Accordingly, today it’s not just right to equal the resolution of the camera, because a lot depends on the processor power and the quality of all other electronic components. Also, we should not forget that you can connect two or more cameras to some models at once, which allows you to get the most complete picture.

Rating of the best DVRs of 2016

For our rating of video recorders of 2016-12017, we selected several models, guided by the following parameters:

  • The cost of the device, the ratio of price and quality;
  • The presence of additional options - radar detector, navigator, etc .;
  • Resolution and camera angle;
  • The presence of a motion sensor;
  • Different recording modes;
  • Memory card and the ability to connect additional storage media.

Of course, there are other advantages and disadvantages based on which you can make a rating of video recorders with anti-radar, GPS-navigators, etc.

  • Processor Ambarella A7LA50.