The best parking sensors for the car


Often, drivers while driving face a problem - they cannot correctly estimate the distance to obstacles or other cars. The same difficulties arise in the process of parking, especially in an unfamiliar place. To avoid stressful situations, the developers have created a wireless parking sensors, which can significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents. The device will help to avoid scratching the body or bumper of the car and other problems arising from the suddenly appeared obstacles.

The appearance of the sensor PDC

The appearance of the sensor PDC

По-другому устройство называется парковочным радаром. Оно измеряет расстояние между вашим автомобилем и другими транспортными средствами или иными объектами, которые могут создать неприятности.Читать далее о лучших партрониках для автомобиля-->

Protection and front and rear

Before you decide which model to buy, you need to analyze what you need this device for. You need to consider your own driving experience, how often you have to park in unfamiliar places, and even your place of residence.

The principle of the parking sensors

The principle of the parking sensors

Agree, it makes no sense to buy a fancy device in a small city, where there is no particularly heavy traffic and a large cluster of cars on the sidelines. But even in such towns, parking radar helps minimize the risk of hitting a high curb or scratching the rail against iron reinforcement sticking out of the ground.

If there is a device that is designed specifically for your car brand, then it is better to choose it. Such options for regular Parktronic on sale there. The presence of a model adapted for your car, you must check with the distributor or manager of the company.

What is the difference between different models?

«ParkMaster 4DJ-88» - Parking system with external rear view camera. It has a horizontal viewing angle of 120 degrees, vertical - 100 degrees. As you can see, the review is quite wide. Besides:

  • The device guarantees high image quality, including in “non-flying” weather (fog) and in the dark.
  • There is an option of voice or sound notification of a critical approach to any object.
  • Monitor 3 ″ TFT LCD.
  • Cameras and sensors are reliable and resistant to shock and vibration.
  • It can work at critical temperatures: from +85 ° C to -40 ° C.

    Parking Radar ParkMaster 4DJ-88

    Parking Radar ParkMaster 4DJ-88

It determines not only the object, but also the distance to it. An interesting feature is that the closer the car approaches an obstacle, the louder the signal or alert will sound.

«ParkCity Tokyo» - The device is quite popular because it is reliable and convenient. The kit includes:

  • Rear-view mirror (ultra-thin, in which a 3.5-inch display is integrated).
  • Four gauge.
  • Central unit.
  • Rear view camera.
  • Wires.
  • The instruction in Russian for convenience of installation.

    Parking radar ParkCity Tokyo

    Parking radar ParkCity Tokyo

The device is good. However, some drivers note that the length of the wires is not enough for normal installation. But this problem can be solved - it is enough to increase the required length, to make the right connection, and the device will function perfectly.

«ParkCity Mars» - reliable option Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%, which has its advantages, is a wireless parking assistant. It is easy to install by yourself. The characteristics are not bad, the only drawback is the accuracy of measuring the critical distance to the barrier, it is as much as 10 cm. The internal block is black. Sensors can choose at their discretion: gray, black or white.

Parking radar ParkCity Mars

Parking radar ParkCity Mars

«MED Top Parking» - The device helps to determine the obstacle in the range from 2 meters to 30 centimeters. The sound alert is triggered, starting at 1.5 m and ending at 30 cm. The device has 4 sensors and an ultrasonic method for determining an obstacle. The color display can be installed at the request of the owner on the glass or dashboard. Parktronic camera not only determines the obstacle, but also indicates its direction.

Experts point out a number of advantages of such a parking radar. At the time of the first start-up, he remembers all the projections of the car: the spare wheel (if it is located outside the car), the hitch and does not react to them as to a foreign body. The distance to the obstacle is determined with a high degree of accuracy up to 1 cm. But there is an additional feature: the distance less than 40 cm is not indicated in the digital version, at this moment a continuous sound signal and a red LED turn on.

In general, we can say that this is a good, reliable and versatile option.

«Cobra 0258» - Front parking sensors for which there are no "dead zones". Any obstacle is detected, regardless of weather conditions and time of day. Sound alarm clear and loud. Accurate sensors capture static and moving objects well. This is facilitated by the ability to install sensors at various points in the car.

Parking radar Cobra 0258

Parking radar Cobra 0258

This model is a standard system for many imported cars. Despite the fact that the kit includes sensors in black, they can be repainted to match the body or bumper. At the same time, the quality of their functioning will not decrease.

High-tech equipment signals the appearance of a static obstacle at a distance of 0 to 1.2 meters, and moving objects from 1.2 to 2 meters. As you can see, there remains a sufficient range for maneuver.

«ParkMaster 4DJ-77» - Rear view parking sensors, has several good features:

  • Self-control and self-diagnosis.
  • Exception of false alarms.
  • Instant notification of the approaching object (response time - 0.08 sec.)

For mounting offers two options: on the dashboard and windshield. As you can see, it is very convenient and affordable. Sensors are located behind, so the device can not be called universal. But it has a good indicator of measuring the distance from the vehicle to the obstacle - 1 cm. The device is wireless, which allows you to quickly install it.

«Target PT-404» - facilitates reversing and minimizes the risks associated with this. With this device you will not break the car on a column, a wall, a tree and other obstacles. The device notifies, including a suddenly appearing person, child or animal. As a result, you are not injuring anyone.

Parking radar Incar PT-404

Parking radar Incar PT-404

Motorists positively respond to this model and note its reliability. Sensors and camera are small, so they will not spoil the appearance of the car.

What do the prices of parking sensors say

The price range for this device on the market is large. If you decide to purchase it or rear view parking sensors, you should not always be guided by prices on the principle: expensive - good, cheap - bad. It is necessary to pay attention to:

  • Reliability of the manufacturer.
  • Customer Reviews.
  • Certificates and warranty obligations that are listed in the documents.

As we have already mentioned, if there is a device that is adapted for the car of your brand, then it is better to purchase it. This is due to the fact that all the components: cameras, sensors, display will easily connect to the car system, and you will not have problems with setting and calibration.

Few reviews

We analyzed what the drivers say about these devices. Most satisfied with the models presented. Special delight devices cause in men. Yes, do not be surprised. Many of them say that wives and girlfriends began to park beautifully after its installation.

Video on how to install parking sensors:

Do not underestimate the talents of women, but the fact remains. Smaller than in men, height narrows the view, so it is difficult for women to park not only on mirrors, but also completely turning back.

It is in this case that the device becomes a magic wand and tells you from which side the trouble is “sneaking up”. But while men also enjoy it.

Wireless parking sensors are easy to install on your own, and it warns a car enthusiast about a potential threat. For example, about a too short distance to the curb, wood, car and other hazards.

At the end of our article we want to note that large objects are easy to notice, small objects create a much greater danger: a cinder block, a small column or piece of reinforcement sticking out of the ground near the curb. They also cause trouble. But the device helps to detect them.

As you can see, the device allows you not to strain while driving, parking, because you can with less effort control everything that happens around you.