Rating the best cars up to 150 thousand rubles


After the last crisis with the fall of the ruble, new cars began to cost quite expensive, but wages remained the same or, at best, slightly increased. Despite all these difficulties, the need for a personal vehicle remains constant. Before the future car owner there is a task to pick up a car in the secondary market. In 2018, most buyers are most often guided by an amount of about 150,000 rubles. In this article we will also try to figure out what you can count on, having so much money in your pocket.

Best cars up to 150,000 rubles

TOP cars up to 150,000 rubles.

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What cars fall into the group up to 150000 rubles

If you conduct a full analysis of cars that are found on the roads of not very large or small towns and villages, then you can see that almost a third of all cars do not exceed the stated amount at a cost, and you can quite simply decide which car you can buy for 150,000 rubles. The first thing you need to decide the future buyer is what kind of car I would like to have. Will have to choose the following basic parameters:

  • a well-known car brand, but an earlier release;
  • cars originally an economy version with mileage;
  • domestic cars.

If the buyer decides to buy a car belonging to the first group, then the car will be quite “old”, released before 2000. When buying such a car, you need to be prepared for constant additional expenses, since time is one of the biggest enemies of any, even the highest quality car. The most acceptable option for people with low income would be to buy a car worth up to 150,000, belonging to the second or third group.

What does the secondary market offer in this price segment?

If you decide to purchase a used foreign car up to 150,000 rubles, then you should pay attention to the following models.

Volkswagen Golf III

This car came to our market after 2000 from Germany and received a large number of fans. This is due to the constant German quality metal, assembly and components. Here you can choose between a convertible, hatchback and wagon. Fans of this brand mark excellent motor and reliability in use. Since the car will not be new, you will have to repair it. In this regard, it is important that you can always find the right parts on the market and access to any unit will be very easy.

Volkswagen Golf III

An important nuance can be considered that the mechanical boxes on this model are much better than automatic ones, but the choice is always yours. The car has excellent maneuverability and is quite stable in off-road driving. The advantages of this car include a roomy trunk and a good stove. The obvious disadvantages include fairly low ground clearance, a harsh suspension and a weak illumination of the dashboard.

Ford Focus МК II

This car is also well established itself on domestic roads. You can buy it in two versions: wagon and hatchback. Skoda is a fairly reliable car with a good engine for driving in the city. The obvious advantages are compactness, high ground clearance and good maneuverability. Thanks to all this, this is an excellent option for driving on our far from the most good roads. The car assumes small expenses on fuel that is important for families with a small prosperity. Salon can also please its owner with spaciousness and a rather high roof. When buying such a car should take into account a small trunk, which does not allow to carry, for example, a pram or bicycle.

Ford Focus МК II

Hyundai Accent 2007

This car can be bought for an amount not exceeding 150000, because in 2008 the appearance was updated. This car belongs to the reliable and economical cars. Especially owners note its excellent driving performance, despite the small engine size. The car is smart enough and strong. A good impression leaves the interior of the car.

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Renault Logan and Renault Sandero до 2010 года выпуска

A large number of proposals on the secondary market for these models allows you to bargain with the purchase. These cars are created on the same basis and differ mainly only in the body. The main advantages of these cars are with confidence that they are excellent for our difficult roads. This is provided by a fairly high ground clearance and high-quality suspension. In the decoration and equipment salons much attention was paid to practicality. In terms of fuel consumption, both of these models also belong to economical options.

Renault Logan and Renault Sandero

Cherry Kim

This is another inexpensive foreign car. Car owners say good driving performance and maneuverability. But still this car is designed to get around the city, but on the roads it is better not to use it. The machine is not very big, but quite roomy. Unfortunately, many say that the older the car, the more often there are breakdowns, and you need to be ready for additional investments.

Cherry Kim

Daewoo Nexia

In this price framework, you can buy a not very old car of 2010 - 2012 in good condition. This is the perfect option for a girl. The car requires a small consumption of gasoline. It is easy to maintain, and in the case of the necessary repairs it will not be too expensive. The advantage is that all the necessary parts are always available on the market. The car is quite frisky, with a roomy trunk. The advantages include a rather comfortable interior and a soft suspension. If we talk about the shortcomings, we can note the low ground clearance, which will complicate the use of cars on the road.

Daewoo Nexia

Domestic cars

The most recent and decent cars for 150000 can be purchased, perhaps, only relating to the domestic auto industry.

Lada Kalina

For this amount you can buy this car 2010 - 2011. Mileage is likely to be slightly below 100,000 kilometers. If you do not rush, you can find a car with a full set - 2 airbags, air conditioning, heated seats, etc. The buyer can choose a hatchback, station wagon or sedan. This model has several variants of engines of different power. The machine is simple and fairly cheap to maintain and repair.

Lada Kalina

VAZ-2114 Lada Samara

This model is no longer produced in our factories, but it still remains the most popular "age-related" car. For the amount we noted, you can buy a car 2010 - 2012 release. This is a very good car for a small price. "Samara" requires completely inexpensive parts, cheap repair and simple maintenance. In the event that you decide to sell it - there will always be a buyer.

VAZ-2114 Lada Samara

VAZ-2110, 2111 and 2112

These are quite decent cars belonging to the younger generation. For 150000 you can buy cars 2002 - 2006 years of release. Unfortunately, the maximum configuration for the money you are unlikely to buy. Maintenance and repair of "Lada" will be relatively inexpensive and fairly simple. Problems with spare parts you just will not arise.

Volga GAZ-31105

This model is not particularly popular. But such a purchase will have its obvious advantages. The car for this price will be no older than 2007 and with a mileage much less than 100,000 km. This model requires a bit more gasoline, but this is completely offset by a feeling of comfort during the trip. Fans say amazing smoothness, spacious and comfortable lounge. Pleasantly surprised and the trunk. This is the most comfortable car that you can buy relatively "fresh" for the same amount.

Volga GAZ-31105

Lada 4 × 4

This is the most inexpensive SUV, which was previously known as the "Niva". Over 150 thousand you can buy "Lada" 2007 - 2009 years of release. The car will be in very good condition. This all-wheel drive car requires slightly more fuel consumption and is more suitable for off-road driving - this is its main advantage. Excellent permeability and high ground clearance are indispensable when traveling for hunting, fishing or in the village.

Lada 4 × 4


Buy a car with a mileage of 150,000 rubles is quite possible, and it will be quite decent. It is important to remember the main rules when buying a car in the secondary market. A used car should ideally have as few owners as possible and with low mileage. Another condition - the younger the car, the better, age - one of the worst enemies of any car. Such a deal can bring both pros and cons.


  • lower cost of a used car compared to a new one;
  • often the previous owner will improve the complete set of "complete";
  • in such cars all the flaws have already appeared and, most likely, have already been eliminated.


  • very high risk to buy a car after an accident;
  • car repair was purely cosmetic, and the car in the near future will require a serious investment of money;
  • the worst option would be to buy a stolen car.

It is important to know all possible problems and try to avoid obviously dubious options.