The lifan x80 presents the auto salon to shanghai

The Lifan X80 presents the Auto Salon to Shanghai As reported by the leadership of the Chinese automaker Lifan, officially Lifan X80 flagship crossover will be presented to the public on April 22 at the Shanghai Auto Show. Shortly before this news, in early 2015, the manufacturers of the model of this crossover said that the assembly of the car may well be organized at the facilities of the Lipetsk automobile plant. That is why this topic may be especially close to the Russian car enthusiast. After all, the Russian assembly may mean more reasonable prices for Russians than the Chinese assembly. Lifan The X80 is the largest, seven-seater SUV among all models of the Lifan line. Under the hood, he can beat a 2.4-liter gasoline heart, which develops the power of a herd of 165 horse heads, or a two-liter turbo engine with 210 horses. Both of these engines, by the way, are already used in the versions of the Lifan 820 sedan. For both options, an automatic gearbox is installed.

The steering wheel of the car will be multifunctional, the seats will become heated, the air conditioner and multimedia system are not even worth mentioning - this is a matter of course. Leather interior and dashboard, processed "under the tree", complete the look of a serious car. The Lifan X80 presents the Auto Salon to Shanghai The Lifan brand became the most sought-after of all the “Chinese” here last year. This is confirmed by the statistics of sales in Russia of models of this brand. Last year more than twenty three thousand cars were sold. This is slightly less than in 2013, but still significantly more than other Chinese cars were sold. For example, against 23,000 lifanov, Russian motorists then bought about 19,000 cars of the Geely brand, 18,000 Chery, and 15,000 Great Wall.

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If you look at the failing figures of car sales in the first months of 2015, then Lifan cars are bought by half less than last year. In January-March, the Russians bought only 2,331 lifanov.