Chevrolet niva engine is working properly, if you follow him

For all those who still do not know what exactly is the engine of a Chevrolet Niva, and this article was prepared. After all, recently Chevrolet Niva, whose engine capacity is 1.7 liters, is quite popular in the CIS countries, so many are interested in the Chevrolet Niva engine, and the possibility of tuning the Chevy Niva. All these questions we now consider.

Chevrolet Niva engine capacity

Engine Specifications Chevrolet Niva

Now we will talk about the technical characteristics of the standard Chevrolet Niva gasoline engine (sometimes there is a Chevrolet Niva diesel) and tell all Niva Chevy lovers what to do to avoid bringing it to the Chevrolet Niva engine.

First you need to understand all the technical characteristics:

  • engine capacity is 1.7 liters;
  • power can reach 80 hp

In general, the new engine Niva Chevrolet is absolutely consistent with euro standards, which allows the owner to safely travel to Europe on the Chevrolet Niva. By the way, separately, the new engine Chevrolet Niva, whose price today varies from 1,000 to 1,500 American rubles, will give a new life to your fairly new car.

Chevrolet Niva Engine

Therefore, for those who do not want to do tuning, and the revision of the Chevrolet Niva engine seems to be unrealistically difficult, it is easiest to buy a Chevrolet Niva engine immediately new, well, or in good condition;

The Chevy Niva engine is capable of making our domestic SUV easily pick up speed at 140 km / h. Moreover, the new engine on the Chevrolet Niva is absolutely non-gnawing, given that Chevrolet Niva’s declared fuel consumption is:

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  • 8.8 liters when driving on the highway;
  • 14 liters in the city;
  • 10.8 liters at the combined cycle.

Chevrolet Niva engine diagnostics (search for possible problems in the Chevrolet Niva engine)

Smoke detection of possible malfunctions:

  1. Blue smoke indicates oil penetration into the combustion chambers.
  2. With increased or constant smoke, it is necessary to replace parts in the cylinder-piston group, because this is a sign of their wear.
  3. In case of strong smoke during peregazovka, during a long idle work, at the time of a long cranking of the starter before starting the engine or when braking, then valve stem seals could fail. In this case, it is necessary to do the repair of the engine Chevy Niva.
  4. When black smoke comes out of the exhaust pipe strongly, this is evidence that there is a rich mixture in the cylinders (too much gasoline for the injected air). This may happen due to incorrect operation of the engine management system or faulty injectors.
  5. The blue smoke that complements the moisture accumulated on the muffler should suggest that in some strange way the cooling liquid got into the cylinders. Perhaps this could be the fault of the head gasket on the cylinder block.
  6. Only after seeing the smoke of white color you can safely hit the road with a calm heart and be firmly convinced that the Chevrolet Niva engine is serviceable.
  7. Most often, such smoke can manifest itself on an ordinary cold engine in cold weather.

engine repair Chevrolet Niva

Actions in case of overheating of the Chevrolet Niva engine

In the event of a motor overheating, the following actions should never be carried out:

  • immediately turn off the engine Chevrolet Niva;
  • open the cap on the expansion tank.
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Instead of these wrong actions, you need to do the right things. Namely:

  • let the engine run at idle, because it is necessary that the coolant in the system continues to move;
  • turn on the heater in the cabin at full capacity;
  • open the hood;
  • well pouring cold water on the radiator helps, but if it is not at hand, then you should just wait for the temperature to drop a little;
  • immediately after lowering the temperature, you can turn off the engine.

However, do not rush to open the cork in the expansion tank, because you must first let the motor cool down. By performing such actions, you can avoid various unpleasant consequences that accompany overheating of the motor.

engine tuning Chevy Niva

Chevrolet Niva engine with a turbine

Why, starting the engine, you can not squeeze the clutch?

If you do this, then rather quickly, the crankshaft will be able to get axial play, its bearing will break and the car will begin to vibrate noticeably during start.

There is an explanation for this phenomenon - simply, if the clutch is squeezed out, then the thrust bearing of the crankshaft may experience significant loads. And, due to the fact that the lubricant reaches it for quite a long time, it can wear out faster and thus damage the crankshaft.

Fully squeeze the clutch can be in the cold season in the process of introducing a cold engine. In this case, the battery charge will be less spent, because the engine will not need extra effort to rotate the gears of the gearbox, in which the oil is heavily thickened.

In most other cases, you just need to make sure once again that the box lever is in the neutral position.

And here is a video that shows how clean the new engine of the Chevrolet Niva is:

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