The best suvs that can be found on sale

We offer you a rating - the top 10 best SUVs in the world. Several new models and old motorists who fell in love with motorists got into it. There are “workhorses” and cars for serious businessmen. So, if you are going to buy a car in the secondary market, this list can help you make the final decision.

Real SUV

Choosing a jeep - the winner, it should be understood that they have many different characteristics. Someone important stability, someone controllability, but for someone where passability is more important. Frankly parquet machines, not relevant for our country, we decided not to include. Still, you need to understand that our routes are not like in Dubai, and we have not built autobahns all over the country.

Because there will be two ratings. The first is the top 10 jeeps of different classes and types, and the second is the best “rogues”. Perhaps you have your own ideas about this. We were guided by customer reviews, opinions of surveyors who conducted test drives, and car experts.

List first, common

The top ten included cars of different sizes, price, class and other parameters. But all of them are reliable, high-quality and collected “for people”, and not for salons and beautiful photos.

10 line rating - Lexus GX 470 with a 234 horse engine and a volume of 4.7 liters. The car is big and heavy, so this engine justifies itself. It accelerates the jeep to hundreds of km / h in just 8.8 seconds. Undermining a car weighing a couple of tons and accelerating to decent speeds is a considerable achievement.

Lexus LX 470

In the cabin, everything demonstrates belonging to the "luxury" class. For example, the front panel, trimmed with expensive natural wood, leather upholstery for eight seats and heated two front seats. An excellent climate system and audio system with a total power of 240 watts Marc Levison will complement all this comfort.

9 позицию тоже занимает Lexus LX 470. От предыдущей модели он отличается сенсорами и инфракрасными прожекторами, которые, вместе со специальной камерой, позволяют более безопасно ездить по ночам. Система так и называется Lexus Night View.

Top SUVs

In eighth place in the top of the Land Rover Range Rover Sport. In comparison with the 2006 model, which only the lazy one didn’t swear, this car was loved by the owners, and gained fame reliable and practical. On this jeep is put either a V-shaped “six” for 3 liters, or a similar in design “eight” for 5 liters. In the five-liter 510 l / s, which fully justifies fuel consumption. The case when the only flaw is not under the hood, and in the cabin. Some buyers believe that the RRS is not very convenient dashboard. But the car became easier to lift, because its mass decreased by almost half a ton (the aluminum frame resolved this issue).

Number 7 among the top 10 SUVs - Grand Cherokee from Jeep. By 2013, the “car for the new Russians” was somewhat modernized by adding a touchscreen to the console, providing the interior with an effective climate control system and high-quality sound.


6 line is a classic Land Rover Range Rover. Before being made into an urban crossover, he was one of the most reliable jeeps in the premium class. All-aluminum frame, excellent driving performance, reliable engine range - these are just some of the reasons for the popularity.

The fifth place among the top 10 SUVs is the Toyota FJ Cruiser. The Japanese car is available with rear or all-wheel drive. If you plan to go out of town, it is better to take all-wheel drive option. He will clearly be more effective. Minus one - a bad view, due to the small width of the front glass and the size of the side.

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4 place of honor at the Land Rover LR3. Note that the Rover brand feels pretty good on the top list. This car boasts a 4.4-liter 300-horsepower engine and excellent e-filling. Patency is also at altitude. Minus - the quality of plastic and leather in the cabin. Perhaps this is what did not allow the car to get to the top - 3.

Land Rover LR3

Perhaps the Mitsubishi Montero is not the best SUV in the world, but it deserves the 3rd place in the rating. The car is legendary, participating, and even winning the Paris-Dakar rally marathon. All-wheel drive auto-monster is equipped with a 5-speed automatic, gasoline engine, and is fully versatile. It can be used for both cargo delivery and transportation of your family.

"Silver and" gold "were divided by American heroes - the Hummer. The second line took H2, with the original engine, capable of running on biofuel. And also, the depreciation is very pleasing, allowing you to move perfectly over rough terrain, without fear that the entire breakfast, eaten in the morning, will be on the upholstery of the cabin. The machine can easily wade into small ponds, feels good on rocky roads.

А the best SUV мира, совмещающий проходимость, надёжность, качество сборки, управляемость и мощь – Hummer H1 Alpha. Этот автомобиль можно назвать самым мужским джипом, их всех выпускавшихся серийно. Конечно, у него есть и минус – комфорта в салоне примерно, как у ГАЗ-66. Кто служил в армии, тот понимает, что имеется в виду. Зато и в дороге вы не боитесь, что машина развалится на очередной кочке.

Best jeeps

Rating number 2. Tanks are not afraid of dirt

If we are talking about the ability to go where even a tractor gets stuck, the situation changes. Here you have the top 10 off-road vehicles with high-traffic.

  1. Attention, before you the best jeep in the world. Please love and favor. This is a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Perhaps, after a light refinement and sealing the cabin, this machine could conquer the galaxy. Perhaps the cooler is only Chuck Norris and Hummer, who won our first rating;
  2. Second place went to the Japanese car Toyota 4Runner Trail. This car was created for driving in difficult conditions. So if you have post-apocalypse outside the windows, or you live outside the Moscow Ring Road, this jeep will help you survive / go fishing, survive the winter / autumn / spring;
  3. Ford F-150 SVT Raptor. This machine was created, apparently, for the "Mad Max." Because it is perfect for driving in the desert. That's why he was called the conqueror of the desert. Let it not the best SUV in the world, but "bronze" gets deservedly. Auto feels great in any climate. He was tested in the cold and the African heat;
  4. Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road. Another "Japanese" in the first four. The car was created for the needs of hunters, travelers. It is easy to maintain, has excellent driving performance, stability, handling. It is difficult to imagine the terrain, even in the Russian off-road, where this jeep is firmly stuck, with no chance of salvation. Obviously, this is one of the best SUVs of the present;
  5. Ram Power Wagon - “almost a Hummer. Only cheaper. Another car, behind the wheel of which it is difficult to imagine a fragile girl. Powerful engine, impressive dimensions, great quality. And yes, this car is somewhat more comfortable than the 1st generation Hummer;
  6. Nissan Xterra PRO-4X - what you need for a sense of Japanese reliability. If you are not embarrassed that this is a car from the nineties, you can safely take it for country trips. With good handling and regular maintenance, such a jeep will live long;
  7. Toyota FJ Cruiser - another Japanese car in our list of the top 10 jeeps. Pleases with well-designed depreciation, saving your spine on uneven roads, high ground clearance, convenient dashboard;
  8. Land Rover LR4 - a car that combines excellent design and good maneuverability. Now, many believe that Land Rover has become too parquet. But this jeep was created "canon";
  9. The penultimate - Nissan Frontier PRO-4X. It differs from the previous eight cars not by maneuverability, but by carrying capacity. You can quickly and effectively take things of large mass and decent size, without fear that the car simply can not stand the load;
  10. Closes the top ten of the best jeeps mentioned in the previous list of Grand Cherokee. New Jeep platform was created together with specialists from Mercedes. Suspension of the car is high, good running characteristics. Plus, quite comfortable for the Cherokee salon. Of course, this is not a Lexus, but not a Hummer H1.
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hummer h2

Of course, for every person the concept of “best SUV” means something different. Someone does not represent the car better than the 200th Land Cruiser, while the good old Gelik seems to someone the best.

More about the winners

We start with the Hummer H1 Alpha. This standard of harsh American male brutality, judging by its appearance, rides not on gasoline, but on testosterone and blood of dragons. But seriously, the car is really harsh, because it is based on the army car M998 Humvee.

The machine is universal, and is suitable for hunters and fishermen, travelers, safari lovers. On it you can easily ride over rough terrain and off-road. If the car gets stuck, it can be pulled by improvised means. For the body and the frame is used very high quality metal, so you can not be afraid that the jeep will fall apart from rust.

What is the difference between “Alpha” and classic H1? He has a 300-horsepower engine “DuraMax volume of 6.6 liters. It accelerates the engine to 150 km / h. in just 10 seconds. But there is one small detail. The power of the unit is much higher, but is limited by electronics. The craftsmen have found a way to reflash it, getting already 400 "horses" and acceleration to a hundred in 8.5 seconds. Impressive? Still would! Seeing how a huge jeep “flies” around the track is a real miracle.

the best SUV

This unit is equipped with a 5-speed automatic transmission, increased brakes, modified the suspension and installed a complete locking differentials and bridges. On the way, the car goes smoothly, and you do not feel that your spine folds into an accordion on every unevenness of the track. Now it becomes clear why this is the best jeep.

For the first time, the H1 came off the assembly line back in 1992 and was produced up to 2006. It was in 2006 that the Alpha was introduced, which allowed the door to “loudly slam”. There were not very many such cars, and they immediately became the object of hunting for collectors - fans of the brand.

The first Hummer is a five-door, five-seater SUV with incredible performance. For example, its ground clearance - 40 cm and the ability to overcome any obstacles, made the car the choice of those who rarely travel on smooth urban roads. The car easily overcomes a 60-degree slope, wakes up water bodies up to 76 cm in depth, and drives into obstacles up to 56 cm high.

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Continuing the theme of the winners of the "best SUVs of the world" rating, we mention the second winner - Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Of course, he is somewhat more modest. does not have a military ancestor. But this does not prevent him from remaining one of the most reliable cars in its class and entering the top 3 in cross-country ability.

The machine has received an electric differential lock, a more modern transfer case, suspension on reinforced shock absorbers, anti-roll bars, which can be turned off if necessary. Available with large 32-inch wheels and 17-inch alloy wheels.

Unlike the Hummer, the Rubicon is produced to this day. This classic five-door is most often completed with a 3.6 l / 285 hp gasoline engine. and automatic 5-speed. CAT. Also available version with diesel 2.8 TD 200 hp. at 3600 rpm It is completed 6-st. manual transmission.

mitsubishi montero sport

On a diesel modification, the car accelerates to hundreds of km / h in 13.1 seconds, and on gasoline in 8.1 seconds. The maximum speed is higher for a diesel. It can accelerate to 169 km / h. The gasoline unit allows it to reach a speed of 159 km / h. Fuel consumption in the city of a diesel engine is 10.2 liters, and that of a gasoline engine is 15.6 liters. Due to the increased consumption of the petrol version of the car, they increased the volume of the tank from 66.6 to 70.4 liters.

Dimensions of cars D / W / H - 4233/1873/1 825 - 1 865 (with hard or soft top). Wheelbase - 2424 mm. The total weight of the Rubikon is 2506. You can carry a trailer weighing from 750 to 1000 kg.

In 2010, an extended version of this car appeared on the market - Unlimited 4D. Outwardly, it is almost no different, but in the cabin there are a few changes. For example, the new dashboard, and the steering wheel. The steering wheel now has control cruise control and even an audio system.

Trim in the long version has become better. Heated mirrors appeared. Also now the cabin has a 110 volt outlet. The engines for Unlimited are the same as for the short version. The only difference is that they are equipped exclusively with 5-speed automatic gearbox.

Toyota Cruiser

Cheap this jeep can not be called. The cost of the car in Russia - from 3 million rubles. However, it fulfills every nested penny. In service, Rubicon is unpretentious, spare parts for it are easy to get. And there are no obvious problems in it. So, even buying used cars from 2014, you are unlikely to encounter the need for costly repairs.

In fairness, we mention the silver medalist - Toyota 4Runner Trail. In general, this car is produced since 1984. Trail version appeared in the modern - the fifth generation. Dimensions of the car D / Sh / V - 4490x1690x1800 mm. Plus - high ground clearance - 24 cm. Weight - 1880 kg. It is completed with either 5-step mechanics, or 4-step automatics. Engine power from 88 to 135 hp There are both petrol and diesel.

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