All-wheel drive frame suvs continue to be produced

The topic of our article today is a four-wheel drive frame SUV. Many believe that this design was a relic of the past. But not all motorists support this opinion. Yes, and a number of manufacturers continues to produce classic jeeps of this type. From our review, you will learn everything about this type of design, as well as what kind of cars can be found on the modern automotive market.

frame construction

What are frame jeeps?

Frame jeep - what is it? This is a type of car in which the engine, gearbox, razdatka and others are mounted on the frame. A body worn, like a cover on this design. Some cars use a slightly different system, which is called the integrated frame. In this case, the frame is welded to the body, although it looks the same in appearance.

What is the difference of bearing bodies from analogs with an integrated frame? In the second case, there are spars. They pass from the rear bumper to the front. This solution has its pros and cons. The plus is that the manufacturer can create deformation zones in the right places. Yes, and the chassis is much better perceived driving on difficult sections of the road and transportation of heavy loads. The downside is that such SUV models have problems with vibration damping on the body.

Pros and cons of frame construction

Frame models have more opportunities for tuning. For example, if the owner of the car wants to put the wheels of a larger diameter, or make an “elevator”, he can afford it. The second point is related to the accident. If your car has an accident, the frame car is much easier to repair.

Haval H5

If we talk about the chassis, then here it will be more reliable and will last longer, subject to regular maintenance. If you have to operate the car in harsh conditions, on the roads, tow other cars, more chances of a frame jeep.

There are drawbacks, and for many owners they are very tangible. For example, the presence of the frame immediately affects the increase in mass and decrease in the volume of the cabin. We have to look for a way out in lightweight materials, body increase, etc. Increasing the mass of a car negatively affects its efficiency. Taking off a heavier jeep is harder. Increases fuel consumption.

In most cases, the handling of frame models of SUVs is worse. They concede and in such a parameter as passive security. Determine the zone of deformation is very problematic.

Frame SUVs in Russia

In our country, these cars are produced quite a long time. The most famous of these is the UAZ Hunter. The Ulyanovsk jeep in its usual form has been produced since 2003. But, in fact, it is just a modernization of the old machine, produced from the early seventies. And that, in turn, was based on the Volga GAZ-21. If you look at the design, you can understand that it is a reference to the "military field" past, as well as Hummer, Gelendwagen and Land Rover Defender.

UAZ Patriot

If you need a frame SUV with all-wheel drive and more modern design, take a look at the UAZ Patriot. This is such a Russian Land Cruiser, but at times cheaper, and, of course, less comfortable. Although the clearance and dimensions are about the same. With a small surcharge, you can get a car with ABS and air conditioning. There is a choice of diesel and gasoline unit.

Modern frame SUVs in China

First we decided to recall the Chinese brand Great Wall. This manufacturer has several jeeps and pickups using a standard frame structure.

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Firstly, it is a Wingle 5 pickup. It is cheaper than an UAZ in the database, but if you want four-wheel drive, the price is somewhere around 20% higher. The engines put on it are either Japanese from Mitsubishi (gasoline), or their own, produced using Bosch licensed technology.

jeep nissan

The other two cars are also popular - the classic Haval H3 and Haval H5 jeeps. The first uses a two-liter engine, produced under the license of the Japanese, has ABS and EBD. The car breaks all stereotypes about Chinese quality by taking 4 stars in Euro NCAP crash tests.

The price of the “Five” is higher, the engine is a Boshevsky diesel, created in collaboration with Great Wall engineers. Four-wheel drive plug. Transmission or automatic transmission - 5, or manual transmission - 6.

Models from South Korea

True to the traditions and in South Korea. We did not make a list of frame SUVs of all brands produced in this country, but we picked up interesting and inexpensive ones. Popular in the CIS, the Ssang Yong brand in South Korea is considered to be the manufacturer of the second division, behind KIA and Hyundai. But it cannot be said that products are noticeably inferior to competitors.

The flagship crossover Rexton is a living example of the fact that cars with a frame structure remain relevant. Available with gasoline and diesel engines. Available before and after restyling. The difference in price between them is about a thousand dollars. Also available are Kyron, Actyon and Actyon Sports crossovers (pickup with diesel engine and automatic transmission). Machines are assembled not only in South Korea, but also at the factories of Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine.


One of the leaders of the South Korean market is the KIA Motors trademark. The Mohave crossover with a frame structure is produced here. It is produced at home, as well as in Kaliningrad and Kazakhstan Ust-Kamenogorsk. The five-door SUV has been produced since 2008. Recently announced the appearance of the updated version of 2016 - 2017. She will get the engines:

  • diesel 3.0 l. / 255 hp
  • GDI 3.7 l / / 276 l.

There are 3 automatic transmission options available - 5, 6 and 8-speed.

Japanese frame jeeps

We list the best frame SUVs produced in Japan. We start with Nissan. This manufacturer offers two jeeps and two pickups of this type. The modern version of the Pathfinder is available with a frame. In the base, you get a full drive and diesel engine. Gearboxes have both automatic and classic mechanics.

The latest generation Nissan Patrol has an integrated frame. Independent suspension. How can this car be attributed to the category described? It is possible, but only partially. Earlier generations had a classic frame construction.

Nissan Patrol

There are also NP 300 pickups and an expensive comfortable Navara. Both with 2.5 liters. diesel and manual transmission. But if the first is good for the suburbs, then on the second one can go chic around the city. Mitsubishi has two cars on one platform - L 200 and Pajero Sport. The first engine - all the same as that of the Nissan, 2.5-liter, automatic transmission-4.

Who offers the largest list of frame jeeps, so this is Toyota. Here the choice is very large:

  • FJ Cruiser - produced since 2007. 4-liter engine, classic design, four-wheel drive, automatic transmission with manual shift;

FJ Cruiser

  • Fortuner - SUV based on Hilux. Available in rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions. The engines have petrol engines of 2.7 and 4 liters, as well as 2.5 l diesel engines. and 3 l. with Common Rail;
  • 4Runner - Jeep, produced since 1984. Now produced 5 generation with a 4-liter unit and automatic transmission-5, four-wheel drive;
  • Land Cruiser 200 and 150 Prado. The famous “Kruzak” are produced in petrol and diesel versions, and are very successful;
  • Hilux is one of the most successful pickups in history. There are 2.5 liters of diesel. / 144 hp with automatics and 3 l. / 172 hp with mechanics.
  • Tundra - a huge pickup, manufactured since 2000. The current generation with a 5.7-liter gas engine and automatic transmission-6. The same "iron" in the SUV Sequoia, which is even more than the Land Cruiser.
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Add to our list of frame crossovers and SUVs a small but remote Suzuki Jimny. This is such a "Japanese UAZ", only with air conditioning and security systems. Comfortable ride on it is difficult to call. But this is a complete all-terrain vehicle, simple and reliable. Available only with a 1.3 l. / 85 l. Petrol unit. with. There are 2 boxes to choose from - automatic transmission-4 and manual transmission-5.

Another frame "baby" - Daihatsu Terios. Permanent four-wheel drive and high reliability, engine 1.3 and 1.5 liters. All-wheel drive version was even steeper more expensive and prestigious RAV4.

European frame SUVs

The most famous representative of Europe is the German Mercedes G-class. What is there to say - “Helics” are known and loved all over the world, and our country is not an exception.

Mercedes G-class

Continues the list of brands of SUVs with a frame structure of another expensive jeep - Land Rover. From Gelendvagen it differs very much. Firstly, it is not so comfortable, and secondly, it is completely different in management. Land Rover Defender released with a 2.4 liter turbo diesel engine and all-wheel drive.

Also worth mentioning is the Volkswagen Amarok. This pickup, manufactured in two and four-door versions. The first car left the assembly line in 2009. Produced in Argentina and Germany. The car participated in the Dakar Rally, took the 4 stars Euro NCAP, and in general, shows itself perfectly.

Models from the USA

The Americans decided to keep up with their Japanese colleagues. They release a lot of representatives of an endangered family, who, it seems, are not planning to die out. The company Chrysler has two directions at once. These are the Jeep Wrangler SUVs, which have the most classic design possible, and RAM 1500/2500/3500 pickups.

Jeep Wrangler

If you sort out the most famous SUVs in the world, then among the first will be a Jeep. He is a true legend of the global automotive industry. Available with 3 and 5 doors, complete with gasoline and diesel engines. Manual transmission / automatic transmission to choose from. Available since 1987. Now on the market represented the 3rd generation. The coolest and off-road - Rubicon.

Since 2011, Dodge Ram is simply called RAM - a good pickup truck in which you will feel equally comfortable in the city and on a country road. The choice of engines is huge. But the most popular HEMI is 5.7 liters. Very powerful and very voracious unit.

If you continue to list the American frame SUVs, the list of the best will continue the Ford F-150 and the equally popular Expedition. The first - one of the competitors of RAM - a powerful pickup. The second is a classic SUV. Now produced 3 generation of these machines with engines of 3.5 and 5.4 liters and 6-speed automatic.

Cadillac Escalade

Do not forget about the huge SUV Cadillac Escalade. The machine is also produced with an extended base and in the form of a luxury pickup. In the United States is very popular. The choice of engines is limited to one 6.2-liter petrol unit, which is equipped with a reliable automatic transmission.

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Also, do not forget about the Chevrolet Tahoe. In the CIS, this car did not become popular, but in its home country it is bought very well. The car is not the cheapest, but worth the money. There are models with an extended base, produced under the brands Chevrolet Suburban and GMC Yukon XL.

Chevrolet Suburban

Now the fourth generation “Tahoe” with EcoTech engines of 5.3 and 6.2 liters is on the market. Powerful V-shaped "eight" have a capacity of 360 and 426 liters. with.

What is better - all-wheel drive crossover, or frame SUV?

There are a lot of car enthusiasts who are convinced that the era of real four-wheel drive cars has passed. They believe that cars like the Opel mocha and the Nissan Juke are nothing more than toys for girls and hipsters. When leaving a more or less flat road, both cars can easily get bogged down in the first mud puddle, and after jumping over the bumps of the year two, they will simply fall apart into separate parts.


But let's face it - people want to drive in comfort. A few years ago there were comparative tests of these two crossovers and the aforementioned Jimny. Modern brand jeeps, this is a purely urban car, designed to ride on a flat / relatively flat road. When driving off-road, which we often have, we get the practical uselessness of such machines as the Juke.

In the United States and Japan, this is well understood, so the release of classic jeeps does not stop. While in the world there is a rural area, steppes, prairies and bad weather, turning any road in the direction, the classic SUV with all-wheel drive and reliable frame will be in demand. Fly over the road cars have not yet learned, the airbag also did not become the accepted norm. Therefore, waiting for the "death" of a whole galaxy of famous cars is not worth it.

There is no war between SUVs carrying a body and jeeps with a carrying frame. These machines are created for different conditions and different people. There are quite a few motorists who may have a UAZ for fishing in the garage and mocha for everyday trips around the city. In Europe and the USA, this phenomenon has also become the norm.


Americans are similar to Russians in that they are mostly conservative. And in a business like making cars, they are doubly true to tradition. Can you imagine a Wrangler as a SUV with a monocoque body? We are not, and engineers in Chrysler also hardly see such a prospect even in nightmares.

We have offered you a list of SUVs of all brands (almost all), produced with a frame structure. Mentioned those that are still produced. If we began to remember those machines that have already been discontinued, we could have written not an article, but an encyclopedia. This concludes our review. If you used it to select your future car, we hope that the information was useful.

And then the video about the design of the frame SUV: