The best summer tires in 2018


Every motorist who tries to monitor the technical condition of his car regularly changes consumables and checks the condition of tires. As a rule, the choice of the optimal tire model becomes a big problem, especially in those cases when a car driver does not know which criteria should justify the purchase. Having visited the modern car market, it is easy and simple to get lost in the mass of a huge number of the offered options, the presented products differ in price and quality, it is produced by completely different concerns located in different parts of the world.

Ranking of the best summer tires in 2018

TOP best summer tires in 2018.

Before you go for a new pair of tires, a motorist should take into account the difference between the tires, to know their separation into winter and summer types, road and off-road options. In the material below, the 2018 summer tire rating is considered, the list of which includes only the most interesting and popular models corresponding to a certain set of properties. Of course, the purchase should not be based only on the price of the finished product, a lot of other options should be taken into account.

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How to choose summer tires?

When we choose tires for the summer, we start from several fundamental factors. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the year of manufacture and the make of the vehicle itself. According to these data, the tire size is determined. Naturally, each manufacturer regarding this aspect will be able to offer different options. The second criterion for selection should be the technology RunFlat, the fact is that its presence causes a uniquely high level of driver and passenger safety. If suddenly the wheel breaks through, the tire will be able to serve another 50 km, which will allow you to get to the nearest service station without loss of control. In addition, when buying a tubeless rubber should pay attention to the rate of pumping and tread quality.

Many motorists, when they think about which manufacturer to choose tires for the summer, opt for brand tires. However, the popularity of rubber significantly raises its value, while not taking into account the driving performance of the product, or other important parameters.

Criteria for the selection of summer tires

If you start from the tire manufacturer, it is worth considering the economy of the country in which it is made. Many concerns are located in such countries where the average citizen’s salary is much higher than that of a post-Soviet citizen. To maintain competitiveness, production is moved to other countries, which negatively affects the quality of the finished product.

If a car, which has been in operation for several decades, is not at the disposal of a car owner, you should not buy rubber from the first lines of the ranking of the best tires of 2018, it is wiser to stop paying attention to budget products, since the best properties of rubber will not be shown in full.

Design features of summer tires

To understand which summer tires are better than others, their design features should be taken into account. Summer tires, as a rule, show their best qualities on wet and dry asphalt, when the thermometer rises above zero. Such rubber is characterized by high maneuverability, adhesion, excellent cross-country ability, economy and low noise. If a motorist has decided to buy one or another summer tires, he should know their wear resistance. A good option is a product made of hard rubber, a durable tire will have strong sidewalls.

Tire size

If a motorist is interested in the rating of summer tires, he can pay attention to the Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV model. According to reviews of motorists and recommendations of the magazine “Behind the wheel”, this is the best option for rubber of this size. Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV tires are characterized by soft handling, low noise, gasoline savings, proven German quality in practice. Among the shortcomings, it is worth highlighting only the high cost of the product.

Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV

To choose summer tires for 15 (the most optimal and demanded tire size), you should pay attention to the Nokian Nordman SX, which is quite affordable in price and quality. This rubber has good properties, while inexpensive, which makes it the best in terms of price and quality.

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If you choose tires for the summer of 2018, studying the tire rating, you should pay attention to the model Hankook Ventus Prime2. According to reviews of motorists who were left on YandexMarket, and also taking into account the opinion of the magazines "Avtorevyu" and "Behind the wheel", this rubber has a good quality at a fairly low price.

Hankook Ventus Prime2

Tread pattern of the best summer tires

If a motorist wants to know what is the best summer tire, relative to the tread pattern, he should take into account the features of all types. In particular, the type of tire depends on the performance properties of the car, associated with driving and economic opportunities. According to experts, the choice is those summer tires that have a directional pattern. Such rubber is considered the most optimal in terms of economy and cost. The standard symmetrical pattern on summer tires provides high-quality grip, it is distinguished by an excellent indicator of aquaplaning. Tires with an asymmetrical pattern should be bought to motorists who are accustomed to extreme driving. The tread feature provides high rigidity of the outer layer of the tire.

Tread pattern

Noise summer wheels

The ranking includes the best summer tires of 2018, capable of creating a completely different noise level. It is worth noting that this figure is directly related to the softness of rubber. As practice shows, the softest tread is capable of virtually no noise, however, soft tires wear faster, especially if the motorist dramatically slows down. Save noiseless ride can only be a short stopping distance. The best summer tires for passenger cars should have a certain width of the tread. The noise of the tire depends on how big this indicator will be. Overall tires emit at times more noise, especially if the car is moving at high speed.

Ranking of the best summer tires in 2018

Rating of summer tires in 2018 will help any motorist to make a choice, choose the most appropriate model. In the list above, the options are presented not only of famous brands that have proven their quality, but also more budget options. The models under consideration were compared strictly in terms of quality and price, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that some little-known tires went around eminent tires in the rating.

Of course, it is rather difficult to compete with branded products, as they are already considered by default as market leaders. The considered tires are ideal for use in the warm period of the year, a comparative analysis affected their behavior on dry, flat asphalt, wet roads, and the price of the product was taken into account.

According to the popular edition of AutoBild, the best option for summer tires is made by Continental PremiumContact. The advantage of the products are its properties, excellent controllability of a car on any asphalt. However, the high quality of the brand requires investments, these tires are not a budget option. Along with the presented company, high-quality tires are produced by such concerns as Dunlop Sport Maxx, Falken Azenis, Pirelli Cinturato, Dunlop, Falken.

Top of the best summer tires depends largely on the category, which includes selectable tires. If we talk about products of economy class, you should pay attention to the goods of the companies Passenger All-Season and Standard Touring All-Seaso. It is a durable rubber, the durability of which can increase a quiet ride. Premium tires can be selected from products made by Grand Touring and High Performance.

Thoughtful purchase of tires should take into account their cost. Some experts recommend to buy tires for the highest possible price, which is within the budget of the motorist. Of course, a more expensive product has several advantages, differs in a set of additional properties. The price includes not only the composition of the rubber compound, but also the type of tread pattern, manufacturing technology. The best characteristics cause improved handling, reduced stopping distance. True, it all depends on the brand of car, on a budget vehicle you should buy less expensive model tires, and on a more expensive car - top class tires.

The most popular summer tires in 2018

As mentioned above, the best model in 2018 is recognized tires from the company Continental PremiumContact. The high price of the product is due to excellent German quality and innovative technologies. The model is notable for its design characteristics and the use of advanced rubber.

The second place was taken by the model Pirelli Cinturato P7 Blue. Tires stand out from the rest of the run, as well as the shortest brake distances. Acquire this option tires for medium and large vehicles. The presented product has good performance, resists rolling, has a decent operating life.

Pirelli Cinturato P7 Blue

In the third place of the hit-parade of tires in 2018 is the model Falken Azenis FK510. This rating participant has an asymmetrical pattern, it is characterized by a huge performance (the model can be used on sports cars). Tires have good handling, behave extremely restrained on wet and dry surfaces.

Falken Azenis FK510

The 2018 summer tires rating continues with Dunlop Sport Maxx RT 2 tires. If a motorist chases quality products, this is one of the best options that can provide excellent road performance. Based on autocar tires, they have excellent performance.

Dunlop Sport Maxx RT 2

The fifth in the list of the best products - Hankook Ventus Prime 3. Rubber with asymmetric tread pattern, ideal for almost all passenger cars. Buying this option is a guarantee of safety at the moment of movement on any surface Rubber productive, provides comfortable steady driving.

Hankook Ventus Prime 3

Another one of the most popular summer tires is Fulda SportControl 2. They are designed for passenger cars, whose drivers prefer high-speed sports riding. German quality, good technical properties and safe operation are the main advantages of the model. Not the last advantage is the low price of the product.

Fulda SportControl 2

Top best summer tires included the Bridgestone Turanza T001 Evo model. This is an updated version of a quality product that is different from its predecessor with improved properties regarding wear, gasoline savings, stopping distance.

Bridgestone Turanza T001 Evo

The 2018 summer tires rating was not without Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 tires. This model is considered to be optimal in terms of reliability and power. High-speed tires are equipped with reinforcing elements, which have a beneficial effect on the ability to move the weight of the machine, improving the grip.

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3

The penultimate place in the top ten is given to Michelin Primacy 3. Tires with smooth edges have blocking slats that can show themselves on any road surface. They are characterized by a short stopping distance and excellent cornering grip.

Michelin Primacy 3

If we compare all the above models with Uniroyal RainSport 3 tires, it is worth noting their ability to fit the crossovers perfectly. The rubber option with an asymmetric pattern has a beneficial effect on the comfort and safety of movement.

Uniroyal RainSport 3


Having studied the list of the best summer tires of 2018, a motorist can easily choose the most appropriate option for himself, which will suit him not only for money, but also for the manifested properties. Before buying, it is imperative to clarify the capabilities and characteristics of a particular model, in order not to be disappointed later and not be upset about the money thrown away.