Top russian car magazines


Despite the rapid development of Internet technologies, print publications are still in demand. Automobile magazines are especially popular with the male population. Diverse articles help busy and active men to stay abreast of global automotive trends.

Car magazines steadily popular

Car magazines steadily popular

The main topics of magazines about cars:

  • Reviews and descriptions of car models
  • Application of new innovative and technological functions in the operation of vehicle mechanisms
  • Information about the world's largest automotive exhibitions
  • Test drives
  • Information on technical updates in the service sector
  • Articles about collectible representatives of the automotive industry

Consumer preferences in relation to auto journals depend on their internal information content, design, paper quality and ink, the number of ad units and some other indicators.

Top car magazines in Russia:

  1. "Behind the wheel"
  2. "AvtoMir"
  3. "The Fifth Wheel"
  4. "4 × 4 wheel drive"
  5. «Hawk»
  6. "Auto Review"
  7. «Autopilot»
  8. "Auto-review"
  9. «Автолегенды»
  10. "In car"

Automotive magazine commercial:

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"Behind the wheel" - car fleet leader

The print edition “Driving” is considered the most famous and readable among Russians. About four thousand copies are sold for a year. The success of the publishing house is the high quality and timeliness of the material produced in circulation. In addition to testing cars and expert automotive components on the pages of the publication can be found descriptions of legal, social and economic aspects of motorists concerned. The journal's management maintains a constant dialogue with its readers, which helps in the selection of relevant topics. "At the wheel" is present in the sales market since 1928, and to this day, occupies a leading position. Information in the proposed articles is being actively studied by journalists so that readers can obtain reliable and comprehensive information on the issues under consideration.

Car magazine

The magazine behind the wheel is one of the most popular in Russia

"AvtoMir" - a magazine from the publishing house "Burda"

The only avtozhurnal within the Russian Federation, which is published every week! The first issue went on sale in 1998. Articles of the publication cover only aspects of automotive topics. The news block is always presented with fresh information about car updates, both from a foreign manufacturer and from a domestic one. The main highlight of the publication - numerous tests of vehicles of a comparative nature. Full information about metropolitan auto shows, service centers and authorized dealers is also provided. World exhibitions, racing competitions, car shows - all this can be read in the magazine “AvtoMir”.

AvtoMir is a magazine with a rich history.

"The Fifth Wheel" - the gloss of gloss

Glossy avtozhurnal, present in the sales market for over 10 years. Circulation - 152,000 copies in one year. The publishing house provides a unique opportunity to its numerous readers - direct participation in the testing of automotive new products. Great attention is paid to the reviews of the representatives present in the car market of Russia. The magazine is designed for a wide readership, ranging from motorists and ending with professional representatives of the automotive business. The main buyers are men from 25 to 45 years old who have a good job and financial prosperity. Editorial offices of the publishing house are located in the capital of Russia and in St. Petersburg.

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"4 × 4 wheel drive" — все о внедорожниках

Журнал акцентирует внимание на полноприводных автомобилях повышенной проходимости, предназначенных для поездок по бездорожью. Актуальными темами для печатного издания считаются тестирование внедорожников и оборудования для них, презентации и обзоры новых моделей, эксплуатационные особенности аксессуаров. Издание распространяется на всей территории России и в странах СНГ. "4 × 4 wheel drive" — автожурнал для настоящих сильных мужчин, с любовью относящихся к экстриму и свободной езде.

"4 × 4 wheel drive" — автомобильный журнал о внедорожниках

"Horn" - to help motorists

The main direction of the publication is to help motorists in choosing a vehicle. Many articles are devoted to the analysis of the global automotive market and the description of its individual representatives. Among the useful information you can also find the advice of well-known experts, the news of the automotive industry and much more. The publication meets the requirements of the entire male population. With it, you can not only choose the appropriate mode of transport, but also obtain sufficient information on its independent maintenance.

«Hawk» — российская автомобильная газета

"Auto Review" - a powerful automotive edition

The magazine rightfully occupies a leading position in the Russian market. The first issue took place in 1991. It comes out twice a month. It has pretty good volumes - 80-160 pages. In the past, the publication was considered a newspaper, the pages of which were fastened with paper clips. At the moment, the main seal is made in Finland. Working projects avtozhurnala: reviews, life tests and crash tests of all modern vehicles. Any verification of automotive capabilities is carried out according to the EuroNCAP methodology. In Autoreview you can also read about various accessories and gadgets, tires and fuel. A separate block deals with systems and devices that ensure passenger safety (child car seats, alarms).

Russian automotive publication

Russian automotive publication "Auto Review"


The magazine is known not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries. In the year the publishing house "Kommersant" produces 65,000 copies. The highlight of the publication is a private investigation by journalists of car hijacking cases. Some articles are devoted to the disclosure of customs issues. Reviews and road tests of world car dealerships are conducted by specialized people, the resulting material, while maintaining full volumes and accessible language, reaches the reading audience.

Autopilot is a popular automotive print publication.

"Avto-obozrenie" - child publishing house "Komersant"

The second magazine from the publisher "Komersant." It goes on sale monthly. The nature of the proposed material - information and entertainment. Many illustrations, high-quality printing. Journalists' reports are closely related to the news of the automotive industry, as well as with the prospects for its development. On the pages of the magazine you can see more than one interview with experienced mechanics, lawyers, car owners.

Automotive magazine website

The site of the automobile magazine "Auto-Review"

"Avtolegendy" - all about retro cars

Unique avtozhurnal, one might say, is one of a kind. The main working direction is diverse reviews of majestic vehicles widely used during the USSR. In each room there are copies of the original, unusual, rare models. Sections of the magazine are devoted to the historical stages of the Soviet automotive industry, the publication of archival materials and the processes of creating unique cars.

"Avtolegendy" - a print edition of vintage cars

"Vmashine" - two years in the arena

Auto magazine "Vmashine" is still quite young, but quite promising. The first issue was released in 2012. One edition combines articles about world famous dealers, road tests of the newest cars that go on sale accessories. Special attention is paid to the comparative characteristics of dorestaylingovyh representatives and innovative modifications of vehicles. All pages are illustrated, colorful, which attracts many people.

Young car magazine

Young car magazine«Вмашине»


The best Russian car magazines will not only brighten up the leisure of real men, but also help them learn about the key points of the development of the global automotive industry and even choose their future car.