Germans will present a restyled volkswagen golf in november

Немцы представят рестайлинговый Volkswagen Гольф в ноябре The next planned modernization of the most popular model on the European car market, more precisely, the Germans will officially present its results in the coming November. This is the last in the lineup. седьмого поколения Golf course restyling, after which, for a maximum of two years, analysts expect the birth of a new one, eighth generation Golf. The current, seventh generation of the German car has been produced for four years. The empire of the German auto brand itself Volkswagen today there is more or less tolerable only thanks to this model, the demand for which after the diesel scandal fell less significantly than the rest of the brand’s cars. Large-scale deception of customers around the world, when people bought cars with artificially low levels of environmental performance of the exhaust (the so-called "dieselgate"), plunged the German auto brand's empire into the longest and most severe crisis in its history. People stopped trusting the brand, began to refuse more cars compromised by world scandal, but against" charm " Golf course it turned out to be powerless: as they took the German car in Europe more than the other models, they continue to take it. For example, over the past year, European motorists bought more than half a million golf courses. This year, after dieselgate, sales sank by only six percent. In this sense, when you buy a car from a seller who you have lost confidence in, you can only speak of the phenomenon of consumer loyalty. People sincerely love the model, and love allows you to close your eyes to many things. Just like in the lives of people. Volkswagen Гольф By the way, a six percent drop in sales is an average for all countries where it is sold. Volkswagen Гольф. If you look at specific countries, the numbers will be different, probably, depending on the mentality of the people. For example, in America, where dieselgate broke out, Golf began to buy less by eighteen percent. Such an American principle! Americans find it harder to forgive because of their freedom-loving nature that they were raped by Germans. Moreover, the car is not to blame for the fraudulent actions of the then leadership, it is actually not bad.

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Yesterday the Germans officially stated that restyling Golf almost completed and the updated model will be demonstrated to a wide audience in three weeks. About the technical details of the restyling, the Germans did not spread, but the external consequences of the modernization can hardly be expected: breaking consumer stereotypes with a radically changed design is a bad tone in the automotive industry. Especially in a car with such a history of popularity. Немцы представят рестайлинговый Volkswagen Гольф в ноябре Major change in trim levels restyled golfMost likely, there will be a new one and a half liter petrol power unit, which was presented last April at the Vienna motorists symposium. Named as a new motor EA211 TSI evo. To it comes bundled is not very cheap turbocharger, whose geometry can be changed. This will definitely increase the price. стоимость restyled golf. How much? It's hard to judge now.

In our country ценники на Volkswagen Гольф with a 1.6-liter and 110-horsepower engine under the hood and manual gearbox start from a million two hundred thousand wooden. By the way, at the last world motor show, which took place in September in the capital of France, the Germans demonstrated the concept of the new electric car, which was positioned as the same mass model in the future as the Volkswagen Polo.