Photospies declassified new volvo v90 wagon

Фотошпионы рассекретили новый универсал Volvo V90

Swedes a year ago announced the imminent appearance of a new Volvo wagon, the most capacious in the history of the brand. And, of course, all this time they have not been idle. Now it is known that the official presentation of the novelty will take place in the coming months, most likely it will happen at the next Geneva Motor Show. The new wagon will be named Volvo V90. Predecessor of the novelty in line of Volvo wagon is the V70. Gradually V90 will replace his "big brother" in the model range. Old men have time to rest. Internet edition Teknikens Varld, yesterday shared with its readers V90 photos, and without camouflage nets and other camouflage elements, which manufacturers usually “encrypt” a novelty from prying eyes. Фотошпионы рассекретили новый универсал Volvo V90 Dimensions of new items will be more than the V70. According to the information of the same edition, the body of the new station wagon will be longer by fifteen centimeters, and the clearance will grow by as much as thirteen centimeters. The Swedes do not hide that they will soon bring to mind the "charged" modification of the Volvo Polestar and the all-terrain version of the Volvo V40 Cross Country.

According to available information Volvo V90 190 and 235-horsepower diesel engines will be completed, except for them in the line of engines there is a gasoline engine with 320 "horses" and a 407-powerful hybrid. But that's not all. In the future, the Swedes plan to replenish this engine line with another hybrid and a pair of new diesel engines.

Фотошпионы рассекретили новый универсал Volvo V90

Volvo Concept Estate

Last autumn, the automotive world got a general idea of Volvo V90 on the toy released by the Chinese: it was a small copy of the new station wagon, and on the box with the toy car it was written:V90". When looking at this toy, knowledgeable people immediately compared its design with the concept shown by the Swedes at the spring 2014 motor show  Volvo Concept Estate. Today, with real photos of the new Swedish station wagon, one can understand how true this similarity was. More information about the configurations or about V90 cost not yet. As soon as the Swedes become more talkative about this topic, we will immediately share with you.