Opel adam in russia: the photo and the price of the german

Opel designers have invented a brand new car, which almost all motorists dreamed of. The developers gave it a name. Opel Adam and attributed to the category of city cars, because on the road it always attracts the attention of passersby and other drivers.

Opel Adam 2013 rally

In this car you will always be sure to sit in the cab, and the rich colors of paint will always amaze with its abundance. The car comes in three trim levels, depending on the internal characteristics: sports equipment ADAM SLAM, creative equipment ADAM JAM, elegant equipment ADAM GLAM.

Outstanding design

Opel Adam - This is a bright design, a perfect multimedia system InterLink, a stylish and comfortable lounge, a modern security system and ease of management. Designers offer you a high selection of colors and interesting finishes that will make your car individual and different from others.

This model is the first to use the new front end from Opel. Adam has a wide trapezoid-shaped grille, a chrome-plated molding resembling the shape of a wing adorned with the Opel brand logo. The roof of the Opel is made from two colors, it seems to float in the air. The direction indicators also have an interesting design and make notes of positivity.

Car Opel Adam photo

Paying attention to the appearance of the car, it is impossible not to notice the short hood "Adam", beautifully made and smoothly crossing the line on the roof, as well as the small rear part of the car. The roof of the car is mainly made in a glossy black shade, which gives the impression of a floating element in the air. Chrome elements emphasize the side windows. The lower part of the door is made in the form of a blade with an interesting wave on the door around the handle. The rear part is made particularly prominent, with the result that the rear lights seem even more expressive. The “Adam” is equipped with a sensor device, with which you can open and close the trunk of a car.

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The length of the car is 3.7m, width 1.72m, on three doors, which makes it very compact and maneuverable on the road, this confirms photo Opel Adam:

New Opel Adam

Designers provided a choice of Opel car lovers with 3 trim options, 20 color options, a lot of drawings and textures on the dashboard using high quality materials. The dashboard's color trim is combined with the trim of the seats and doors, which makes the interior even more spacious. Part of the dashboard, the door and the center console are created in body color with textural elements that highlight the leather seats of the cabin.

Onходясь в таком автомобиле, Вы всегда будете чувствовать уют и наслаждение. Интерьер салона сделан рельефным с плавными переходами линий, есть выпуклые элементы вокруг вентиляционного отверстия. Циферблаты приборов и переключатели сделаны в круглой форме для создания духа спортивности. Все детали приборов имеют красную подсветку, которая хорошо сочетается с хромированными элементами.

Opel Adam sports

Readiness of all systems

The steering wheel is embossed and is located next to the airbag cover - it looks neat and stylish. The fixed roof with glass makes the car interior bright and bright, so you can always watch the blue sky or the night shine of the stars.

Система InterLink сделает автомобиль Opel Adam еще более совершенным. К этой системе можно подключить смартфоны и погрузится в мир музыки и видео. Экран прибора имеет диагональ 7 дюймов и располагается прямо на приборной панели. Отдохните на часок другой после долгого пути и запаситесь попкорном для просмотра фильма. Система InterLink предусматривает подключение телефона через «Блютуз», Вы можете общаться с собеседником через гарнитуру, которая располагается на рулевом колесе авто.

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Мультимедийное устройство позволяет слушать музыку с радио или аудиоустройства через USB или Bluetoth. On экране InterLink, можно просматривать какой именно сейчас играет трек и исполнитель. Магнитола позволяет подключать одновременно до четырех устройств с поддержанием всех перечисленных функций. По желанию можно подключать Интернет-радио и навигационные приложения BringGo Navigation на базе GPS с картами и подсказками по управлению в дороге.

Opel Adam photo

Using the BringGo application, you can:

  • find out the location of the nearest points of fire service, police and hospitals;
  • find city sights;
  • Search Google for local searches
  • find the location of the car;
  • determine the traffic situation at a specific point in time;
  • get a map in 3-D format.

In addition, additional systems are installed in Opel Adam:

  • Advanced Park Assist II. To find a suitable parking space;
  • City mode. To control the management of cars in urban areas;
  • Start/Stop. Reduces fuel consumption in the city;
  • Blind zone control system. Transmits a warning about the danger of a moving car;
  • Climate control system. To regulate the temperature in the cabin. The system that has become a classic, which is universally found in almost all modern cars, for example, Hyundai Elantra;
  • Active Lead/Pull Compensation. To control torque.

And further salon Opel Adam, photo which says about the super-modernity of this car:

Салон Opel Adam photo

According to the wishes of motorists, you can install an extra package Extreme for those who are not afraid of adrenaline and high speed.

Opel Adam in Russia will be presented in three trim levels:

  • 1.2 liter, 70 horsepower;
  • 1.4 liter, 87 horsepower;
  • 1.4 liter, 100 horsepower.
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On Opel adam price in Europe becomes 14,000 euros. Buy this brand in Moscow and other cities will be with a five-speed gearbox, on Opel adam price в России will vary depending on the representation of the company Opel.

Test drive the car and consider the key features of the Opel Adam in video format: