Test drive the new citroen c4 sedan gave a complete picture

The car sedan Citroen C4 belongs to the category of the most popular and accessible to the masses of vehicles. Folk model was first introduced in 2012 in Paris.

Test drive Citroen C4

Sedan dimensions: length 4261 mm, width 1789 mm, height 1491 mm. The wheelbase is 2708 mm. With such characteristics, the car looks harmonious, added chrome elements on the body. The car has already managed to pass the test of the Russian winter, what did the tests showed?

Chairs, volume, trunk and internal systems

Saloon test new Citroen C4 has some differences from the hatchback. Here is another center console and gear lever. Although the car is made for Russian roads, cheapness in the cabin is completely absent. The designers forgot to think about the departure of the steering column, because of which the driver will not feel the comfort and convenience of a long trip, but you just need to get used to this detail. The luggage compartment is designed for 440 liters, such dimensions include the Sedan among the leaders in its category.

Test drive Citroen C4 фото

In the top version, the car has a climate control unit, a 7-inch liquid crystal screen, a multimedia complex, and an instrument panel with variable color shades. So with the help of dual-zone climate control, the glass will not sweat, and the legs will not freeze. The screen will display the route of the car, the parameters of the audio system, parking radars and navigation map.

To make the car as comfortable as possible for Russia, the designers have thought through every detail. There is a built-in heated windshield, heated washer nozzles, reinforced starter and battery.

Test Drive Citroen C4 2014

Foto Sitroen S4 sedan

Body features

Carried out test drive Citroen C4 sedan The bodywork showed excellent performance for traveling on heavy roads. Therefore: the ground clearance is 176 mm, crankcase protection consists of metal, an increase in the air vents for the rear passengers' legs and the side washer of the windscreen was designed.

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The hood has effective fins that add some aggression. Also installed high-quality direction indicators, textured beads, elegant bending of the sub-window line and the undoubted concave Citroen rear window.

You can view comparative Sitroen S4 sedan test videoto ensure the benefits of their acquisition.

The car comes with a 1.6 liter engine, 115, 120 or 150 horsepower. Torque is 240 Nm. There can also be three transmissions: manual gearbox on 5 levels, automatic gearbox on 4 levels, automatic gearbox on 6 levels.

Test drive sedan Citroen C4

Power test Citroen C4

Carried out test Citroen C4 sedan with a 1.6 liter engine, 150 horsepower and 240 Nm of torque, showed the following results:

  1. A smart start from the spot.
  2. Gearbox without delay.
  3. Up to 100 km / h the car accelerates in 9.6 seconds.
  4. After a long distance, good motor qualities and excellent sound insulation performance are noticeable.
  5. The suspension is not soft and not hard, such as MacPherson, which allows you to smoothly go through any terrain.
  6. The best energy consumption, with which you can easily pass the middle hole.
  7. Excellent indicators of course stability;
  8. The steering wheel is not particularly sensitive, but it is well suited for urban roads.
  9. Tire size 215/50 R17 added handling and sharpness on the road.
  10. Electro-hydraulic power steering, allows you to fully feel in the hands of the device, which is important for maneuverability on the roads.
  11. For overtaking, an accelerator is used, with the help of which the car will go much faster. Thanks to the accelerator, you do not need to calculate the trajectory of the overtaking.

Test drive auto Citroen C4

On the brush to the left, the driver is always shown the current gear, which is very convenient on the road. In winter, the car starts not from the second, but from the third gear, it facilitates movement on the slippery surface, and the dynamics remain the same confident. A car with an engine capacity of 150 horsepower will feel great in the city and on the highway. The new Citroen C4 can position itself as a family car. The stabilization system works on all engines very gently, it can be turned off at speeds up to 50 km / h.

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Configuration and prices of the sedan

The price of the car is already known, it is necessary to pay 579 thousand rubles for the 115 horsepower engine, and 674 thousand rubles should be paid for the 120 horsepower engine of the VTI model and automatic gearbox. The cost of a car with an engine capacity of 150 horsepower is 763 thousand rubles. For comparison, even if you take the basic configuration Chevrolet Cruze - an inexpensive American car belonging to the class, it will be 20 thousand more than the Citroen. Citroen C4 looks beautiful in white pearl, but the surcharge for such beauty is 16,000 rubles.

In addition, bi-xenon headlights, engine start system and door opening without a key, navigation system in Russian, installation of ESP and ASR systems, as well as LED running lights can be installed in the car.

Tests Citroen C4

Crash tests and car safety

Designers installed a complete set of equipment for passenger and driver safety Citroen C4, among them: front seat belt tensioners with load limiter, driver airbag, front passenger airbag in front, side airbags for head and pelvic bone. According to the results of the crash test, the Citroen C4 sedan showed excellent results, for which he received a “rating of 5” from EuroNCAP. In a frontal collision, the cabin remains stable, the adult passenger has received excellent protection for the knees and hips, and the child has received excellent protection for the head. Thanks to a well-thought bumper, the passenger receives protection for the lower legs. In a side collision with a barrier, the adult passenger received satisfactory protection of the chest, the child remained detained by the protective seat sheath. Additionally, a speed limiting system and a seat belt reminder system can be installed.

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In general, the design, availability and image of the Citroen C4 is a worthy competition to cars of its category.

Ensure vehicle safety by viewing Citroen C4 sedan test drive video crash test: