China buys manufacturer jeep

Today, the Fiat Chrysler concern in the world market is the weakest manufacturer among the largest. Created by the merger of the largest Italian automaker Fiat and the smallest American Chrysler, it is currently fighting for its own survival. Lately, things are not going well for them; management is looking for partners for mergers or sales. As you know, negotiations were conducted with almost all the major players on the world market: with General Motors, with Volkswagen, with Peugeot Citroen. However, no one wants to merge or buy Italian-American tandem, which is going through hard times.

And then, against the background of similar failures, news suddenly appeared that the Chinese firm Great Wall Motors could become the savior of the brand. This company is not really interested in the entire Fiat Chrysler, but only the iconic Jeep car, which directly corresponds to the profile of a Chinese company that specializes in the production of SUVs.

So far there have appeared in the media, both news about the deal, and refutations, but Fiat management states that negotiations are underway, they are simply not so simple, and therefore not so quick. However, the stock price of the Italian-American concern has already soared on the stock exchange. Financial experts have only one question - what will remain of Fiat Chrysler if you sell a Jeep out of it, because this is the most profitable brand.

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