Jeep will show their cars on the 3 most important european

Two well-known American companies continue and expand their cooperation, while increasing their presence at the 3 most important Harley-Davidson European events: Euro Festival in French Saint-Trope, European HOG Rally rally in Lugano, Switzerland and European Bike Week on the bank of Lake Faker -Zee in Austria.

During the event, visitors will be able to test drive cars that represent the entire model lineup of the Jeep brand. Also, H.O.G members will receive special discounts on the purchase of American SUVs.

It is also known that Jeep will present its models in other Harley-Davidson forums, including Africa Bike Week in South Africa, Thunder in the Glens in Scotland and Benelux HOG Rally rally in the Netherlands.

In addition, the company's off-road vehicles will also be shown at local events in Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Estonia and the Czech Republic.

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