In the drift! the best cars for drift


Driving is not only a necessary skill in modern society. There is a category of chauffeurs who turned for themselves a ride into ... sport! Professional races, rally, karting, car trial, drag racing and many other types of motorsport will not leave indifferent those who love the steering wheel. The machine in this case is not a means of transportation, but a shell. It becomes for the participant of the competition a tool on which the victory largely depends.

Drift cars must have a set of defined parameters

Drift cars must have a set of defined parameters

For "machine fights" special cars are produced or already finished cars are tuned to the maximum. And the release of such specialized models is the whole art. Today we will go backstage to such a specific “fleet”, get acquainted with the “turning” type of racing and find out what is the best car for drift.

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Fast and the Furious

The rules, features and requirements of automotive competitions determine the list of qualities that a steel competitor must possess. Therefore, before we name the best cars for drift, we first say what drift itself is.

In this form of sports race cars must take turns in the drift. To do this, the driver deliberately very sharply “leaves” to the side and lifts the rear axle, famously “wagging its tail”. All this happens at high speed. Remember the movie "Fast and the Furious"? That's where the main character is drifting in full glory.

Video about what is drift:

Two hours in turn

There are such cool guys in real life. For example, in 2001, the pilot Simon de Banquet from Britain showed a drift ride, which became a record one. The guy spent more than two hours in a drift! He raced on a 300-meter axis, while driving a Subaru Impreza WRX, and stopped only when the fuel ran out.

Adrenaline battle

Often competitions are held not only on the asphalted canvas, but also on icy roads. Such "tracks" are saturated with a huge number of turns, and sometimes there are cliffs in the route. Therefore, the pilot should be behind the wheel of the highest quality of the available models of cars for drift and confident in his steel assistant 100%.

Confidence in yourself and your car - the key to a successful arrival

Confidence in yourself and your car - the key to a successful arrival

This game is not enough for every driver. Here are the real lovers of adrenaline. The same adrenaline, to match the pilot, there must be a car. What is required of her and what car is better for drift?

Specific tuning

To imagine what the drift cars look like, remember the Nissan Sylvia or Mazda Riks-7 models.

It is important that the car was rear-wheel drive, and the torque is exactly divided by turns. The drift machine is specially made easier, and also tuned: the engine is forced, the rear differential is changed or blocked.

Forced engine

Particular attention is paid to the wheels. The front should give excellent grip, and the rear - and slide, and "cling." And still tires should "smoke" in drift. The amount of smoke directly affects the decision of the judges. The more the pilot squeezes him out, the more points he earns.

Actually this, and not speed, is the main criterion for evaluation. Long dragging, spectacular stunts, smoke - in fact, drift is even more of a show than a competition. And the color of the body of the best drift machine should also be appropriate - bright and spectacular.

List of ideal drift cars

There is even a certain standard of ideal drift models in the world.

This is what the top 10 best drift cars look like:

  • 10th place. Toyota Mark.

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  • 9th place. Toyota Soarer.

Toyota Soarer car

  • 8th place. Toyota Alteza.

Toyota Alteza car

  • 7th place. Toyota Supra.

Toyota Supra Car

  • 6th place. Nissan 350Z.

Car Nissan 350Z

  • 5th place. Mazda RX-7.

Mazda RX-7 car

  • 4th place. Nissan 180SX.

Car Nissan 180SX

  • 3 places. Toyota AE.

Toyota AE car

  • 2nd place. Nissan Skyline.

Car Nissan Skyline

  • 1 place. Nissan Sylvia S13 -S

Car Nissan Sylvia S13 -S

They are cool too

Separately, outside the rating, it is worth noting two other profile models. They did not fall into the list of the best cars for drift, but attracted the attention of drivers.

Nissan CEFIR A31 - a car with a claim

Raising the topic of drift, one can not say about the Nissan CEFIR A31.

Appeared this handsome back in 1988. The car even in those years was a claim to the racing version. This is one of the first "Japanese", equipped with an automatic gearbox on five steps, complete with reliable atmospheric engine RB25. By the way, it is still one of the best Nissan engines.

Not so

It was immediately clear that the Nissan Tsefiro-machine, different from others. She received a number of options that until that time were not available in other similar models.

Many motorists first discovered the headlights with lenses, the function of remotely dimming mirrors, electric chairs, steering wheel music control, a button for correcting suspension qualities, four-wheel steering and ATTESA E-TS all-wheel drive.

Car Nissan Cefiro A31

In the late 90s of the last century, CEFIR was updated with a portion of new "chips". In general, due to its powerful “heart” and high-quality suspension, this car in many countries was ranked among the best drift machines.

"Plasticine" model

Interestingly, professional drifters often end up changing the CEFIR native engine to a lighter SR20DET. About 400 "horses" can be knocked out of it, while it is more economical.

By the way, Nissan CEFIR is one of the most “plasticine” models of cars for drifting. She is very flexible to tuning and accepts parts and parts of other Nissan cars of different generations without any problems.

Honda S2000: need an upgrade

There are models that were not initially considered as the best car for drift, but then it became clear: with a certain upgrade, they can also give a couple of sharp turns. For example, Honda S2000.

It's hard not to fall in love with this car. Double handsome sports with a folding roof. Eh!

Car honda s2000

Decade of change

Honda has produced its roadster since 1999. Over the next ten years, various S2000 variations came out, and a number of key changes were made to the car.

For example, the restyled version, which is considered the second generation, boasts a new suspension and transmission.

Second wind

In 2009, the car was removed from the conveyor, but for connoisseurs of drift, she did not die. Pilots and mechanics have learned to put even such a non-drift-looking model on the track.

Of course, no one denies that the jeweler's weight distribution, in which Honda is different, is a bad helper in drift competitions. But, if you install here the power steering, replacing them with an electrohydraulic booster, then the car will take a step forward in the eyes of the drift refereeing. A new suspension will help to remove the topic of phlegmatic handling.

Cheeky sport

It is difficult to stand aside, looking at such cool cars and their technical capabilities. But it is worth remembering: to professionally ride on such units and "smoke" tires need special skills.

Therefore, there are only two options for the development of events here: either you go to the school of extreme driving and hone skills, or you remain on the podium as a delighted admirer of this daring and extremely beautiful type of motor sport.