What should be in the first-aid kit of the car

Много лет не теряет своей актуальности вопрос о том, what should be in the car first aid kit. Ее состав периодически корректируется по наличию медицинских препаратов, однако, многие составляющие не покидают список практически с момента введения данного обязательного атрибута.

To take care of the availability of a package of emergency medical care should every responsible driver. Timely support can save not only health, but also the lives of people injured on the road.


  • 1 Formation of the composition
  • 2 Required Attributes
  • 3 Purchase of a first aid kit
  • 4 Not recommended drugs

Formation of the composition

Текущие требования к содержанию автоаптечки не изменялись с 2010 года уже более 6 лет. С последними корректировками списка состав медицинских препаратов слегка сократился. Из обязательных лекарств исчезли средства от диареи, обезболивающие вещества, капли для сердечников, а также дезинфицирующие компоненты. О том же, what should be in the first-aid kit of the car, расскажем далее.

what should be in the first-aid kit of the car

The commission, which is engaged in the selection of drugs for an anxious motorist's briefcase, came to the conclusion that the cores themselves carry with them the medicines they need. A procedure for the disinfection of wounds, according to experts, is not included in the list of primary tasks for saving life and health.

Required Attributes

Dressing means given the primary role in the kit. This has good reasons, based on real experience of such rescue operations. Most of the accidents occurred after the accident due to blood loss before the doctors arrived at the scene. Increased mortality occurs due to the failure to provide assistance or unqualified support to the victim who has open bleeding wounds.

that must necessarily be in the first-aid kit of the car

The specialists decided to introduce into the “obliging” more dressing material, gauze and similar components. A complete list of first-aid kits for motorists includes the following list:

  • Hemostat;
  • Two gauze non-sterile bandages 5 cm wide, 5 m each;
  • Two gauze non-sterile bandages 10 centimeters in width of 5 m;
  • Non-sterile gauze bandage 14-centimeter roll 7 m;
  • Two sterile gauze bandages 7 cm wide, 5 m each;
  • Two sterile gauze bandages 10 cm wide, 5 m each;
  • Bandage sterile 14-centimeter gauze roll 7 m;
  • Sterile dressing package;
  • Packaging of sterile gauze medical wipes;
  • Bactericidal adhesive plaster 4 × 10 cm - 2 pieces, and also 1.9 × 7.2 cm - 10 pieces;
  • Roller plaster 1 × 250 cm;
  • "Mouth-Device-Mouth" - used for cardiopulmonary resuscitation;
  • Scissors, a pair of medical gloves, packaging and instruction on the use of a first aid kit.
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Experienced motorists may notice that there are no different pills or other medicines in the package bundle. This event does not relate to a total ban on the transportation in the car of medical preparations necessary for individual admission to the driver or passengers during the journey. Everyone has the right to make additions on his own initiative.

which list should be included in the first aid kit

You need to know that some kits offered on the market for such drugs may not fully comply with current Russian standards. And what should be included in the first-aid kit is not always there or is not fully represented or of inappropriate quality.

Purchase of a first aid kit

There is no strict rule governing how the correct first-aid kit will get into the interior of your car. The driver can either independently select the desired composition according to recommendations from the traffic rules, or purchase a ready-packed bag with a full list of life-saving equipment.

Most motorists buy ready-made packages. However, not everyone has compliance with the composition of the requirements of the SDA. This means that you need to check with the seller with the standardized data from the legislation.

Non-recommended drugs

In the practice of motorists, there were cases when attention was dulled on the way or concentration decreased. Such symptoms can be largely caused by the intake of unwanted therapeutic drugs. The driver in their use should know the effect that they are able to exert on the body within a few hours.

what should be in the car first aid kit

The use of sedatives leads to effects on the central nervous system. The person who received them begins to tend to sleep, and coordination weakens, which is unacceptable on busy highways or in urban environments.

Cold medicinewhich are offered in the form of instant boiling water sachets are often touted as over-the-counter medications. A convenient form of admission and accessibility makes them popular, but they cause drowsiness. The recommendation for the use of hot "Coldrexes" or "Ferwexes" is reduced to the desired reception at night before bedtime.

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It is undesirable to resort to using artificial activity stimulants.. Different energetics contain exceeding the permissible norms for stimulants. A large amount of caffeine can give energy, but the rise in strength will be short-lived. The consequences of such a reception before the trip will soon be felt in terrible impotence. It is allowed in such a situation to cheer up relatively painlessly only taurine.

Herbal infusions should also not be included in the driver’s first aid kit., as all valerian or motherwort reduce the rate of human reaction. The validity period on the body is about 12 hours, although it has individual features. Often these tools are taken for preventive purposes, which is unacceptable for the driver. It is advisable to refuse such phototherapy while driving.

The use of sleeping pills should not cause any problems for motorists., but you need to take into account its different effects on the body. In a healthy person, the drug is eliminated from the body completely literally in 6 hours. If there are any problems with the liver, the remedy can affect the patient for 10-12 hours, which can lead to a drowsy state almost before noon. This means that sleeping pills should also be taken quite carefully before traveling.