Datsun is going to produce suv

Datsun собирается выпускать паркетник

The subbrand of the Japanese automaker Nissan, recently returned to the global car market, is about to begin mass production of its first crossover. Datsun managers chose Indonesian car enthusiasts as a target buyer - a novelty will soon arrive in Indonesia. Externally, the new Japanese crossover will fully comply with the design line, demonstrated a year ago by Japanese designers on the Datsun GO-Cross concept model.

Specific start dates of sales new Datsun crossover the Japanese do not call, and in general information about the new model is extremely small. It is known that new japanese SUV will be produced in two dimensional versions. We are talking about the five-seater and seven-seater body versions of the novelty. This is reported on the portal Otomotifnet, the author of the article refers to the words of the head of the local representation of Datsun. Datsun собирается выпускать паркетник The new parquet SUV will be based on the same platform as compact Datsun GO +. Accordingly, many components of this “donor” can naturally be expected in the design of the novelty. At least a 1.2-liter gasoline motor Datsun GO+ on almost seventy horsepower combined with a five-speed manual transmission under the hood of the new crossover will definitely move. There was information that the new crossover will receive the option of switching to all-wheel drive, but the Japanese have not commented on this information yet. Datsun собирается выпускать паркетник After the conquest of the Indonesian car market, the Japanese are likely to begin shipping new Datsun crossover on the Indian market. Information that the novelty will arrive in the Russian dealer network, yet. Most likely, this will not happen. Datsun company is focused on the developing car markets of the world. Our car market, considering the failed sales figures, does not even reach the developing one yet.

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In the car markets of India, South Africa and Indonesia, the Japanese sell Datsuns based on the Nissan Micra platform. What we sell is derived from Lada Kalina - Datsun mi-DO, and from Lada Grants - Datsun on-DO. Datsun собирается выпускать паркетник Despite the fact that new Datsun crossover will not come to our car market, it does not mean that the Japanese decided to abandon it. In the future, they are going to bring to us and even localize the production of another, third model. But what kind of model it will be, and when they bring it - these questions have no answers yet. Given the Russian experience of developers Datsun, we can safely assume that the Japanese will also be assembled on the basis of Kalina-Grants. By the way, in the first half of February, the Japanese are going to begin selling a new subcompact hatch, which will be the direct embodiment of the conceptual model redi-GO. Not here in India.