Toyota camry for the russian car market has experienced

Toyota Camry для российского авторынка пережила очередной рестайлинг Updated business four-door Toyota Camry, intended for sale in our country, can already be ordered in the dealerships of the Russian office of the brand in both capitals of the country. And for the residents of the “Zamkadya”, the updated Japanese cars, assembled locally at the St. Petersburg Toyot Auto Plant, will be available a little later. The initial price for a basic package of a restyled Japanese business sedan remained, as managers say, which it was before the upgrade. Changes in scale, as is typical of the best traditions of restyling, should not be expected from the new Kamryukha. From the basic assembly to the maximum, all models are now equipped with LED fog optics, both head and "aft". The color palette of the model added another color, now Toyota Camry can be bought in dark brown colors with a metallic sheen. Toyota Camry для российского авторынка пережила очередной рестайлинг In the basic assembly only semiconductor foglights, and with the complete set "Elegance Plus" the updated car receives LED head optics and a premium designer package, which can be recognized by the presence of a completely different grille and turn signals built into the edges of the front bumper. Toyota Camry для российского авторынка пережила очередной рестайлинг After the upgrade, the “exclusive” assembly acquired, in addition to the design part of the premium package, all its main functions. The interior of the cabin remains classic, but it has been trimmed with black perforated leather.

The basic equipment of the model, as mentioned above, begins with the same million four hundred seven thousand rubles as before the upgrade. Assembly "Elegance Plus" has risen in price by about five thousand, and "luxury" due to the replacement of Bi-Xenon LEDs, on the contrary fell by six thousand rubles. Its price tag starts today with two million three thousand wooden. Toyota Camry in the version of "Elegance Plus" the buyer will cost from 1 million 681 thousand rubles, for the "Exclusive" equipment will have to pay 1 million 715 thousand, and the "Prestigious" version starts with 1 million 787 thousand wooden.

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Besides Toyota Camry At the Toyotovsky Automobile Plant near St. Petersburg, the RAV4 is being assembled today. Toyota Camry для российского авторынка пережила очередной рестайлинг According to the results of the March sales in our country, Camry is in the top twenty in the honorable ninth place. Bought this car for the month 6615 times. And, probably, holding back those who want to buy this Japanese car only the lack of money from the majority of Russians. If it were not for this sad circumstance, the model would definitely be in the first place. After all, the words "quality" and "Toyota" are identical in the consciousness of the Russian person. At the Shanghai Motor Show, viewers could see the concept of a new business sedan called Fun, according to which one can put together an opinion on how Toyota Camry will restyling in the near future for the car of the Middle Kingdom.