Koreans officially unveiled the flagship genesis g90

Корейцы официально представили флагман Genesis G90 Hyundai introduced the first car of its new sub-brand Genesis. This is a luxury sedan. Genesis G90. Mass car enthusiasts can not afford this car. But there are a lot of rich people in Russia who do not care about the crisis, so the Genesis will come to Russian money-bags in a year. In appearance sedan Genesis G90 (Koreans label it a little differently: Genesis EQ900) received a visual embodiment of a new corporate brand style, called Athletic Elegance. Long Genesis G90 “extends” as much as 5 m 20.5 cm, with a width of 1 m 91.5 cm and a height of 1 m 49.5 cm. The wheelbase exceeds three meters by 16 cm. But this is not the limit. Somewhat later, Koreans promise an even longer version of this flagship sedan. Корейцы официально представили флагман Genesis G90 Genesis G90 in the proposed klitstah has only rear-wheel drive. But as an additionally paid option is available and all-wheel drive option. The engine range includes three gasoline engines: 3.3-liter for 370, 3.8-liter for 315 and five-liter for 425 horses. An eight-band automat is used as a transmission. Корейцы официально представили флагман Genesis G90 Inside salon Genesis G90 trimmed with natural leather and wood. Although no one would be surprised and ivory - how luxurious this device looks. The driver's seat has as many as 22 options for additional fine-tuning to the dimensions of its owner, and the passenger seats can be adjusted according to 14 parameters. This is with regard to manual settings, and so it is proposed to automatically determine the most suitable position for the driver, you just need to sit in a chair and trust the machine. The Chinese are especially proud of the noise insulation system implemented in this model. Genesis G90according to the developers, much quieter Hyundai Equus. Корейцы официально представили флагман Genesis G90 Genesis G90 equipped with the latest technology. The list of equipment includes a cool Lexicon media system with a twelve-inch color touchscreen, a multi-zone and “tricky” climate control system, the ability to charge an iPhone without connecting via wires. You can not talk about security systems, everything is surrounded by airbags and electronic assistants. Passenger seats are equipped with tablets mounted in the backs of the driver and the right front seats of the car.

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In their own country, Koreans are already selling the novelty. Per day on Genesis G90 more than ten thousand pre-orders were formed there. Over the next year Genesis G90 will come to America, China, and closer to the end of the year - and to Russia. And in five years, the Koreans promise to expand the Genesis line to five models, among which there will even be one crossover.